Republicans Cite Insane Debunked Conspiracy Theories During Bill Taylor Testimony

Published on November 14, 2019

When it was the Republicans’ turn to question acting Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, GOP members like Rep. Stephen Castor used their time to recite a laundry list of insane debunked conspiracy theories. #Monologue #Impeachment #Colbert

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  • Jarid Gaming 8 months ago

    Who votes for Nunez?

  • Ro G 8 months ago

    t’rump supporters choose to believe in unfounded conspiracy theories, just hoping upon hope that they pan out to be true. All the while, refusing to acknowledge the simple facts that are just out in the open, clear as day.
    And THIS is why t’rump supporters will forever be laughed at as idiots. ??

  • godscop999 8 months ago

    ‘The Kurds asked the US to leave so they could have the free Coke’s they left behind, and not the Pepsi’s; correct?’

  • Ry Sun 8 months ago

    So is Trump there whistle blower if he is the one that started is all?

  • ruggedwatcher 8 months ago

    How does Steve Castor keep a straight face while asking these questions that are probably too much for even Breitbart?

  • venomx2 8 months ago

    Let’s get a few things put of the way. Ok boomer. Nice Chewbacca defense. Epstein didn’t kill himself. And Trump likes to be spanked.

  • rebecca gerringer 8 months ago

    GOP strategy to defend the president: “uhhhhh…..”

  • Big Juice 8 months ago


  • DesertDog1178 8 months ago

    Impeach then drag out the traitor and his accomplices as well as his supporters for aiding and abetting a domestic terrorist.

  • Les Corlett 8 months ago

    The Republicans are complicit in their own stupidity.

  • Toad Jiang 8 months ago

    Instead of admitting their beloved emperor has no clothes, republicans are trying to convince everyone else that they themselves are naked.

  • Jeremy Jones 8 months ago

    Drill bill Taylor

  • TheHua89 8 months ago

    I certainly hope the world goes back to when facts mattered, and we can look at this as a weird era in our history

  • Civil Villain 8 months ago

    The republicans, and the counsel they hired to ask questions, would get demolished by my kid’s high school debate team.

  • ProjectFlashlight612 8 months ago

    Castor looks like one of those guys who posts on Twitter about how all famous people are in truth remotely controlled stem cell clone lookalikes bred in gel tanks at Area 51, and how Obama used a giant fleet of government black helicopters to dump candy floss bags of sodium pentothal in water reservoirs within Republican-majority states.

  • lawson C 8 months ago

    Is Castor on Drugs, what the hell is he talking about?

  • Starr Davis 8 months ago

    We know the Ukrainian president was scheduled to announce an investigation on CNN 2 days after aid was finally given, and after the WH learned of the whistleblower and they were screwed! God they really think we dont pay attention!

  • DesertEagleV 8 months ago

    Where are these MAGA “rappers”? They should have been more entertaining in the hearing today.
    GOP questions are just vomit inducing nagging.

  • maryinsanfrancisco 8 months ago

    Funny how Ukraine going after Manafort’s documented crimes is interpreted by the cult as being “out to get the president”.

  • StarWine 8 months ago

    Depositions = auditions. Somebody notify Merriam-Webster. I think they’re going to be pretty surprised.


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