Real Time with Bill Maher: The Real Voter Fraud (HBO)

Published on April 9, 2016

Bill Maher and his guests – Heather McGhee, Andy Dean, and Max Brooks – discuss how the Supreme Court’s gutting of the Voting Rights Act has led to a “new poll tax” of long lines and voter ID laws.

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  • Joseph Tedros 3 years ago


  • Amir Hosein 3 years ago

    bill maher= a real man

  • warpedjaffas1 3 years ago

    Have to wonder what the Republican party stands for and what they’re
    capable of in a democracy when they’ll resort to rigging the system to
    disenfranchise voters. Think about that.

  • BuFFoTheArtClown 3 years ago

    As long as Democrats keep importing millions of illegals into our country
    to pump up their voting base, Republicans will try to halt that bullshit
    however they can.

    Both sides cheat for votes. Welcome to life.

  • Jacob Alexander 3 years ago

    I’m in Arizona and I still don’t understand why we have not received a
    second chance to vote so many of us actually CAN vote this time.

  • Miko Wu 3 years ago

    Trump is a low energy cuck.

  • beesprimetimenetwork 3 years ago


  • Robert Machulla 3 years ago


  • FortuitusVideo 3 years ago

    Most polling places are closed due to attempts to make government more
    efficent. The only places that are consolidated are the ones that receive
    small voter turnouts. This is the problem with government, it is too slow
    to react to demographic change. For another example, look at the VA in

    The fact is that most polling places that are closed are ones that serve
    rural populations. Voting sites within cities tend to remain open. Which
    party has the largest rural voting base?

  • Mike “Bud” Barycza 3 years ago

    Is that phyllis Diller sitting next to downtown bill?

  • Your Average Deer 3 years ago

    why dont they make election day last maybe 15 days ?? i donno buy maybe
    then we can have more people to participate??

  • 9enius 3 years ago

    World War Z author?? wtf

  • The Moral Crusader 3 years ago

    Want to talk about cheating? What about the fact that the Democrats have
    implemented a systematic effort to get more 3rd worlders into the country
    because they vote for big government with the 1965 immigration act? That’s
    the REAL voter fraud.
    Leftists knew they couldn’t convince American’s to vote for socialist
    policies so they imported millions from dysfunctional countries who they
    knew would be dependent without the consent of the voters.

  • mosey records 3 years ago

    out voting system, similar to the VA, needs to be revamped and made
    compatible with a computer database.

  • KokaKolaKan 3 years ago

    Black Lives My 4-4 Make Sure Yo Kids Dont Grow

  • thrilingheroics 3 years ago

    Similar situation happened in Arizona that maybe allowed Hilary to win the
    delegates. So if we are going to say one party is cheating then we have to
    say all of them are cheating.

  • The Moral Crusader 3 years ago

    Voter ID is perfectly fine and should be in all states. You should have to
    prove you are who you are before you vote. This is common sense. Unless
    Democrats ALSO say people shouldn’t have to show their ID to buy a gun as
    well (which you never would), you guys a hypocrites.

  • The Moral Crusader 3 years ago

    Liberal logic: making people prove they are who they say they are when they
    vote is “voter fraud”

  • Desmond Bear 3 years ago

    who benefits from long lines in a primary election?

  • Palanisamy Venkatachalam 3 years ago

    Bill, you are once again misleading, or half-informing. The Republican
    administration in Arizona was not against any blacks/minorities voting, but
    was in partnership with the Clintons to disenfranchise the Independents ie
    Bernie Supporters and stop from casting their vote and if they did manage
    to cast a provisional vote them NOT COUNTING THOSE PROVISIONAL BALLOTS. The
    exit polls and actual results in Arizona reveal vastly different outcomes,
    which the corporate media, conveniently ignored, because it was THEIR
    candidate Hillary who was the benefactor.

  • Bob Dole 3 years ago

    Hillary fucking cheated. Notice how she didn’t say anything about the
    issue? She took her “win” and ran. If Bernie had won, Hillary would have
    thrown a huge tantrum.

  • somfplease 3 years ago

    umm republicans has had a bigger voting turnout BY A LOT in the primaries.

  • justgivemethetruth 3 years ago

    The long lines are a way to get people to do mail in ballots to they can
    toss them in the trash.

  • justgivemethetruth 3 years ago

    I would be OK with a voter ID law, if the regulations in the states said
    that it is up to the state to provide its citizens with an idea and pay for
    it – period.

  • ilyasmeen 3 years ago

    let’s be real tho, this wasn’t just republican sabotage, the democratic
    party is also in on the voter fraud so that hillary can win the nomination.


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