Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Klepper on Trump, Clarence Thomas & Ending Violence | The Daily Show

Published on April 17, 2023

Jordan Klepper and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez meet at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx to discuss a program that addresses violence as a public health issue, as well as her take on Clarence Thomas accepting luxury gifts, the attack on abortion rights, and Donald Trump’s indictment.

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  • H3ct0r 1 year ago

    It’s all goog and fine with AOC. I support her. She’s loughing too much like Hillary. Akward AF.

  • Dragoninja 1 year ago

    Jordan Klepper is Great with Maga People. Hofweverm with AOC Kepper gets Intelligent Answers to his Questions.

  • MrSlatra 1 year ago

    Like her more and more, every time I see her. She should give more interviews. I know conservatives have literally spent millions making her name known.

  • CoolhandLukeSkywalkr 1 year ago

    the cockiest democratic Socialist on the planet interviews the biggest airhead in the Democratic Party.

  • Matthew J Roth 1 year ago

    Security is definitely in all hospitals, not police

  • Chas O.T.E 1 year ago

    It’s always a pleasure hearing AOC talk. Such a smart, grounded person.

  • Michaelle Yoonmin4Life 1 year ago

    I hope I live long enough to see her run for President… and win.

  • John Chessant 1 year ago

    Really interesting! It sounds paradoxical until you stop to think about it and you realize, of course! a more compassionate justice system will yield better results over the long term. Another thing that is proven to bring down violent crime is reducing wealth inequality.

  • MA GA 1 year ago

    The Democrats have epically failed at all of their threats from impeaching and removing Trump’s Supreme Court appointees to expanding the highest court in the land. That’s the Obama/Biden socialism for you.

  • the wolf 01x 1 year ago

    Love AOC

  • You Tube 1 year ago

    why does klepper have sweat under his arms at 4:04?

  • Jan Willem v.d. Gronden 1 year ago

    Why isn’t JD in the seat of the Daily Show already?! Only because he is not a minority? He simply is the best and most logical follow up for that seat!

  • Pilar González 1 year ago

    AOC is wonderful, looking forward to seeing her speak up against the MAGA madness.

  • annakeye 1 year ago

    Jordan, I know she’s pretty and more importantly, she’s your intellectual superior so that’s attractive but you really shouldn’t sweat it.
    Seriously though, great interview and as always, she speaks a lot of sense. I was surprised by the comment 0:43 “there’s a security presence and a police presence that is standard in any hospital” because I find that quite shocking that hospitals require a police presence. Our hospitals here Aotearoa-New Zealand have a pretty low key (un-armed) security staff but that’s all. Seems to me that AOC is on the right path here with moving away from the constant need to treat everything as a legal/imprisonment issue. It doesn’t actually solve anything except create more cops and all that implies.

  • Brent Walker 1 year ago

    Every time I hear someone say that all politicians are corrupt I think about AOC and her unceasing work for the sake of improving peoples’ lives. AOC is an example of intelligence, ethics, and public service. Her breadth of knowledge gives me hope for the country.

  • A. T. Smith 1 year ago

    This AOC, I like her. Why can’t more Members of Congress be like her?

  • Apro 1 year ago

    Precisely what AOC said. Justices get paid around $270k a year to be civil servants. They know the pay and they know they job is to serve the people. If they want to live a lavish lifestyle beyond what their salary can afford then they can vacate their position and go work in the private sector. Nobody should be getting into civil service for the money and that is a huge problem we have at every level of every branch of government regardless of party affiliation. Look at how most members of Congress refuse to vote to restrict themselves from investing in markets they themselves have the power to regulate and influence. Trump and his kids continued business dealings while in the White House. What makes the Supreme Court especially bad is that they are life appointments.

  • Sasha Calicat 1 year ago

    We’ll have indictment weeks like they had infrastructure weeks.


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