Rep. Adam Schiff Talks About Giuliani’s Capacity as a Lawyer and Impeaching Trump

Published on December 17, 2019

Representative Adam Schiff talks about Rudy Giuliani’s performance as a lawyer and if impeaching the president will be worth it.

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  • Mr. Precedent 3 years ago

    Impeach & Remove.

  • La M 3 years ago

    ???trump has got to go???impeach and remove ??? you are getting sleepy???

  • Carolyn Madigan 3 years ago

    This is a great man ❤️

  • crystal nicole 3 years ago

    this guy is a geek

  • Tooba Tr 3 years ago

    Oh my, Schiff got the Monty Python reference!

  • Runits 3 years ago

    You ignore emoluments, whys that?

  • Rya N 3 years ago

    Can’t Waite for the truth to come out #qanon

  • Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis 3 years ago

    Everyone wants an investigation of the Bidens.

  • Pipe Tunes 3 years ago

    drumpf will wither and die in solitary supermax
    Just watch

  • Jeremy S 3 years ago

    I’m sorry but everyone is missing the point. Yes, the corrupt republican party(putin’s puppets) will NEVER obey their oath and remove the cancer in the oval office, but the American people will. trump has ZERO chance of being re elected once he’s a convicted crook via impeachment.
    The dirty diaper that is the DJT presidency is as good as in the garbage.

  • thuy pham 3 years ago

    With senate, republicans helping Trump playing dictator king then turn them to TRUMPER republic same Russian and change USA rule to Russia republic he will be dictator king forever same Putin

  • The Bitch is Back 3 years ago

    Adam, lighten up a little… ?

  • Timothy Huber 3 years ago

    Schiff provides a stark contrast to the mean-spirited coward and bully that is our 45th president; it’s gratifying to see someone with a strong moral compass and common sense rise against this greedy douchebag!

  • Méh Imre 3 years ago

    This guy for president!

  • Brian Meaker 3 years ago

    He referenced Monty Python!!!!

  • Scott MacDonald 3 years ago

    Tied for first

  • Carmel Dowley 3 years ago

    Remember, he started putting money towards his 2020 campaign as soon as he won the 2016 election.

  • Jane Doe 3 years ago

    Trump and Rudy behave as they do bc they know they and the right-wing entertainment media have republican voters so conned and delusional and the Republican Party of Russia controlling the senate and shielding Trump hfrom any consequences even while they r all aware Trump is a Russian asset and has been giving Putin one reward after another at America’s expense. Republican voters a cancer to America’s sovereignty and to the fair economy M&L class Americans deserve. Bc of them and their stupidity, we r now at risk of any future president deciding to act like a king and completely ignore congress’ oversight duties. Blame every Trump supporting republican for the decline of an America which was once respected by the world, an America that was a land of laws, not men, and educated, professionals in government who once cared about the high standards of our leaders and were at least less corrupt than what Trump and the Republican Party of Russia are today. If I hear one complaint about how the economy isn’t fair, refugees flocking to the US, government is so corrupt, our democracy is a sham, w/out checks and balances we become a totalitarian government, elections r rigged, foreign governments r funneling $ into US elections and choosing the elected officials who will work best for those foreign countries, etc, I’m going to punch them in the face. They voted for and supported all of this. We need to kick them out of the Union before they take us all down w/their delusional idiotic selves!

  • Don't SSleep 3 years ago

    Great American.

  • Anewphaze 3 years ago

    This is what true intelligence looks like. We need more like Schiff running this country, instead of the clowns in office now.


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