Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton Reveals A 51-Star American Flag That Includes D.C. As A State

Published on July 14, 2021

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who has spent her career fighting for statehood for Washington, D.C., shows Stephen an American flag with one extra star to demonstrate what it might look like should the District become a state. #Colbert #DCStatehood #RepEleanorHolmesNorton

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  • Jimmy G 2 years ago

    Should have the HIGHEST TAX RATES in the USA, Right?

  • Roy Teo 2 years ago

    So there will be a East Washington state and a West Washington state?

  • verdatum 2 years ago

    Born and raised in Maryland. My neighbors deserve representation. The founders could not have guessed that this plot of land would become so filled with people; permanent residents, who are long overdue to have an equal voice in government. And beyond that, autonomy in how the city is run.

  • Arcana Octonus 2 years ago

    Term limits.

  • OriginalPiMan 2 years ago

    I’m quite fond of the arrangement of stars that puts them in a circle, kinda like the original flag, but with stars in the middle too.
    Both would be valid arrangements, since the law that governs the design of the flag only says that the stars must be white on the blue canton in the corner, have five points, and be equal in number to the number of states. There is nothing saying what arrangement the stars must be in.

  • Filip 2 years ago

    How about this:
    1. American territories with at least 0,5 million people gets to be a state.
    2. People in the remaining territories gain full citizenship at birth and voting rights according to the geografically closest state (ex Hawaii for American Samoa).

  • J.G. Hermanson 2 years ago

    As a former resident of DC, i am all for #DCStatehood No taxation without representation

  • blk hemi392 2 years ago

    Making D.C. a state is nothing more than a Democrat power grab. It would give the democrats a majority in the Senate for the rest of eternity.

  • JC Demp75 2 years ago

    I thought she was just showing what the real American flag looks like. Not those mutilated trump flags. Lol

  • Rich Foley 2 years ago

    Why would DC become a state? That’s an insane proposition given the District of Alexandria was returned to the state of Virginia on it’s dissolution. We should return the District of Columbia to the state of Maryland to end this grievance once and for all.

  • G. B. 2 years ago

    She is charming and sharp. I’m really hoping for DC and Puerto Rico to become states at last! It’s unconstitutional to have Americans living without representation.


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