Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Debunks Myths About A 70% Marginal Tax

Published on January 22, 2019

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to debunk misleading representations of her proposed 70% marginal tax rate.

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  • ach nix 1 year ago

    I meeeeaaaan why not at 2 million or 1?

  • gokinsmen 1 year ago

    *Future President* Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  • I'm Always Right 1 year ago

    Republicans don’t tell you the plan is very popular, even with Republicans!

  • Elena Eisenhardt 1 year ago

    She‘s the best ♥️

  • Al Doc 1 year ago

    So so simplify it, if you make 10 million and 1 dollar, your first 10 million get taxed the same as they always have but your 1 dollar gets 70 c taken from you ,basically your still rich haha

  • Ian Brooke 1 year ago

    The old cronies in politics hate change, so even though this woman comes across as a breath of fresh air, she will probably have lots of negativity thrown towards her. Her explanation re the tax was so easy to understand.

  • Mike Orr 1 year ago

    Is anyone more well spoken than her? Every time I wanna throw my fist into the air in excitement, she sweeps in with the next answer and hits yet another home run. She gives me so much hope <3

  • JP Fragoso 1 year ago

    Hum…. quick question, pls, from an European who as always been curious. Why do Americans hate/are afraid of Socialism so so much?
    Is it fear of communism, pre-dating from the USSR and the Cold war?

  • Shayan DC 1 year ago

    I understand the need for a progressive tax rate, but 70% is outrageous.

  • Etterra 1 year ago

    At only ten million? Make that one million.

  • For Progress 1 year ago

    We know how many dollars are too few, but how many dollars are enough???

  • Alexander Castillo 1 year ago

    At least Colbert admits he’s rich..

  • s r 1 year ago

    There is no need to be transparent and open when it comes to dealing with republican scumbags. fight fire with fire. for example, call a 70 pct tax rate “trickle down tax rate”.

  • Krystof Dayne 1 year ago

    I like AOC, I really do and so far I’ve been totally on her side in basically everything she said and proposed. But I am kind of anxious that she’s becoming kind of the wish-fulfilment person for many liberals in the same way that Trump was for Republicans. Remember, Trump was the guy that said the stuff that many Republican voters already believed, but that most of the actual Republican legislators knew you could not actually defend (before they all started supporting Trump anyways).
    And I fear that Ocasio-Cortez is becoming that person for the liberals.

    So long as AOC keeps making sense, it’s okay to support her but I get the slightly uneasy feeling that many people like her so much (and much more than many other socialist Democrats who have similar socialist ideas) because, you know, she’s photogenic, she fiercely goes against Republicans (which isn’t actually a position, it’s just opposition, something that many Republicans are rightly often condemned for by liberals), and she’s the young, relatable, person who actually knows how to use social media, even though, IMO, that actually shouldn’t be an essential political skill.

    So, as I said, I really don’t have a problem with her, I really like her, but I feel like the hype for her is sometimes for the wrong reasons and ignores many other Democrats who are trying just as hard for the same things as she does.

  • peter 1 year ago

    IMO spiralling wealth inequality is intrinsically bad, and example of a democracy going off the rails. Unfettered capitalism does not create a meritocracy. It creates a tiny landowner class that lives in luxury off just the rents of its properties, and never needs work, and the major way to gain prestige and wealth is to marry it, just like the revolting, inbred, entitled society depicted in every jane austen novel.

    So.. tax laws should be defined specifically to maintain a specific wealth curve. We should not need to keep coming back and discussing if we need more or less taxes. Taxes go up and down to maintain a wealth curve fixed by democracy. No I don’t think we would vote for communism with a flat wealth curve. We can have something like what we had in the 50s.. except everyone is at least middle class because automation has at least increased our productivity that much. I think this would help fight the tendency for the rich to find more ways to weasel money out of the middle class unless we keep very close attention.

  • Butch Coolidge 1 year ago

    70% tax for $10M+? I think Trump is in. He didn’t see that kind of income in decades.

  • Rya N 1 year ago

    Thought she was from the Bronx

  • maleficarvm 1 year ago

    70% tax on any income is ridiculous, sounds like jealousy to me, instead of taking peoples money why not cut spending, especially military

  • Jahan Tyson 1 year ago

    AOC killed that interview. Be afraid, GOP. Be. Very. Afraid.


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