Rebel Wilson – Fluid: Dating Without Labels | The Daily Show

Published on February 28, 2023

“I wanted to create a dating app where you don’t have to label yourself.” Actor and producer Rebel Wilson shares how her personal journey with using dating apps inspired her to create the dating app “Fluid,” what she considers instant red flags for a dating profile, and why she got banned from Disneyland for 30 days. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Jude Brewer 1 year ago

    Hasan is a great interviewer

  • sparklegem 1 year ago

    Is she paying the FBI to do these background checks or is this funded by tax dollars?

  • jillhbaudhaan 1 year ago

    Hasan is right, I’d watch that movie. The FBI bit and dating a guy in jail needs to be in the movie too.

  • Christian Maas 1 year ago

    My goodness she looks so healthy and happy I’m thrilled for her, she hasn’t lost her sense of self, still goofy representing STRAYA

  • Roy Thomas 1 year ago

    Big shout out to Rebel for being SO open about how the world bends for famous people, I feel like most people keep that hush, but this was nearly a tell-all. P.S. I 100% believe that club 33 stuff, too [though I say that with low confidence].

  • M K 1 year ago

    Oh dear, Rebel,…probably not the best move to bring up the FBI doing background checks on your dating pool….They are scrambling as we speak to address how tax payer money is paying for dating background checks…Love you, but you have no filter…

  • GiveBackWhatIO 1 year ago

    Wow… What was her workout plan?

  • Miro201010 1 year ago

    Why is the cameraman not taking close ups of hassan? It’s too obvious and annoying!

  • Richie Cuna 1 year ago

    he should have asked about pain and gain

  • Deepa Shrestha 1 year ago

    Love them both, but that’s the thing with celebs, they influence you in many ways, so I hope the FREE app isn’t a spying tool from Australia !

  • Morris Lorris 1 year ago

    Dumbest conversation ever

  • Brooke Gaskin 1 year ago

    she looked a lot better when she was a fatty.

  • Lori 1 year ago

    She’s so pretty. Hasan is so chill.

  • VthaVixen 1 year ago

    I want the Patriot act back

  • 1sthondo 1 year ago

    Hasan has the chops, in every way, hes smart, charming, way more politically savy than the rests of the hosts they have brought in, and already has the Daily show experience.

  • Anjuli Kamins 1 year ago

    Too bad it’s not available for android yet

  • Mike Jackson 1 year ago

    Well that movie just wrote itself.


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