Rep. Tulsi Gabbard On America’s Role In The World

Published on March 12, 2019

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard explains a 2020 foreign policy platform that is largely informed by her own experience serving in the military.

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  • Ouch my nuckin futz 2 years ago

    stephen suggesting america is a force for good is the funniest thing this show has produced in a while

  • S K Dhabole 2 years ago

    Don’t be fooled people Stephen colbert is part of the establishment.
    That is the reason he keeps talking about Russia gate non stop.

  • Scott Polson 2 years ago

    what happened to anti-regime change Colbert from Comedy Central/Viacom???

  • Ann B 2 years ago

    Gee, I wonder why Stephen didn’t bring up that Pelosi met with Assad in 2007 with the blessing of Hillary Clinton and Dianne Feinstein.
    Just kidding. I don’t really wonder why he didn’t.

  • Tacet the Terror 2 years ago

    Tulsi Gabbard has the best foreign policy of any person currently running for office in 2020. I don’t feel like she has any chance of winning and doesn’t have as strong of a domestic policy, but I really hope she becomes Bernie Sanders or Andrew Yang’s VP.

  • First Name Last Name 2 years ago

    Assad never “gassed his own people”. BS, Stephen! There is no evidence to support this fake news.

    Meeting with foreign leaders is what Congresspeople do. That is their job.

    The US is a “force for good? Not in Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Iran, or Syria, or Vietnam. What kind of drugs are you on, Stephen? Context matters. Such a blanket judgmental assertion is meaningless propaganda.

  • J Me 2 years ago

    Actually Colbert was giving her a chance to make her point on this question that others tried to smear her on. He never interrupt her and he actually gave her a chance to speak on this issues and clear her point.

  • GG TT 2 years ago

    People need to stop getting so angry at Colbert. The guests agreed in advanced what topic they are willing to talk about before they appear. That’s why the Trump interview was a disappointment. The questions Colbert asked here are good questions that people do have in their minds when hearing about Tulsi’s views. And I thought she did a great job answering them. Never heard of her before but impressed by her now. The other two candidates left my mind immediately after the interviews ended since there were no substance to their answers at all.

  • Raj kumar 2 years ago

    If she not elected soon usa found more more enemy in world and they trying to hard on world and becoming weaker from inside

  • Swift chopper 2 years ago

    Trump should bomb the cia hq ,Switzerland, British parliament, buckingham palace ,cnn, bbc and the aussie parliament.

  • BleedRainbows 2 years ago

    There’s a million things you have to do as president and literally the only question she ever gets asked about is a Syrian dictator. This is why when Trump yells “fake news” it actually lands, stupid and disingenuous questions that have been answered 6,000 times already. Stop being a democratic hack Steven.

  • Sarah Ramos 2 years ago

    I never thought I would say this…but Stephan Colbert was really trying to push the narrative…Assad is a bad guy, and America is a force for good. She didn’t bite and he ended the conversation quickly…he has had typical political figures on there, and he talks to them at length…unreal, I am no longer a fan. So bummed…so I guess this truth is pretty evident that while he makes fun of trump every night, he secretly doesn’t give a shit about trumps policies towards regime change in Syria, Afghanistan, and now Venezuela. He’s a bought and paid for shill by the military…god help us all.

  • Pathum Addarapathirana 2 years ago

    How to smear a progressive: @4:24 and @6:37

    * repost of a comment that was deleted by YouTube*

  • MA Gordon 2 years ago

    Just took Colbert down a few notches in my opinion…

  • Sabre2Dance 2 years ago

    The way I see it, serious candidates get serious questions. So Tulsi and Bernie talk policy while Gillibrand and Booker talk about their personal lives.

  • Oh Yeah? 2 years ago

    Whoa. That was not what I was expecting at all. Gabbard has been portrayed as some kind of Republican in Democrat’s clothing, but she actually sounds very sane. Not sure she’s ready to be president, but then the current one has lowered the bar to such subterranean levels, anything’s possible. Gabbart is a lot more level-headed than many of the other candidates.

  • Jayee 2 years ago

    As tough as Colbert was on this interview (which he should be) with Gabbard, it’s unfair he didn’t do the same with the other candidates he interviewed, eg. Kirsten Gillibrand & Kory Booker. This felt like a double standard to me. I know very well Colbert would want to give a fair and unbiased interview but I think this time the network forced him into a compromising position.

  • jjtc 2 years ago

    Do you think US is a force for good?

    How about I answer this for Tulsi without the orchestrated media spotlight attack?

    No America is not a a force for good, it is a force for domination, control, coercion and destruction.

  • BAE 2 years ago

    Tulsi Gabbard seems to believe dialogue is going to help change the relationship with these dictators. No, it won’t. They’re uneducated souls. This is why they use power over brains to put fear in people. Ah…Somewhat similar to what Trump is doing. Duh!

  • Max Mustermann 2 years ago

    As a German I have to stronlgy disagree about the statement that nothing good ever comes from US involvement.


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