Regulating Guns vs. Regulating Prescriptions – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show



  • Virdin Barzey 12 months ago

    Yes. This is the new conservative American way of interpreting the constitution. It was written as “WE” the people and these folks are changing the context to “ME” the people.

  • Wild_Lee Coyote 12 months ago

    As much as I hate insurance, making people take out insurance for each and every gun they own is a great way to limit the amount of guns people own. You want 100 guns, you have to pay the insurance premiums for 100 guns. You will find out very quickly what your favorite gun is and get rid of the rest. Make guns just as expensive to own as a car is and you will find how many get off the streets.

  • grandpa teal 12 months ago


  • Thecrippled Pancake 12 months ago

    He is absolutely right

  • Catherine Williams 12 months ago

    Video clips like this remind me that Noah still hasn’t learned to think like an American yet.

  • Arthur Martin 12 months ago

    Would be 100% ok with limiting guns to one per hand. At least then you have a chance when they reload.

  • Harshil Lakhani 12 months ago

    If one gun per hand was a thing, I am pretty sure Americans would have made a robot with tonnes of hand just so they can hold each gun.

  • Larry 12 months ago

    That’s why drugs aren’t on the street illegally at all. What are you solving exactly? Most states require you to sell your gun to a third party, on record, at a gun store. You used to be able to buy guns in catalogs through mail without an age o background check. 7% of guns used in crimes were legally acquired in a study of 200k inmates. Most guns used in crimes are acquired illegally.

  • uaputte 12 months ago

    The colectors are not the one to blame for the shootings!

  • Einstein X 12 months ago

    The militia part of the 2nd ammendment also doesn’t seem to be such an important part of the 2nd ammendment to Americans. If a well organised militia may bear arms, then how come apparently each and every individual gun buyer is a militia? Shouldn’t you first have to start an actual militia before you get the right to bear arms?

  • Sujith Haridas 12 months ago

    It is interesting. Abortion is Sin but Killing by Gun is not. When one can ban Abortion why not Guns?

  • Nick Hlawka 12 months ago

    Trevor’s goal is to be funny, not accurate. He mixes truths and falsehoods together to entertain his audience. Thats great. Its fun to watch except for his audience doesnt know the difference and they dont know the facts. The end result is that millions of people become misinformed. You cant find a solution to the problem when the people are misinformed.

  • Eric Bergfield 12 months ago

    Limiting the amount of guns someone can buy won’t reduce cime whatsoever. Criminals don’t follow the law.

  • Sarah Lockridge 12 months ago

    We have a moral issue in the US .. it comes down to the heart.

  • Jonathan Smith 12 months ago

    Can you make this a running segment? Double standard on regulations on different issues
    It would be world changing

  • Larry Schonberg 12 months ago

    The phrase “Well regulated” is completely misunderstood or intentionally misinterpreted by NRA leaders, Republicans and the vast majority of the guns are great Americans.

  • Rich Gerow 12 months ago

    There was a guy in my hometown last week who was walking around an outlet mall carrying an AR-15. Of course, loads of 911 calls came in. Well, when the police came they ended up arresting him because he was carrying brass knuckles. Carrying brass knuckles is illegal, but carrying an AR-15 is perfectly legal. Because as we know, brass kncukles are WAY more dangerous than assault rifles.


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