Rep. Madison Cawthorn Says House Colleagues Hold Orgies and Do Cocaine: A Closer Look

Published on March 30, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn accusing his colleagues of doing cocaine and holding orgies while Trump decided to ask Putin to dig up dirt on the Bidens.

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  • Amen_ Ra 12 months ago

    That’s counter productive because coke causes a limp noodle from what I’m told by former users. They call it “coke dick”.

  • Conscious Fixation 12 months ago

    time out! the trump signature lmao and those trump impressions my stomach hurts…”like a pyramid” haha

  • Jeebuz 12 months ago

    Every democrat should come out against this. That way the republicans are in the spotlight

  • MaggieBee 12 months ago

    Organized religion is dangerous indoctrination at birth….eeeeek talk about child abuse

  • Accutronitis The 2nd 12 months ago

    The depth of the traitorous MAGA cult is being revealed…

  • The God Squad360 12 months ago

    Who invites a man in a wheelchair to take part in an orgy ????? This kid is ridiculous, if I voted for him I would chop off the hand that made the pick

  • CATtheMinion Energy Work 12 months ago

    haha now Seth’s mouth will taste like an ashtray for three days. 🤣

  • King Cardbeard 12 months ago

    Is that picture behind him Jesus or Braveheart???? While I find that strange I do adore the strap of bullets right next to his cute little doll and amazing rock collection!

  • Pilar Fernandez 12 months ago

    Falso claim orange FARTSO is doing about the money

  • sheila lopez 12 months ago

    That’s why they’re all stupid.

  • albert angeloro 12 months ago

    that hat that hat

  • Bully Boy 12 months ago

    But what’s a woman?

  • Ian Ham 12 months ago

    Cruz is the dealer! Lmao he gets da best Cola from Mexico! Lmao

  • Cyrene Domogalla 12 months ago

    Putin might be smart. But he’s also a fool. His foolishness had made him look stupid.

  • Matt Villines 12 months ago

    He signed that paper like his name was “Donananald Trumumumump”

  • Jeff Hastings 12 months ago

    Does Don Jr supply the coke??

  • TestE CallE 12 months ago

    Seth took is Carson impression too far 🚬 lol

  • Steve Bulbow MD 12 months ago

    @8:11″The Mayor of Moscow´s wife”…To quote an idiot, “I have words, the best words”.

  • B 12 months ago

    Trump on that chair with is butt sticking out like he has a full😂


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