Representative Will Hurd Was an Undercover CIA Agent

Published on May 3, 2019

Representative Will Hurd talks about being an undercover CIA agent and why he’s against Trump’s southern border wall.

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  • tRonald Dump 9 months ago

    wow, a reasonable Republican

  • New Message 9 months ago

    Donnie has at least been consistent on this one point. He’s wholeheartedly against American Intelligence.

  • Ann van de Kew 9 months ago

    This is an intelligent man.

  • Bad Man Skill 9 months ago

    Ex CIA. Lol. Isn’t there a saying? Once CIA, always CIA.
    How tf has the CIA taken over so many positions in government. Can’t be a good thing. According to the ex CIA Director Pompeo: we lied, we cheated, we stole.
    Talk about a slick coup that has slid under the radar.

  • riheg 9 months ago

    The CIA is the worlds most powerful criminal organization, look at how much death and destruction they have caused around the world. Nothing to be proud of

  • Amira Sindi 9 months ago

    I will never support the GOP but it is nice to see a sane one, there may be hope for balance again someday

  • N C 9 months ago

    No pure trash,zero integrity.

  • Winds Time 9 months ago

    Hurd is a two-faced snake in the grass. Always has been.

  • Credible Hulk 9 months ago

    Eww eww eww eww this guy is so slimey. He says he’s against the wall but is going to vote for a president that tried to collude with Russia to steal taxpayer money for an alleged “wall” Dude, I feel bad for seth having to pretend like this guy is funny.. but I lost a lot of respect for seth here.

  • Juwoki 9 months ago

    Did I just listen to an intelligent Republican???
    I am puzzled …..

  • RTAIRSOFT 9 months ago

    Funny how many people are calling mr Hurd names and throwing him in the mix with the extreme members in his party. He clearly is a common sense republican unlike most today which is what we need in Congress. We don’t need everyone to agree on ideas in Congress but we do need to get back to where politicians upheld themselves in a respectful manor that we could be proud of. Common sense leaders > one that agrees with your views. (Think about it this way for every crazy AOC the left elects; right will give you a trump)


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