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Published on March 5, 2021

Charlamagne Tha God and Frank Bruni join Bill to discuss the idea of compensating the descendants of slaves for unpaid labor by their ancestors.

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  • Nathan Gohl 2 years ago

    Isn’t affirmative action a form of reparations? Giving minorities a better chance of college admission and job advancement?

  • Niles Cooper 2 years ago

    What if I’m half white and half black? Do I pay or get paid? And are we going to tell people they’re not black enough to receive reperations?
    Or what if I’m Jewish? Do I pay black people or do I get paid for that time my ancestors build the pyramids? I don’t like where that’s going…
    Once you think about it you realize it’s a very bad idea that leads to more racism, segregation and polarization.
    UBI and minimum wage would help more effectivly without having to segregate people by their ancestry.

  • Digital Tog 2 years ago

    what about the chinese? didn’t they build the railroads? do they get reparations? i’m not with reparations. and i’m a liberal. i think it’s just leftism bullshit.

  • saramarylop3z 2 years ago

    I don’t care if descendants of slaves receive cash reparations. I don’t think it will fix anything, but I’m not against it. However, if it happens, I don’t want to hear anymore of this “it’s all white peoples fault” crap.

    Since it’s highly unlikely either will come to fruition, I expect to see race relations to get continually worse. I can’t be the only one who is tired of this now all encompassing “white race”, which includes Italian, German, Irish, etc, who all faced discrimination at one point or another in our history, and who all had an unsung part to play in the building of this country.

    This idea that skin pigmentation now dictates an individuals character, based on historic significance is laughable. Blacks owned slaves, whites died in the civil rights movement, yet the only way we now frame history is through this simplistic generalization that all white people, (including those that never owned slaves, and some who were slaves and discriminated against as well), were slave owners and all black people, (who aren’t all descendants of slaves and some have slave owners lineage), were virtuous.

    The issues we have as a country are not race preferable, and affect everyone. Education, health care, police reform, etc, should be focused on regardless of what race currently occupies these communities. That’s something that will genuinely improve our current situation.

    Which, also, I doubt will happen. It’s too hard and costs too much money to invest in programs and reforms that help all races. Narrowing it down to a single race, and a specific hereditary lineage of people who were slaves in that race, leaves more money in our politicians pockets, and keeps racial divides unsettled, which in the end secures they stay in power in order to “fix” things.

  • David Reynolds 2 years ago

    I don’t have an opinion either way as a non-American, but I didn’t hear an argument. I heard a strop. Come back with a case that’s not “you owe us. Period” and instead of getting people’s backs up you might convince someone. Because, ultimately, for it to happen, you need broad support across all races and classes. Being convinced you’re in the right achieves nothing if it doesn’t convince others you are right.

  • Optimus 2 years ago

    Lol maybe they should get somebody more articulate than Charlemagne to take the pro side of the debate

  • Cynthia Evans 2 years ago


  • MrRatclima 2 years ago

    This guy just had his Ben Affleck moment – looked like an absolute moron!

  • Random Atomizer 2 years ago

    How about Biden stops his idiotic decision on deciding who can get that measly stimulus check when most Americans are facing evictions during this pandemic instead.

  • eddyk 2 years ago

    What about my best friend whose dad came to the US from Suriname in the 60s? Would they get checks?
    They’d agree my ancestors built more of the US than theirs did.
    Have fun figuring out which black Americans are deserving of reparations and which aren’t.

  • Digital Tog 2 years ago

    “because i’m a descendant” yeah if you go back far enough we’re all descendants of someone. what about native americans? chinese that built the railroads?

    reparations. it’s just plain stupid.

  • Mark Simmons 2 years ago

    Being brought to America was the best thing that ever happened to blacks. There are 1.1 billion black Africans who wish to God there ancestors had been brought here.

  • mk 2 years ago

    I am a dark colored immigrant. There should be no reparation. BAD idea . Dem loose the next election and trump will be back

  • B M 2 years ago

    That has to be the worse discussion on reparations ever attempted, i think that real time times may be up,

  • Chris F 2 years ago

    If anything, it’s white Southerners who owe black people, not any one else. Then again, most white southerners were poor and not slave owners. If you think they still owe blacks a debt then in that case, blacks owe Native Americans reparations for living on their stolen land.

  • Amber Portland 2 years ago

    This is why women and POC need to team up. We were slaves, too. “Given away” by our fathers to “obey” our husband, for better or worse. Including violence. Not allowed to leave. To work. To have bank accounts or own property.
    It’s all so clear… There is one common enemy. Why can’t we help hoist each other over this wall?

  • ntiffin1 2 years ago

    I liked his comment on the F35,

  • Allen Joan 2 years ago

    This is what happens when trump is gone. They will fight with themselves.

  • SB SB 2 years ago

    TAKE From those who never had slaves, and give to those who never been slaves.

  • Muthi nhlema 2 years ago

    There is no price tag for what was done to black people in America…..but you still want a cheque.


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