Rebecca Traister – How “Good and Mad” Women Continually Reshape America | The Daily Show

Published on November 10, 2018

Rebecca Traister explains how women’s anger has historically been a catalyst for social change and how people can better listen and respond to women’s anger.



  • TooMuchDramaInTheMilkyWay Galaxy 2 years ago

    As a Irish American I think we would be better off if we had equal representation across the board. When you look at a photo of the house and senate the majority should not be old white dudes. I still think the most important thing is to take money out of politics! I believe it’s a conflict of interest to take money from large corporations because it’s impossible for that politician to represent the people who voted for them if they have to answer to a corporation that “donated” millions. I believe the process of equal representation will improve if we stop voting for politicians who take corporate PAC money!

  • Praveen Gautam 2 years ago

    Trevor gets hard time making eye contact with all the guests on his show 😀

  • Carole Nash 2 years ago

    Not me, been voting non-republican since 1978

  • C N 2 years ago

    I think Rebecca Traister used to be a Bob Traiser, that aint no genuine woman.

  • Joel Majola 2 years ago

    is there any way to be more ridiculous than this?

  • Denny Roozeboom 2 years ago

    Woman’s anger has always been heard. The saying ‘hell has no fury like a woman scorn’ isn’t a new one. I’m not saying that anger should be vented different this day in age (as in outside marriage) but it has always been taken serious as far as I know.

  • Nicole Alynn 2 years ago

    I work for a company that has catalogs that sell all kinds of stuff. Gifts, health and wellness, unique items, collectibles.

    It BAFFLES me how many older WHITE men AND women purchase Trump positive memorabilia and clothing. Its very sad. Ugh. ?

    Then i get the older white guys that buy the Trump bop bags and stuff like that and i laugh ?

  • Dead Philosopher 2 years ago

    Yes! I love everything she had to say. Thank you for having Rebecca on your show.

  • MsReylla 2 years ago

    Non-whites didn’t see these problems until the Kavanaugh hearings. Dr. Ford said what all other women have been screaming about for generations. Now that the WASPS are telling you, white women, are worthless. Welcome to the club non-white men.

  • Miah Leissa 2 years ago

    Thanks, Trevor, for another great show. Rebecca, I totally agree with every point you make. Thank you for being a voice of reason during this crazy time.

  • T Thrasher 2 years ago

    9:55 Harriet Tubman

  • sweetsugarjones 2 years ago

    Yes, Rebecca. Yes.

  • Anthony Lynch 2 years ago

    Fascinating interview.

  • True Black Knight 2 years ago


  • Meh Jones 2 years ago

    But Hillary IS so off-putting! Please don’t pretend she’s a normal woman

  • BringBacktheHitch 2 years ago

    I’ve really been enjoying Traister’s recent work in “New York” magazine. Remarkably informative and worthwhile.

  • Blue Sky 2 years ago

    Just found out that Kavanaugh was the judge that sign the Patriot Act. He was the one that allowed the government to keep track of citizen and infringe on our privacy! Rumor has it that the Bush family contacted one of the senators to Vote for him in, bc he helped them pass this law.
    ——- 15:00

  • Tiffiany 2 years ago

    I like her

  • Ahmed Khalil 2 years ago

    what the fuck is she talking about ?!!! Its’s like she is living in 1800s

  • live humble 2 years ago

    Really no one sees the irony here ?
    A “woman” writing about anger ?
    Really just me ? Oh ok


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