Real Time With Bill Maher: Who Needs Guns? – June 17, 2016 (HBO)

Published on June 18, 2016

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, Bill Maher and his panelists – Lawrence Wilkerson, Josh Barro, and Emily Miller – discuss gun ownership in America.

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  • Sidney Pickering 4 years ago

    Bill he’s right about not needing that ripe of weapon.

  • Gamemaster Gary 4 years ago

    They’re just totally ignoring the girl in purple lol wow.

  • keen 4 years ago

    I didn’t think I would agree with Lawrence but here I am agreeing with him.
    I agreed with him the whole show.

  • Kenny Groth 4 years ago

    right yes lets trust our government to protect us..

  • Can't Be Fucking Bothered 4 years ago

    This chick is stupid, I’m sorry, but she’s stupid.

  • Patrick Takada 4 years ago

    don’t tell people what to own or think…cigarettes kill a ton of people
    and cost the health care system a ton, but they’re legal. I think the FBI
    needs to make it easier for people to do their own background checks on
    people they’re selling guns to and the gun community needs to come together
    and start being more responsible and having better judgement in private
    sales…but to ban weapons because of their traits is ridiculous

  • cycleforwardtime 4 years ago

    In the United States of America, thanks to the NRA we are unable to even
    STUDY if gun laws would make a difference. We can think of it, but we can’t
    verify it, because the NRA has blocked even studies.

  • 8729alexis 4 years ago

    She is crazy. Too much Fox News

  • Gamemaster Gary 4 years ago

    I feel bad for this chick.

  • michael mon 4 years ago


  • Brother Seal 4 years ago

    She got destroyed! although she has some valid arguments

  • jetsfan jetsfa 4 years ago

    needs? probably only people in the south and midwest where the nearest
    police station is an hour or more away. BUT that doesn’t matter because we
    have the 2nd amendment and we are a nation of laws even if you don’t like
    them. i don’t like 25mph speed zones but if i do 40 I’m gunna get a ticket.
    fact is people want them and its lawful so theres nothing you can do about
    it but ban a few assault rifles

  • du5kmewjw 4 years ago

    Wow they are repeatedly stunned by the stupidity of her words.

  • Kamal Silver 4 years ago

    Emily Miller get the fuck off seriously

  • ValkyrieXRAY 4 years ago

    Didn’t that gun control law from the 90s reduce gun crime? Gun crime has
    gone down ever since it’s been implemented.

  • bbodinefan11 4 years ago

    So no one ever enters a home to kill someone? Gimme a break.

  • Sourabh Samal 4 years ago

    The girl has total disregard for law enforcement and thinks we need guns to
    protect ourselves. Then why do have police get rid of them.

  • Sebas 4 years ago

    Wasn’t it like three people that died from the Boston bombing? Not 50

  • Sebas 4 years ago

    If someone is trying to kill you, what the fuck are you doing with your
    life? At worst, your home has a low chance of being broken into while your
    in it, it’s always robbery. People don’t just enter other people’s homes
    and kill them.

  • sally smolich 4 years ago

    stats still say you are MUCH more likely to harm or kill someone you know
    than a stranger.

  • Invincible Osprey 4 years ago

    Lawrence Wilkinson has lost his mind. He thinks home invasions don’t

  • bryan edman 4 years ago

    lawrence welkerson is an IDIOT! people like him are the worst of the worst!
    He acts like he’s a gun supporter and he’s a gun banning ignorant ass hole!

  • Here'sJackal 4 years ago

    The whole point of the fucking 2nd amendment was TO REGULATE THEM AS WELL
    YOU AIR HEADED DITZ! God damnit…

  • Lisa Jacobs 4 years ago

    This bitch is an idiot! You’re more likely to be struck by lightning than
    have a stranger break into your home…

  • Chordstride 4 years ago

    Elmer fucking Fudd, ladies and gentlemen. I’m glad he isn’t our dictator,
    who gets to decide what people can and can’t do based on what he thinks
    they “don’t need”.

    Blaming guns or even the Republicans is fucking insane. How about blaming
    the perpetrator? Just a thought.

  • Owen Hampton 4 years ago

    The only one making sense is the 71 year old military man, who has actually
    served his county. Go figure.

  • TheAstrobleme 4 years ago

    If someone wants to kill you, they will, regardless of whether or not you
    have a gun. If you are genuinely that paranoid about someone breaking into
    your house with intent to kill you, you’d be better off wearing a
    bulletproof vest to go with your tin foil hat.

