Rep. Lucy McBath – Changing Georgia & Turning Tragedy Into Action | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on November 19, 2020

Congresswoman Lucy McBath discusses Georgia’s evolution into a battleground state, working across the aisle in Congress and writing about losing her son to gun violence in “Standing Our Ground.” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #LucyMcBath

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  • IaIaCthulhuFtagn 2 years ago

    Don’t mean it in a condescending way or anything, but isn’t she just a cute ball of bubblyness in the dark morass that is American politics.

  • rup pert 2 years ago

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  • Karen Michael 2 years ago

    Wow,,,real change can only be seen when we take time to listen.Trevor you are the best at having great conversations.

  • mattski1979 2 years ago

    McBath’s hot as Hell.

  • Gavier Figueroa 2 years ago

    Every time someone compliments Trevor Noah his dimples get just a little bigger.

  • oil_kingg 2 years ago

    These candidates can’t be honest and get elected! This is the problem with white folks in this country. This woman can’t be honest with white folks in Georgia and still get elected! Her son was killed by a white supremacists and she can’t say it out loud!

  • Lana Foster 2 years ago

    Remembered her tragic loss of her son “Jordan”. Lucy McBath much love and light to you. You are such an amazing inspiration ❤️

  • Lance Flair 2 years ago

    Why is she a Republican?

  • Vishnu Santhosh 2 years ago

    This was a beautiful interview.

  • Tallowyck62 2 years ago

    She’s tasty!

  • אביעד כהן 2 years ago

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  • Beth Maurice 2 years ago

    Wow, her comment at the end made me cry.

  • Brad W 2 years ago

    Trev is looking rough these days. Is he doing well?

  • Jonathan Bailey 2 years ago

    Keep the fro my bro!!!

  • Yngve Andersen 2 years ago

    A sane American, weird.

  • Michael Wiebe 2 years ago

    Biden is not president-elect! The media does not declare a winner!

  • Savio Thomas Sebastian 2 years ago

    Trevor is excellent at his job!


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