Rep. Adam Schiff Says It Was Torture Listening to Kevin McCarthy’s Speech

Published on November 23, 2021

Rep. Adam Schiff talks about his book Midnight in Washington, the agenda that will be the New Deal for this generation and what he experienced during the January 6 insurrection.

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  • Amber Zec 2 years ago

    But…but…despair is so much easier than engagement..

  • Art Sawyer 2 years ago

    Adam ,,my 1st moronathon,you funny dude ,but your right ,lol

  • darryl mars 2 years ago

    Rep. Adam Schiff looks more like the President we desperately need than anyone else on the horizon. 1st things 1st: jail the Jan 6th traitors, especially Orange Hitler.

  • adva501 2 years ago

    5 years later we are still waiting for the irrefutable evidence Trump-Russia collusion , this garbage is no different than other politicians . Distracting us from talking about real issues that effect our life .

  • Yanni75 2 years ago

    04:29 No deal, Adam Schiff. You can stock the Senate full of Manchins who are only nominally Democratic, and you still won’t get things done. You need to primary that son of a ***** and others like him. Call them out whenever and wherever you can, including in their home-states. And fight them in Congress. Either that or you’ll lose the mid-terms and every other election after it.

  • Heather C 2 years ago

    So glad you are interviewing my hero.

  • Owen Mersk 2 years ago

    Schiff is a right wing politician

  • Art Sawyer 2 years ago

    Dems better wake to this gerrymandering thing the reps are trying to set it up where they stack the deck in their favor , breaking up the voting areas , being the watch dogs over the voting polls and machines <> and guess what if they don`t win it`s gonna be fraud , and if they do all good <> just sayn

  • Magnus Wurzer 2 years ago

    The face of weak corporate Democrats.

  • poo poo tales 2 years ago

    LOL…… uuuhhhhhh…… what’s wrong with my comment? i was only talking about an boog that an politician wrote on 18 July 1925, and folks just simply deleted my comment? It’s an politician that wrote an book just like all of them do?

  • james stewart 2 years ago

    Love ya Schoff

  • V. Britton 2 years ago

    Yes, McCarthy is so slimy

  • James Guy Photography 2 years ago

    Trump added $7.8 trillion to the debt. Each of us owe over $23,000 of that before interest. What did we get?


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