Rep. Adam Schiff Breaks Down Biden’s 2024 Message | Dianne Feinstein’s Senate Seat

Published on February 10, 2023

Tooning Out The News’ Special Coverage team is joined by Trump impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to break down President Biden’s 2024 re-election message and rising tensions with the Freedom Caucus. Plus, Schiff must defeat Dianne Feinstein to win his Senate race and, unrelated, the panel plugs beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. Watch Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News on Comedy Central, Wednesdays after The Daily Show.

Clip air date 02/10/2023

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  • Mike Hoster 4 months ago

    Uh, no need to auction off Iowa, they sold themselves out to Chinese(CCP) buyers….I wouldn’t invest in anything in FL, they will be submerged at high tides within 10 years….

  • slappy76 4 months ago

    Hehe.. He’s got a sense of humor. Love how he keeps a straight face.

  • Patrick McKernan 4 months ago

    No one needs to hear from this Russiagate liar

  • Cancun771 4 months ago

    Oh look, it’s the dude from the botched impeachments.
    I wonder what message he thinks Biden is sending by leaving Wray in charge after Jan 6 even though Wray just let that happen. Or appointed Merrick Garland, so the GOP’s and Trump’s and McConnell’s preferred people are in charge of the top FBI and DoJ positions. Or that after two years, none of the ringleaders have even been indicted, let alone punished like they would in any other country, democracy or not(!)

  • Garth2The2ndPower 4 months ago

    Are you telling me there’s not one condo available in all of Boca Raton?

  • Bob Pratt 4 months ago

    I have $217 burning a huge hole in my pocket. Is there anyway that it can be more constructively directed to facilitating a well-deserved retirement for some random public servant?!?!?

  • CNNisALie 4 months ago

    This is a fucking joke considering Adam Schiff made up complete fabrications of the Russiagate hoax

  • Robert Lindsay 4 months ago

    Senator Adam Schiff!

  • Nick Hill 4 months ago

    Dianne Feinstein couldn’t fight her way out of a brown paper bag in Katie Porter is going to smash Adam Schiff because news for politicians the American people are not a fan of corrupt Democrats

  • tucker zenski 4 months ago

    You alright Schiff if just for handling this bul and still going on. Your weakness to the public in elections can be summed up in this thought that is probably too late to do anything about, but…….. So when you were sitting next to Pelosi in Congress 1-6-20 and she was calling for the NG and said poo poo, right? So what would have guaranteed you a senate seat is if you broke the leg off a table or something and broke it till it was sharp and then just waited by the door for a murderer to come in. If you had killed someone in defense of Congress, you prob would be president in 2 years. So my advice is, in your mind, become the person that will sacrifice his body and life to stand there and if anyone messes with you, the morgue bill is on their family. Just some advice and thank you for your life service. No really, thanks. The senate looks like the worst job and I’ve cleaned out overflowed and jammed septic tanks and pipes. At least I can call my job shit though, because that’s what it is. You poor people put nooses around your neck and try to figure out what lie or distorted truth the opposition or public should know about. If I was in Congress, I wouldn’t be, because I’d be in jail on day one.

  • Lanstar Phoenix 4 months ago



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