Real Time with Bill Maher: What Did You Do During the War, Daddy? (HBO)

Published on May 14, 2016

Bill and his guests – Katty Kay, Jack Hunter, and former Sen. Bob Graham – discuss the reluctant embrace of Donald Trump by the Republican establishment.

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  • Joshua Unrau 4 years ago


  • Scott Jeffers 4 years ago

    Mccain is 79

  • CheckMyKDbro 4 years ago

    You gotta have a serious mental handicap to think that a billionaire Trump
    or millionaire Clinton give a shit about average Americans.

  • Solomon Kane 4 years ago

    trump will build the wall and make mexico pay.

  • Cesar Rodriguez 4 years ago

    Damn, they post their shit quick!0

  • pdiaz111 4 years ago


  • William 4 years ago

    Liberals just don’t get it. Trump is to the Obama administration what Obama
    was to the Bush administration. There was absolutely no way that McCain was
    going to beat Obama after what Bush did and there’s no way we elect another
    politician after how badly we were burned by Obama. He’s gonna be prez,
    focus on something else and please…stop whining!

  • Ryan Reed 4 years ago

    why do repubs threaten their nominee with a delegate convention if they are
    so “big tent” and “inclusive”?

    Why do they have to do literal “coalition-building” with their party

    Why are the leaders calling their teammates “Lucifer”?

    Somebody is lying…..aint no love over there, just cold dead hands wit
    guns in em

  • Jonathan Blaze 4 years ago

    “Well, I shoveled shit in Louisiana.”

  • Alpha SSNP 4 years ago

    Yup, she’s so much worse than Trump

  • nirvana rules365 4 years ago

    The real question is does Donald Trump eat ass?

  • Blvd King 4 years ago

    Trump will build the wall and make us pay

  • warpedjaffas1 4 years ago

    Fairly obvious that Republicans who opposed Trump last week and now they’re
    all for him are much like his supporters, lemmings.

  • PapaMagnum 4 years ago

    The problem is that it looks more than likely Hillary will win and the DNC
    is stupid as fuck for leveraging the primaries in her favor.

  • revelwoodie 4 years ago

    I don’t care how much you hate Hillary Clinton. Don’t take it out on the
    rest of us by sending America’s Crazy Uncle to the White House. Trump does
    not have the intelligence, character, experience, or temperament to be
    President. PERIOD.

  • Jayy 4 years ago

    Hillary is worse than dirt. question answered.

  • chill dude 4 years ago

    I lost my respect for Rand Paul

  • Kevin G. 4 years ago

    Bernie all day nignogs

  • XtaticApollo 4 years ago


  • Om Karki 4 years ago

    when is con artist worst than one of the leading member partner of war
    hungry gang…..!?!?! if Trump won it’s just he will bankrupt country that
    was going to destroy another two country of the any part of the
    world….like previous two president….Hillary would join those guys….so
    for world…better choice is con artists than possible war president…..

  • ilr 4 years ago

    they’re both cancer …. but gotta admit…. Trump is the fun to watch
    Brain cancer. Hillary is the depressing Pancreatic-Cancer.

  • Connor O'Brien 4 years ago

    what… the fuck… did she do… to her face…

  • TOPCATBWFC 4 years ago

    Well no mater who wins…..looks like America is screwed

  • I C Clouds 4 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is beating Trump by double digits and he’s a way better
    candidate than both Hillary and Trump combined
    He has offered facts and actual solutions that are possible and yes they
    are way more beneficial than anything the other candidates have offered and
    no they aren’t fantasies there are countries that have already used it such
    as Canada and Switzerland. also look at both Hillary and Trumps past record
    maybe that should show you what kind of people they are and I dare you to
    find something on Bernie Sanders
    it’s #Bernieorbust
    I’ll vote Trump because that’s the only way I’ll get my change, even if
    it’s the hard way. And if Hillary thinks we’ll just bow our heads because
    she’s in the lead (and she still hasn’t proven to use she deserves our
    votes) then she better expect to lose

  • TheJonnyEnglish 4 years ago


  • Kevin 4 years ago

    i think your show is more main stream adjacent you try to cover the facts
    objectively and your open to criticism your not like corporate lying
    puppets like cnn msnbc fox and others

  • mrraktar 4 years ago

    you can trump the TRUMP!

  • Mark K 4 years ago

    Get ready liberals. When will you realize that they have all been wrong
    about him with every prediction. Just like they said he can never win the
    gop nomination, even now many say he can’t win. Get ready, and I think you
    will be surprised at how much shit he actually gets done because he’s going
    to look after the tax payers and working class.

  • Hey HEY 4 years ago

    Ryan deficit fighter?
    Talk about living the delusion.

  • Abnormal Wrench 4 years ago

    Kanye West is a democrat….?

  • Devon Hudgens 4 years ago

    John Miller

  • Gary Hawkins 4 years ago

    “Normal parameters”, a euphemism for people getting the shaft.
    The Donald is a result of people’s thirst for honesty.
    Bill, you’re so honest, maybe you would have beaten Trump. Maybe not too

  • Devon Hudgens 4 years ago

    I’m a disabled vet and know Hillary is a Hawk but Trump belongs at the
    local Shell Station selling Trump egg rolls. John Miller

  • UnconventionaI 4 years ago

    “Is Hillary really worse than cancer and dirt?” — Yes

  • wayfarerpg 4 years ago

    Talking about Morales in politics? I can’t help but I find that one the

  • bbodinefan11 4 years ago

    Because Killary is a lying piece of shit.

  • Blake Marshall 4 years ago

    Republicans/conservatives just have nothing to offer, period.

  • THE AMERICAN PATRIOT 4 years ago

    Not a single word about Bernie!1!

  • yo ze 4 years ago

    I think America is going to vote Trump, and he will fuck it up.

  • octasian 4 years ago

    I’m voting for Deez Nuts. Nuts is the only way for a butter you and a
    buttery future.

  • Stephen InGermany 4 years ago

    Cancerous republicans are only trying to secure a job if trump gets
    elected. They have no standards or morals.

  • Sean Tripp 4 years ago

    The difference between Hilliary and Trump is that Hilliary has a proven
    record of political corruption, Trump doesn’t….


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