Recounts in Florida, Michelle Obama vs. Melania Trump & Inclusive Ballet Shoes | The Daily Show



  • Angela Hall 3 years ago

    Michael Jackson penis!! Lol

  • Jaded Gypsy 3 years ago

    I don’t wanna clash when I smash CLASSIC

  • Jason Bean 3 years ago

    I so want to have our first black governor! And Rick Scott is a hemorrhoid.

  • Mrs. Vixen Sanders 3 years ago

    If the re-cxnt…recount! Freudian slip? ?

  • John White 3 years ago

    God I could listen to Gubernatorial all day long just the word… why?

  • ArcaJ 3 years ago

    I am using that Michelle Obama meme for E V E R Y T H I N G!

    She’s the most. ?

  • Zack Hassan 3 years ago

    any One from africa

  • George Morris 3 years ago

    there still finding votes behind burger king in between sofa cushions ,but mueller can’t find his penis with either hand & the probe goes on with election fraud right in front of you

  • Scott K 3 years ago

    Don’t forget there’s a recount in the race for Agricultural Commissioner.

  • Shadow Fox 3 years ago

    Brown skinned condoms ????

  • Major Chaotic 3 years ago

    Michelle Obama is more rude than a monkey

  • Ruan du Plooy 3 years ago

    Evet time there’s a new video released, I already know trump will be part of it. Boring AF.

  • ShadowMatter 3 years ago

    The problem with Florida’s election process is twofold the first problem is the fact that they cut back the number of voting precincts and funding in highly populated areas making it take much longer to count those votes and those areas just so happen to be majority Democrat at the same time in lesser populated areas which just so happened to be majority Republican there are plenty of voting precincts and adequate funding so those votes are counted quickly

    Another reason it takes so long when are races this close is because they have to count all the absentee ballots which have a deadline of just under 2 weeks after the initial election

    And to make things even more complicated this time there were hundreds of thousands of illegal votes that were submitted via email from Bay County that were inappropriately counted in the initial election and whether or not your opinion is that we should be able to vote by email currently it is against the law

    Only when an election is this close does it take this long to count all the votes necessary to determine the winner if one of the candidates at any point in time had even got 51% of the vote it would be mathematically impossible for the opponent to win at that point so they can stop counting so the closer it is to 50% the greater than the necessity to count every single vote

    Remember Al Gore did not lose Florida once all of the votes were tallied he was the victor it was the Court’s that awarded bush the victory in Florida not the voters that has been a black mark on our democracy since then and we will not repeat it

  • Lucero Loza 3 years ago

    his accents faker than shiz

  • Mike Catranace 3 years ago

    Fuckin funny

  • Byamba 3 years ago

    wait what took like centuries to sell divery colors shoes ? damn

  • Elver Galarga 3 years ago

    Brown or black? Is brown the new black ?

  • TeaEarlGrey 3 years ago

    No one should ever concede every vote should always be counted.

  • Rachel Fishbein 3 years ago

    Freed of London was one of my favorite pointe brands when I was a teen ballet dancer. Good to see them doing more good stuff.

  • Sweet and Sour 3 years ago

    “Make my penis look like I got little vitiligo.” ????


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