Real Time With Bill Maher: Web Exclusive New Rule – Feces Pieces (HBO)

Published on August 31, 2015

Check out Bill Maher’s new rule.

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  • Criipier 3 years ago

    Sad but true.

  • Allison Modras 3 years ago

    The vegetarians and vegans care! <3

  • wiley schmitt 3 years ago

    No one caring is the problem, not about the quality of the meat, but the
    fact that we keep thinking we ‘need’ to eat the flesh of other living
    creatures. It’s not healthy either, and if someone told you otherwise and
    you actually believed them, give them a nice square kick in the nuts for me
    and all the other suffering animals out there.

  • IDontKnowNorDoYou 3 years ago

    Fecal matter is EVERYWHERE. Everyone is exposed to it constantly.

  • Samuel Thunderdick 3 years ago

    Vegetables almost all have full parts of insects chopped up into them. Save
    it, vegan weirdo

  • Kille 3 years ago Even your tooth brush has some fecal matter in it.

  • Red Alert 3 years ago

    It’s because slaughter is slopy, irresponsible people do it, we all suffer
    from their incompetence.

    Trump 2016!

  • AWS Vids 3 years ago

    The actual question is “How much fecal matter?” Because you can find tiny
    amounts of it pretty much anywhere. Anytime you take a shit in the
    bathroom… You know that smell? That’s little particles of fecal matter
    floating into the air, and it spreads everywhere in the bathroom.
    Mythbusters did tests on this years ago and found that toothbrushes, hair
    combs, bath mats and everything else thats kept in bathrooms have traces of
    fecal matter on them. And guess what? People are still fine. Tiny amounts
    of stuff like this won’t hurt us. In fact, it strengthens our immune
    system. Worrying about it will be worse for your health than some tiny
    traces of shit is in the first place.

    Also… A lot of veggies are literally grown in manure. Whatever a plant
    grows in, it takes into itself. So don’t go thinking you vegetarians are
    avoiding the poo-poo platter.

  • mena3976 3 years ago

    wash your meat. They put manure on vegtables on purpose. You gotta wash it
    and be careful not to cross contaminate surfaces.

  • Brian OSullivan 3 years ago

    Makes you feel all good and warm inside doesn’t it.

  • Francis Null (MrNull) 3 years ago


  • BobEckert56 3 years ago

    Guess what Bill? Every effing thing you put in your mouth has traces of
    fecal matter, some bad bacteria, tiny amounts of insect carcasses etc. This
    why we wash foods, cook foods and have an incredibly destructive acid in
    our stomachs. Stop acting like you have an ass for a head.

  • Awkward Digit 3 years ago

    Hey it’s just hay

  • Chris Randall 3 years ago

    We live in a world full of shit. That’s why we wash our food and cook it.

  • Regis Lafrance 3 years ago

    The thing i find funny about this is: What do you think they put on veggies
    to grow them shit why do you think the have ecoli cases all the time.

  • Martin J 3 years ago

    Oh shit!

  • Song Bender 3 years ago

    whole new meaning to… “eating booty like groceries” ?

  • JabberCT 3 years ago

    mmmm cow doody with bacon and cheese ~drool~

  • Abh D 3 years ago

    Meat always had and always will have traces of fecal matter. This ain’t new
    and ain’t particular to America. Do some research.

  • ilr 3 years ago

    Terrific stuff for the Garden! If it’s fresh enough, you’re washing it off
    your Veggies too… City folks are just hilarious anytime they start
    lecturing ppl about healthy living.

  • Amanda Vadon 3 years ago

    Listened to this 4 times so far. Lmfao

  • mike jones 3 years ago

    friend of mine slept for many years with her dog(a whippet) who committed
    vast amounts of flatulence towards her nose as they slept head to foot.

    i argued for the fecal matter in the air expelled from the canines anus had
    reached the receptors in her nose. she says she has no sense of smell.

    a Parkinson’s diagnosis, or whatever their calling her conditions, might
    some how be related to the lifespan of her dog sleeping in her bed and
    farting in her face.

  • ahappykitten 3 years ago

    America: We are fecalpheliacs.

