Real Time With Bill Maher: Web Exclusive New Rule – Promise Creepers (HBO)

Published on November 16, 2015

Check out Bill Maher’s new rule.

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  • newlevel81 4 years ago


  • 7searchful 4 years ago

    You mean Air Fatass one

  • TheUglyGnome 4 years ago

    The honest answer: “I would do what every president before me and every
    president after me: try to figure out what kind of new curtains I want on
    the oval office”.

  • pimpmastaa101 4 years ago

    Get em Bill!!!

  • wiley schmitt 4 years ago

    Fat shaming done right!

  • Sighman42 4 years ago

    Not he isn’t ….. Oh yes he just did. Perfect one.

  • That Guy 4 years ago

    Allahu Akbar

  • Ridnarhtim 4 years ago

    Lol fat jokes.

  • carlos herrera 4 years ago


  • Papa Woody 4 years ago

    Oh Shit! Feel the BERN! I needed that laugh today … Thanks Bill!

  • KeepItReal 4 years ago

    Think about how crazy that sounds. Flying to the south China sea to send
    China a message. Yet Christie would say the U.S is non hostile.

  • Lorenzo Holmes 4 years ago

    Nicely done.

  • Sean Rosen 4 years ago

    Another “Chris Christie is fat” joke, how original.

  • Melissa0774 4 years ago

    They should put the two web exclusive new rules together as one video.

  • Dave D 4 years ago

    I sorta liked christie until I heard him say he was going to uphold the war
    on the american people keeping marijuana illegal.

  • Sherpaful 4 years ago

    As a fat man I find this to be offensive and insulting and I demand it be
    taken off YouTube now, otherwise I’ll go on a hunger strike

  • Paul Ramos 4 years ago

    I thought that Chris Christie will devour all what’s left in the
    presidential kitchen on his first day of office (as if he will win LOL).

  • Alex Nes 4 years ago

    Oh C’mon Bill…wtf…40 sec’s???…can we get to see more somehow???

  • Aidan Crane 4 years ago

    Fucking savage

  • Choua Khang 4 years ago


  • 1019drummer 4 years ago

    Ha ha!!!

  • But Seriously, I Mean Really? 4 years ago

    On point!

  • HaloElfSpartan 4 years ago

    Savage ?

  • truthadept 4 years ago

    When I was five years old this kid used to say that he owned a one meter
    patch of lawn in the playground… everyone knew he was a nut… so to make
    him cry… we would walk over it or run through it while he was watching…
    then one day a fat boy went and sat in the patch and so the crazy kid
    started hitting him and they fought… then the teacher came out and
    separated them and they got in trouble for fighting… then the teacher
    said to the whole class that if the patch of grass was so important to the
    crazy kid… we should let him have it because really no one owns the patch
    of grass and it was just in the head of the crazy kid and it wasn’t hurting
    anyone if he thought it was his.

  • TheAliveordead 4 years ago


  • john smith 4 years ago

    its OK to have excess blubber.
    Ive met some great people who happen to be blubbery. myself, I’m too
    skinny, so I could use some of that blubber! don’t be self conscious about
    your blubber.
    LOVE your blubber and be PROUD of it!! ALL blubber is good blubber. Dont
    judge anyone by the amount of blubber they posses.

  • Greg Pek 4 years ago

    I searched for anything Bill Maher on YouTube. I was watching another
    sleazy performance of his on another talk show. I can’t understand how a
    person who is somewhat intelligent can be so full of himself, so wrong
    about so many things, and so sleazy in how he presents things. The ass hole
    has a forum and is entertaining and a wit. No doubt. But if he gets so many
    things wrong maybe he should stick to humor that is not charged with things
    trying to show he actually understands issues.

    I truly believe that Maher is far worse than Rush Limbaugh at his worst. At
    least Rush gets some things right. Even O’Reilly gets more right than
    Maher. And no one is as sleazy and rude as Maher.

    God I dislike the prick.

  • Jjames763 4 years ago

    I’m sorry, but when you spend over $300,000 of New Jersey taxpayers’ money
    on food and snacks, you deserve every fat joke coming your way.

  • Enrique Godinez 4 years ago

    Chris Christie is a fucking joke. He is a fake bully.

  • ann landers 4 years ago

    Although I agree that Bill Maher is a comedic genius I am getting a bit
    tired of all his insults. Like with Chris Christie’s weight. Do you think
    Christie feels good about his weight? Obviously he doesn’t. Considering
    that Bill Maher is a SHORT, UGLY guy who probably always had trouble
    getting the pretty girls, he sure doesn’t have any problems being a bully.
    And he himself was bullied and has talked about it. Bill did you enjoy
    being bullied? I think comedians have to rethink all the shit they say
    about well-known people. Johnny Carson was the best of all and I don’t
    remember him constantly insulting celebrities and other well-known people.

  • fzerowipeoutlover 4 years ago

    Apply cold water to the burned area.

  • Xcogames Co 4 years ago

    Your mom is so FAT she sat on a Dime and made two Nickels!

  • goyabee 4 years ago

    Air Force One was built in the 1980s.

  • Frank 4 years ago

    Bill Maher, awesome! Been following everything you have been doing the past
    30 years.

  • SantinoDeluxe 4 years ago

    wow, with that picture im surprised they didnt talk about how much he looks
    like a diseased chipmunk with about 3 pounds of hamburger helper shoved
    into each cheek pocket.


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