Republican Senators Show How Far We Haven’t Come & MyPillow Mike’s Wacky New Lawsuit

Published on March 23, 2022

It’s day three of the confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson and Senators Hawley, Graham and Cruz have been busy desperately trying to get a sound bite that might make it onto Fox News, Hillary Clinton has tested positive for COVID, President Joe Biden is in Brussels and is expected to announce a new round of sanctions on Russia, Oligarchs are still losing their super yachts and one company is turning it into a travel opportunity, Mike Pence was reportedly taken to a loading dock beneath the Capitol building during the January 6th Insurrection, and we tracked down MyPillow Mike Lindell (James Adomian) who is still being sued for $1.3 billion and is fighting back in an interesting way.


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  • Arden McConnell 2 years ago

    Republican Senators who love Putin should be deported and take Trump with ’em. They poison our Country.

  • Bonghune Zhou 2 years ago

    Hawley ought to be EXPELLED for supporting The Insurrection of the Sixth of January – just like his predecessors during the Civil War (war between the states) had been.

  • Nadia Voun 2 years ago

    Rep: It won’t be a circus.
    Cruz, Hawley, Lady G, the GQP: Aren’t we being watched by the Orange Stain? Better make it a 3 ring circus.

  • Terry Newman 2 years ago

    Americans must be cowering in disbelief and disgust for the show the Republicans are enacting. This is seriously harming America’ appearance on the world stage

  • Jean Roch 2 years ago

    In case anyone was wondering why I call that half of Americans “republicunts”, this video is a reminder.

  • Edward Mercedes 2 years ago

    Ted, trump called your wife Ugly! and you wasn’t sure if to defend her or not! So your the last person who should talk about what a women is.

  • Kevin Barr 2 years ago

    Ted Cruz “What is a woman?”
    Those are the people who won’t touch you.

  • Mark Walding 2 years ago

    Unfortunately for the 3 stooges, this woman is smarter than all of them combined.

  • Lindalee Law 2 years ago

    Define what h at is a Man ? What is not is on display .
    They are being salacious, salivating over sexual matters.
    They all like to think they’re good Christiab men, but their behavior, fears and arrogance show us who and what they really are.

  • Carol Shouldeen 2 years ago

    What is a woman question,because they don’t care for people that identify differently from their biological sex, Every one of them have biases against people who want to live their lives without the republican extremist
    making laws that affect others, every Individual choice they want to control.Womens bodies, what sex you want to identify as, I have been hearing Graham is really an ugly girl maybe it’s true, Hawley is an insorecctionist & should be disqualified from congress, I really wish the a.g would grow a pair & start from the top in prosecuting all January 6th ring leaders

  • Xaviotes Harris 2 years ago

    It makes horrifying Herbert-esque sense that Mike Lindell would usher in the Butlerian Jihad.

  • Shane Mathews 2 years ago

    Ted cruz was caught looking his name up on twitter, right when he got off the stand. Loser.

  • Seth Watters 2 years ago

    If your the 1st black woman on the Supreme court and you can’t even define what a woman is the what are you ? Just a black person ? A dude or what ?

  • Lae Lae 2 years ago

    Lindsay Graham is a drunk freak


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