  • mike jones 3 years ago

    could this be related to the decrease in our national IQ.

    gives new meaning to eat shit and die.
    as well as shit for brains..

  • Southerneagle83 3 years ago

    what a waste of meat. I’m sure my grill at 400 degrees and 6 inch flames
    will char broil the shit out of the meat. (Yes pun definitely intended)

  • Nonofya Bidnez 3 years ago

    USA! USA! USA! where 90+% of meat gets processed on 3 sites or so? USA USA

  • This Guy 3 years ago

    just maybe consumer reports testing equipment is full of shit.

  • Min Lee 3 years ago

    It’s so true.

  • Beaujangles McJiggle 3 years ago

    I found traces of meat in a shit I ate last week.

  • Trollface Killa 3 years ago

    News Flash: Everybody poops Bill.

  • Tariq Khan 3 years ago

    I just ate ground beef for dinner damm you bill maher why didnt I see this

  • No Say 3 years ago

    You are what you eat……

  • tranquil Nice 3 years ago

    shit is where the flavor is idiots. i mean why do you think i like eating
    women’s asses more than their pussies?

  • fthechance 3 years ago

    I would worry more about how the ground beef reaches the package… It’s
    common practice to take steaks that are turning green on the display
    because it hasn’t sold, then either grind it and recolor it using chemicals
    to fool customers or, my favourite, put the green piece of meat in the
    grinder surrounded with a thin layer of fresh meat, basically hiding the
    rotting meat in the middle. Once put in the package and sealed it’s
    impossible to detect the poisoning attempt and life threat those people are
    doing to you… If I had children, I would be very wary of these things,
    personally I stopped eating ground beef because I got food poisoning twice
    after buying what looked like fresh meat but wasn’t…

  • tylertyler82 3 years ago

    Guess what- your produce has feces in it too.

  • Asgeir Bragason 3 years ago


  • Marcusaralius76 3 years ago

    There’s also tiny amounts of fecal matter on your toothbrush, on your hands
    (even after washing) and in your bed. But those amounts are so tiny that
    they’re insignificant. Detectable, but insignificant.

  • First Name Last Name 3 years ago

    If you find feces on every piece of meat you touch… you should have
    washed your hands.

  • OverLordGoldDragon 3 years ago

    There are traces of Albert Einstein’s dick skin in air, mixed with that of
    Hitler’s ass. I don’t see anyone giving a shit about that.

  • Just A Random Gamer 3 years ago

    Guys its just a comedy bit, calm down!

  • Temp station 3 years ago

    Well no shit! One of the reasons we have to cook beef is because it often
    contains E.Coli, a common bacteria present in feces. This isn’t news.

  • Titan Coral 3 years ago

    mmmmmmm….. baco-shit

  • Janet Bird 3 years ago

    How gross.
    I’m just going to eat eggs from now on !

  • A Skeptical Human 3 years ago

    Eh, whatever. I’m sure cooking it will kill any potentially harmful

  • Heroic Love 3 years ago

    Put your toothbrush in the drawer because everytime you flush after a nice
    big shit, fecal matter flies up in the air. It’s like you toilet is a kid
    playing in the sandbox.

  • Opethianaut 3 years ago

    Glad the grocery store that i worked for didnt pull this, but this is
    gross. Wow.

  • Bigpussycat5 3 years ago

    I can see the vegans now… chiming in and laughing as they eat their
    organic food grown with cow shit.

  • bob smith 3 years ago

    this is not “news”, this is a well known fact about ALL food. btw these
    “trace” amounts are like 1 part in a million, or 0.0001%

  • Paxx23 3 years ago

    Life is a crappy sandwich and every day we take another bite.

  • Razor Man 3 years ago

    Dude, where did you get that jacket?

  • Frabbledabble 3 years ago

    Thats the unregulated market for ya! -You got what you wished for!

  • 4hpook 3 years ago

    You make it sound like something abnormal, Bill. It isn’t, and never has

  • Sherpaful 3 years ago

    I love the smell of feces in the morning!

  • eljono1 3 years ago

    Scientists also found fecal matter in guys’ beards, but you don’t see all
    these bros shaving their face.


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