Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Fortitude | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on April 17, 2020

Texas congressman and former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw joins Bill to discuss the crux of his new book, “Fortitude: American Resilience in the Era of Outrage.”

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  • niacal4nia 1 year ago

    One eyed idiot.

  • joyce Loesch 1 year ago

    Knowing all that I know about the Repub. Party, as a whole, I can’t praise, support or feel confident about them. In fact, I’m too tempted to spew out a bunch of derogratory adjectives, nouns, and adverbs. One common thread is their aggravating traits and offensive behavior. How do we agree with such people without feeling utterly, defeated

  • MusicfromMarrs 1 year ago

    You know what? An effective leader would be calm, sure. Such a leader would calmly explain to the people in the country that we have to take important measures to prevent out medical system from being overrun. A good leader wouldn’t have defunded vaccine producers in Texas – your ho would calmly guide the country to shelter in place until widespread me state, rep. Crenshaw. A good leader wouldn’t have found a way to get dissolve a pandemic response team. A god leader would calmly convince the country to shelter in place until widespread testing was available AND the rate of infections flattened out. At this point in time, we still have surges happening throughout the country. A calm leader would have done this in the US, but we don’t have one. We have one that incites protesters to gather in large groups outside of capitol buildings in states where Trump claims the governors aren’t nice enough to him.

    Of course, there have been calm leaders who have guided their population to take measures that will keep the spread of this pandemic at bay – in South Korea, in Germany, in New Zealand, and South Africa. Just not in the IUS.

  • Dan Gardella 1 year ago

    Crenshaw is a good man. He has a terrific future.

  • Harry Mohan 1 year ago

    This guy lies….

  • Jim Curram 1 year ago

    “Do you think we would allow this shutdown with only 100 cases?”

    No. And Maher would be screaming that it would be an over reaction and he’s desperate to distract from impeachment.

    Jesus Christ even Maher hinself said I agree with Trump and tired of hearing about the coronavirus “

  • Mark-David Chandler 1 year ago

    He drank the Kool-aid, Bill. Nothing is going to get through. The studies back it up now.

  • andrea Perry 1 year ago

    In 2016 Trump said the election is going to be rigged. In 2018 he said people were going to their cars, changing hats and voting again. Now he claims there’s rooms full of people filling out ballots. People believe those lies Crenshaw amusingly calls ‘style’.

  • Revolutionary Communist 1 year ago

    Dan Cringeshaw went to Afghanistan looking for a fight and returned on a stretcher with a black eye.
    He then recently went toe to toe with Joe Rogan over socialism and returned with a metaphorical black eye.
    He needs to lay off the cheeseburgers. Face fat is a indicator of low testosterone.

  • Rally Gal 94 1 year ago

    I dont always agree with Major Crenshaw. I don’t always agree with Major Gabbard. BUT, they both love this country. P.s the highest ranked congressman is Lt.Colonel Joni Ernst of Iowa (R).

  • onehothand68 1 year ago

    Lt Dan made an ass outta Bill.

  • boomeryank918 1 year ago

    Crenshaw for President!

  • Felisha P 1 year ago

    “King Trump ” needs to be DETHRONED !!I agree we turned out to be “ soft the victim culture “, boo boo we can’t take criticism, we ALL need to win , blame others , “pass the buck mentality others” oh wait sounds like Trump !!

  • Kelly Goodine 1 year ago

    As far as his putting blame on congress/ Pelosi for not funding earlier. Congress did in fact reach out to the administration on February 5th offering additional funding for testing. The administration stated that they had it all covered.

  • Oakvillan 1 1 year ago

    He pretty much just made Bill look like an amateur.

  • nicklenose01 1 year ago

    Closing the borders isn’t the issue. The virus was going to appear no matter what. The issue is why was America not prepared? Why are South Korea, Germany, Canada, Australia, Iceland etc. able to handle the virus so much better? Because they had testing up and running a month before America. That is all on Trump, Mr “I’m not concerned at all”.

  • 56WagonWheel 1 year ago

    Trumps claim of it going away in warmer weather is a non starter because countries like Australia didn’t see it going away when they were having 40+ degree days (celcius not Fahrenheit) 38C=100F.

  • Paul Wilk 1 year ago

    So people can just be total assholes and others are not to be offended? What a crock.

  • Jay Thomas 1 year ago

    Dan Crenshaw is telling it like it is. Bill Maher can’t get past liberal talking points even when he’s proven to be wrong.

  • Kill The Buddha 1 year ago

    This dude is full of it.

  • Jan Wysocki 11 months ago

    I do respect Bill for being classic Liberal and airing material which destroy his thought angles.

  • Kevin Kev 11 months ago

    Bill Maher eating shit sandwiches on his own show is delightful to see.

  • bb puckhead 11 months ago

    Mr. Cool vs Mr. Fool

  • Jake Singer 11 months ago

    Crenshaw 2024

  • Cb bb 11 months ago

    Bill, you lost your marbles.

  • Enoch Bird 11 months ago

    Dan is a boss

  • Jay B 11 months ago

    Now bill can start a conversation with “when I got blown up” and we’ll all know he is referring to this moment

  • Patrick Rodgers 11 months ago

    Fucking dumbass bill. Spews absolute shit right out of his mouth. And like Trump and Dan, I don’t agree 100% with their views or comments, at least they aren’t trying to deceive or lie to America. Here are the facts, do with them what you will, have optimism. Trump 2020

  • Briano McGhee 11 months ago

    See you bill tail between your legs.

  • Patrick Heilig 11 months ago

    Hey bill, you do know that all stuff that is going on now is bad for the country. You and other entertainers are just adding fuel to every fire you care possibly start. When this all blow up in the entertainment industries face hind sight won’t be available. Then you’ll see what the silent majority will do. Smarten up and take care.

  • Dave Sitarski 11 months ago

    Bill Maher is ??? Stupid? A genius ? Or just a complete moron?

  • Henry ESJ 11 months ago

    Dan Crenshaw for President am I right

  • ThaiT 11 months ago

    Dan Crenshaw has class, and stood strong against the likes of liberal heads like Bill Maher.

  • Jim Miller 11 months ago

    Bill is such a piece of shit. The only reason I can stand listening to this douche bag is because Dan is hammering him. What a smarmy, arrogant miserable prick.

  • M May 11 months ago

    Crenshaw2024 🇺🇸❤️

  • Jose Alvarez 11 months ago

    Crenshaw the goat

  • Wolfblood 11 months ago

    Bill without the trained seal audience is just weak…

  • Caleb Cooper 11 months ago

    When people are offended, they probably just need more practice.

  • Khloe Rabnta 11 months ago

    Man Crenshaw slayed Bill 🤣

  • Debbie Gonzalez 11 months ago

    Bill sucks he needs to retire and go away leave our country go back to Canada bye


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