Rebecca Traister: Angry Women Are Bringing About Change

Published on January 19, 2019

Author Rebecca Traister writes in her new book, ‘Good and Mad,’ that the anger of women is bringing about changes to the political structure.

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  • HappyTrees 7 months ago

    Woman are going make the world more just? Yeah okay…

  • Cerebrophage 7 months ago

    Advocating women’s anger is a volatile act. Anger tends to blind people to the real goals (in this case) of any such movement. To where the balance of equality, as it has favored men for thousands of years, would cause an imbalance of sexism towards men. In essence, if women aren’t careful, they’ll become hypocrites, then it’ll be a while before anyone takes gender equality seriously.

    I believe in true equality. No preferrential treatment, no chivalry, etc. In the eyes of the law, and social protocol a woman is no different than a man except for biological makeup which has nothing to do with the intellect or independence of an individual.

    Why does this book make me nervous? Because I am a man. I, personally, have not done anything willfully sexist or mysogynistic to women and have treated them with the same level of indifference (or equality) as i do my fellow man. Why should I suffer the wrath of women when I am guilty by my biological makeup? Two wrongs do not equate to a right. Are we talking about Justice is vengeance?

  • Sambo The Butcher 7 months ago

    It’s not treating me equally to say that I would be a tyrant if left to my own. And your suggesting this is All men. So that must mean you think that I would be a tyrant if it weren’t for women. Those sound like oppressive ideas to me.

  • Erik S 7 months ago

    i’m all for 50% of congress being female, 17% being hispanic, 13% being black, 5% being asian, 10% being other/mixed race, 15% being atheist/nonreligious, 5% being LGBT… Proportional representation is a good goal, but I’d prefer the best candidates with the best ideas and the ability to implement them rather than “Do you have the appropriate demographic checkmarks”. However the biggest disparity is in representation of economic classes, it is time to end the reign of the Capitalist 1% in the halls of government, and to get middle and working class people in congress. Which in all honesty, it would probably be easier to get 50% of congress to be made of LGBT Atheists than to have 50% represented by the middle and working class…

  • Ilena Starbreeze 7 months ago

    the thing is, they dont teach much about powerful women in schools because they dont want women to realise that we are powerful, its easier to control a population when they are ignorant of just how much strength they have when banded together.

  • DaKermitFrog 7 months ago

    Oh god we get it already miss identity politics.

  • Tj Mohammed 7 months ago

    She is a legend, knows history more than history knows itself

  • Marius Marks 7 months ago

    All good she says, but the statement that women have always been furious- does that explain passive aggressive behaviour being so rampant in families?

  • Barry Klusman 7 months ago

    As long as the rhetoric doesn’t separate us into male vs. female or visa versa. We’re in this world together and it’s mad enough.

  • will crow 7 months ago

    Rebecca Traister, strong, smart, optimistic, aware. She is the way forward.

  • Hashtag Fartbag 7 months ago

    Women should rule the world.

  • Scorpius Jones 7 months ago

    White guys are always asking “is diversity really needed”? Yes, because without it you guys have already proven every profession would only be white people. More diverse opinions, more good ideas.

  • Beatle #9 7 months ago

    She needs to learn meditation.

  • Patrick 7 months ago

    Identity politics at it’s finest.

  • Kara Middleton 7 months ago

    I’m reading her book right now, and it’s awesome. She is brilliant.

  • Stephen Spence 7 months ago

    This is going to sound like a “not all men” post.
    But I would like to read the full letter containing “all men would be tyrants if they could”. Just doesn’t sit well with me

  • Gayle Chamberlain 7 months ago

    Love this woman. Her passion and energy is contagious. Finding a variety of good stories about strong women in history is difficult. I’ve been using science fiction to glean stories to distill and pass on to my granddaughter.

  • dagda3000 7 months ago

    What many (feminist) women do not seem to understand is that the only reason they have their current freedom and opportunities is because men allow it. This can change very fast, in particular if the society becomes even more anti-men.

  • Terri Freeman 7 months ago

    What a fun gal, I’d like to hear more from her. Truth is throughout History when the people stand up and demand JUSTICE and change, only then do CIVIL RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES MOVE FORWARD. We are a nation of Immigrants and that’s what makes America GREAT! DIVERSITY IS THE CORNERSTONE OF WESTERN DEMOCRACY.

  • xxJOKeR75xx 7 months ago

    I‘m fine with equality but painting all men as tyrants/evil etc. is not it. That sh1t gets nice men angry.


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