  • Bloody heart15 4 years ago

    Damn. One two punch for the chick in purple.

  • Bryan Elder 4 years ago

    0:42 Burn!

  • ladyluckaz 4 years ago


  • Owen Hampton 4 years ago

    We really need to grow up. Assault riffles are made for one reason, to kill
    men. That’s it. If you want them ok but lets not pretend or hide behind
    amendments. If you want them and want to shoot them have some balls and
    join the military. If not get a penis enlarger or play call of duty.

  • Various Curious 4 years ago

    Can anyone suggest a good place for a LGBLT sandwich?

  • SuperSaiyanBlast 4 years ago

    who is that anorectic ugly woman who has NRA money so deep pushed in her
    ass that she is talking shit while NRA money is dropping from her mouth?

  • SuperSaiyanBlast 4 years ago

    thumbs up for that last comment… that old guy is so wise and funny.

  • GiorgioMacRiss 4 years ago

    Argument : there no law blah blah blah, I WROTE A BOOK ABOUT IT…my
    freaking grandma wrote a fucking book about cooking, is she gordon fucking

  • Paul Barbuto 4 years ago

    There are plenty of things we are not allowed to have, now stop acting like
    a spoiled child and give up the AR-15.

  • Daniel Giuseppe Di Niro 4 years ago

    As far as I’m concerned, gun control is just as necessary as IQ tests on
    Bill Maher’s guests.
    I don’t wanna be rude, but that woman is so stupid…

  • PolemicContrarian 4 years ago

    Is this bitch the most stupid cunt in the world? Or is it still Ann

  • Burgermeister 4 years ago

    Why are Republican-leaning women always so batshit crazy?

  • Troy Bennett 4 years ago

    This bitch is beyond retarded wow!

  • stone1andonly 4 years ago

    Wilkinson is a military veteran, one who might just know the difference
    between living in suburbia and living in an actual war zone. I’m sure if he
    truly needed to, he could use his hunting rifles to defend himself, to say
    nothing of the possibility that he might have learned hand-to-hand combat,
    too. I doubt he’s gonna be in bad shape when “the purge” comes. With that
    in mind, this man is also a conservative, and yet he still believes that
    guns are part of the problem – perhaps a few of his brethren could take a
    second to consider his perspective on the matter.

  • terry clifton 4 years ago

    When seconds count, the police are just minutes away…

  • Lord Luke 4 years ago

    Conservatives are only pro-life when it is convenient for them

  • don FRYE 4 years ago

    Guns weren’t the problem. Islam was the problem.

  • Micro Aggressor 4 years ago

    The old bald guy needs to understand that his own personal experience is
    not reflective of the entire country. Crime *does* happen.

  • Pancho Villa 4 years ago

    That old guy is awsome!

  • William 4 years ago

    “law enforcement” is the biggest trap door a liberal can step over on a gun
    control debate. If someone crazy wants to hurt you, there is absolutely
    nothing the cops can do to stop it. Crazy guy breaks in to kill you, you
    call the cops, cops get there to call the coroner. Guns have their place
    for personal protection.

  • steve wilson 4 years ago

    Emily Miller – she tries real hard doesn’t she? Please, someone arm her
    with some knowledge!!!

  • Macca 4 years ago

    Obviously another escaped Blonde Bimbo from Fox News,they are just so

  • Pragmatus 4 years ago

    I have hears many veterans say that assault rifles have no place on the
    street or gun store.

  • Marty Yu 4 years ago

    I salute you, Colonel Wilkerson. You speak with sense, authority, and

  • Scupacium 4 years ago

    Oh Emily you went full retard at 03:43

  • brian vera 4 years ago

    The chick is stupid. Jesus!

  • Joe Verrone 4 years ago

    The guy that admits to having 14 weapons is going to tell the rest of us
    what we can have?

  • nil bogg 4 years ago

    I agree with the Old Man.

  • Daniel hall 4 years ago

    This republitard chick is delusional af

  • 涅槃 4 years ago

    “No one has ever broken in to my house!”
    Yeah that’s usually what people say until it actually happens. Let’s switch
    it up for a second:
    “I go to that bar ever week, no one has ever came in and tried to shoot
    everyone inside!”
    With his logic, he should disable his alarm system and stop locking his


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