Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Wants His Republican Colleagues to Put Country Before Party

Published on July 19, 2019

Representative Hakeem Jeffries talks about Brooklyn, responds to President Trump’s comments on Rep. Ilhan Omar and shares what unifies Democrats in the House of Representatives.

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  • catalinacurio 12 months ago

    Hakeem You have so much presence! Why am I not hearing more of you, speak up more man, your words have very important consequences because they are the truth, much respect! ?????

  • New Message 12 months ago

    If Donnie were anyone other than the sitting Prez, he’d have been charged with criminal incitement 15 times already.

  • DD 12 months ago

    This guys an idiot just saying basic chants “we gotta work together” as every republican let’s trump get away while democrats condemn and republicans are the only party not willing to work together

  • Federico Galimberti 12 months ago

    I wish, this voice in the GOP would not be drowned by the bigotry of Mr T. The senior leaders members of the party should stand up for the nation more frequently and then Mr T would not steer with such flagrant remarks. The egocentric thinking of Mr T and the lack of organisation to taper him down in the GOP will inevitably cause massive backfire in 2020

  • poulami pal 12 months ago

    Seth, unlike Colbert you don’t have an establishment bias and I just live you for that!
    I wish I could subscribe couple of hundred times

  • MsLansones 12 months ago

    Didn’t drimpf sr destroy Coney Island?

  • ScrapperTBP 12 months ago

    The problem isn’t party before country. It is person before people. Politicians cling to their party because it gives them power personally. Specifically it lets them stay in power

  • Fitawrari Fitness 12 months ago

    “Where Brooklyn at!!??” ✊? “Where Brooklyn at!!??” ✊? “Where Brooklyn at!!??” ✊?

  • Sab Sin 12 months ago

    This man is the biggest phony. He talks big, but he and his staff are the ones who are sowing the seeds of division between the progressive wing and the moderate/establishment Democrats. They continuously leak bits of info to journalists who they know are going to amplify and fan the flames.

    He and his staff run the House Democrats twitter page—they went out of their way to dig up an old tweet from a staffer, to create a fissure, when there needn’t have been one. They’ll say one thing publicly, “let’s not tweet things at each other, keep our disagreements internal,” then go about doing the exact opposite. Then they’ll point back and say how bad those leftist libs are.

    And because the media is so damn thirsty for any piece of gossip, and eager to demonize the progressive members whenever they can, they just uncritically take the establishment’s position, without even looking into it. He is disingenuous. It’s really heartbreaking.

  • Ava 12 months ago

    He is extremely naive.

  • professor moriarty 12 months ago

    Gentrification by hipsters and greedy landlords


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