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  • Michael Wilson 2 years ago

    There’s a subtle point here… If reparations are about repairing the prior injustice of slavery, then it needs to be a conversation between the US gov’t and descendants of US slaves, not just black americans. I’m not sure how those numbers shake out (how many black americans aren’t descended of slaves), but I’m pretty sure that Trevor himself wouldn’t qualify.

  • Elizabeth Johnsen 2 years ago

    Thanks Travor

  • James Clark 2 years ago

    This makes me so angry. Firstly Trevor is half white but somehow seems to forget this when talking about race. Secondly and more importantly, have you ever noticed that only black people tell black people that they can’t succeed because of their skin color. Seriously, how many white people have told you that you can’t succeed because you’re back and how many black people have said this to you? Maybe black people should tell each other that they can succeed and perhaps it will come true. Is the system in the US really stacked against you? If it was then wouldn’t the system also be stacked against Asians? The Asians success is down to them believing that if they work hard then they will do better regardless of their skin color. It is much easier to believe that you can’t succeed and therefore you don’t have to try when really you must work hard to achieve anything worthwhile.

  • Ludak021 2 years ago

    Well you should go to Africa Noah, and ask reparations from the families of Blacks that sold poor Blacks to Whites as Slaves, right? Start at the root of the problem. Whites PAYED Blacks for slaves. We whites HATED catching slaves, there were black folk willing to do it for compensation. Let’s deal with that first. Then reparations for whites that had slaves, Then balance that with what blacks got once they were freed. What they have today, thanks to whites buying their ancestors has to be worth something, right? If not, than what happened before, to their ancestors is worthless too. Remember: USA is Capitalism, not Socialism.
    Now go back to South Africa, help your fellow black men take shit from whites.

  • Paula Printz 2 years ago

    Trevor, you broke this down!! Thank you so much for phrasing this delicate topic as respectfully as you did. As one commenter said it, any place else, you would charge for that lesson!! Thanks for educating all of us for free!!

  • single batch23 2 years ago

    did you all know that this POS noahs family is killing white farmers in south afr*ca? we remember

  • tryingtoevolve faster 2 years ago

    I love you Trevor!

  • Shifu Sage 2 years ago

    This is why i love this dude.

  • bchalcyon halcyon 2 years ago

    his 4minute sums up a lot more than most history texts try to explain ,these bad hombres are livin , profitin through centuries in america even before the the mexicans crossing this border became an issue.

  • James Madison 2 years ago

    Reprations is not about giving cash or land. So in summary, we’ve had 250 years of chattel racial slavery, followed by 100 years of racial terrorism and lynchings, sharecropping, black codes, Jim Crow, segregation, poll taxes, literacy tests, and the denial of voting rights. This was followed by another 50 years of a racially biased police and criminal justice system; red-lining; housing, lending, and job discrimination; voter suppression; white-flight; re-segregation; and a rapidly increasing wage and wealth gap.
    And frankly, as bad as this is, the injustice and crimes that America rendered upon our Native American population is actually far, far worse than any of this and certainly should be addressed as well.
    Reparations aren’t just about slavery itself (which again, didn’t technically end in 1868). It’s about all of this, all of these various issues of continued racial injustice and violence which have spanned more than 400 years.

  • Preziosa Eli Tv 2 years ago

    Very interesting words ??????❤️❤️❤️✊?✊?✊??

  • Sapodilla Brown 2 years ago

    I wish YouTube had a ❤ button.

    This is what we as allies should be thinking and speaking.

  • Rashid Gadson 2 years ago

    Big Ups Trevor

  • Mind YourOwn 2 years ago


  • ChestyMD 2 years ago

    Are blacks demanding reparations from the Africans who sold them? Should white get reparations from arabs who enslaved them also?

  • Asif Chowdhury 2 years ago

    Imagine asking this question to our President!!

  • Dragon1717 2 years ago

    How ironic that this video was posted just before Jussie Smollett and his Black Privilege was revealed to the world.

  • Lex Non Scripta 2 years ago

    Trevor is a racist piece of shit

  • Sikander Ali 2 years ago


  • Serai3 2 years ago

    More patience than I would have had with that asshat. Impressive.


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