Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Processing Trump’s Arraignment as a New Yorker

Published on April 4, 2023

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shares her thoughts on the chaos of Trump’s arraignment as a New Yorker.
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  • Octagram 6 months ago


  • Rabbit 6 months ago

    I loooooove AOC. I’d put her in office as first woman president any day of the week.

  • DocDirty MrClean 6 months ago

    The central park 5 full page spread, told me everything I needed to know about this scum bag.

  • Douglas Rau 6 months ago

    I never thought this would happen. We all know there exists 2 different justice systems in this country: one for the famous and wealthy and one for the other 99.9% of us. “Justice” is a commodity that the super rich buy and sell in this country, like any other commodity.

  • Mark 6 months ago

    NY fuckin hates DT

  • Kevin K 6 months ago

    AOC chews up MTG and spits out Boebert with the bones.

  • ZoomZoomMX3 6 months ago

    This is PERFECT timing, Alexandria is a well spoken, sensible us politician finally, and wow she’s not old rich crazy. O Canada wish we had similar…

    Remember Wagner’s leader saying they had interfered with USA elections, have they linked that to trumpet did he use campaign funds for that as well

  • TwitchClips1 6 months ago

    I would love to see now hunter biden, joe biden and george bush going to court too.. the bidens for corruption and george w bush for war crimes, but seems like justice is just for some and not for others.. u guys have a sitting president that is active being corrupt with his son, your country is falling apart and u guys care more about trump giving money to some pornstar..This clearly tells the bias in US rn.. US had never been so weak like rn, every enemy does everything they want and u guys cant see it. Your economy is a disaster, the crime rates is sky rockting but still u guys are defunding the police.. Im not american but im verry worried bc if america is not safe and strong, the entire democratic world is not too.. if this continues and china gets to the top, then we all will have to follow fheir rules and i prefer to follow US rules but your gov has to change.. theres too much corruption and within your country.. PEACE YALL and make the right choice in 2024.. No matter which party u guys support. Just choose the right one bc if AMERICA AINT SAFE, NO ONE IS!! God bless America and the World!!

  • quantum karma 6 months ago

    It shouldn’t have been a big deal mtg showed
    She has proven her complete disregard and lack of respect for over half the population with her 60 minutes comment’s
    Honestly that dumpster fire doesn’t need the 02……..
    Extremism will not command the narrative

  • TheReubenShow 6 months ago

    I am from NY and I thought Trump was a piece of human garbage when I was nine. A man who cheated on the wife who made him, and pulled shady deals to open casinos nobody asked for. He was no better than a mobster, and he’s acted the same or worse. Following the minimum of rules and taking every advantage. He raped a woman because he could, and tried to extort Ukraine because he could. ‘Cause it was fucking there, he took it.

    I used to think Mike Tyson was a bad man, but that guy grew for so long that he is not the same man who hurt people. Trump has only gotten worse, and is pretty much beyond redemption as a businessman, a politician, and a person. Ebenezer Scrooge changed his ways at 53 years old. Trump is out of time.

    In history, the chapter of Trump will only serve to illustrate what we let him get away with. In the end, Trump will be dead, and we will be considered the fools. Trump has already gotten away with it.

  • CO2 6 months ago

    In an alternative universe AOC is a concert pianist. So beautiful!

  • Rigor Tortoise 6 months ago

    impatiently waiting for aoc to drop her onlyfans link


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