Reese Witherspoon on What It’s Like to Hang Out with Oprah

Published on March 9, 2018

Reese Witherspoon reminisces about her first time hosting SNL, and she talks about filming A Wrinkle in Time and getting Meryl Streep to join the cast of Big Little Lies.

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  • Spence Boxing16 2 years ago

    Seth do u know dante ray

  • Vi Haze 2 years ago

    What is it with the Oprah press tour? Everyone is promoting Oprah at every available opportunity. How about you focus on electing someone qualified in 2020 instead of another TV star?

  • MovieAce 2 years ago

    She’s hotter now than she was 20 years ago

  • Peter-john De Jong 2 years ago

    They are pushing the oprah agenda, oprah is testing the water …

  • jenni 2 years ago

    Look, Oprah is probably a nice person and everything, but every celeb in the world worshiping her is kind of much. She’s a person just like the rest of us, not some deity. The celeb culture is going way too far when the idea of her running in 2020 is even talked about.

  • Denika Kew 2 years ago

    Yah, women,

  • Asiia Phan 2 years ago

    Pretty sure I just heard her talk about working with Oprah yesterday.

  • F. N. Lorter 2 years ago

    I was once worked in a movie Reese did a few years ago (Hot Pursuit but Don’t Mess With Texas during filming). I was an assistant to one of the producers and one of the extras wanted me to go see if Reese could meet her daughter. I told her I would try, so after a scene got filmed, Reese walked by me and I told her if she could have a minute, she said to me in the most condescending way possible “What!?”. I pointed to the extra and before I could finish my sentence, she told me that she doesn’t want to be with those “n’s” (the extra and her child were black). Even with what I heard, I tried to hold my emotions and tried to spit out if she could at least meet with them for a few seconds and that’s it, she told me to go suck her “c word” and left right away. I apologized to the extra and her daughter, composed myself and left. I still can’t find any excuse for how reprehensible she acted that day. I’ve heard rumors about her being like this, and mainly dismissed those as gossip, but after that day, I absolutely believe them and not this “happy-go-lucky” woman she always presents herself.

  • Aaron Allen 2 years ago

    competitive simultaneously civic trap supposed little rarely northwest little diet.

  • frances moli 2 years ago

    She said she read every book of the series, and she didn’t know the character she was castrated is real real old?

  • Prathamesh Ektare 2 years ago

    The countdown to “saying nerd with a twisted face is offensive” has started.


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