Real Time with Bill Maher: The News is Broken (HBO)

Published on February 13, 2015

In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher addresses the waning credibility of network newscasts in the wake of the Brian Williams controversy.

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  • MsUsagi513 2 years ago

    I’m glad California isn’t the only place that have new channels that go batshit crazy when the weather changes.
    “A huge storm is here!!!”
    ….It’s sprinkling.

  • DrRosenpenis 2 years ago

    The news outlets were bought decades ago and are no longer intended to inform the public; they are intended to keep the public ignorant and to steer them away from being an informed populace who is active in the world around them. Distract and keep complacent — that’s the name of the game now.

  • chucky 2 years ago

    why are you watching east coast weather bill??? you are right.. we on the east coast don’t give a fuck about your 350 days of sunshine a year in the whore state of california. maybe the world will be glad when the big one happens and you and your sanctuary state crashes into the pacific and is never heard from again… and we will all breath a sigh of relief and then go… ahhhh finally…. you shit on everyone and everywhere except where you should.. the socialist homelessness state of california… why don’t you search youtube for san francisco streets of feces… disgusting.

  • Emrah Sogol 2 years ago

    کل مقامات امریکا کلادلقک هستندالبته پنکیو گربه روباه مکار

  • Are you Serious? 2 years ago

    But, like Ann Murray said, “We sure could use a little good news today.”

  • Jsmes Wagner 2 years ago

    Holy shit they new the news was lying..even before trump..when did national news start covering local news

  • Professicchio 2 years ago

    And this is why you end up with a guy who can scream “Fake News” everytime something he doesn’t like is said about him and completely get away with it.
    The bar was set pretty low to begin with, hope the “Fake News” establishment learns a lesson.

  • 4_everanime 2 years ago

    the blind guy driving the bus got me

  • Christopher Adams 2 years ago

    I love you bill

  • Jamie Thomas 2 years ago


  • adam foster 2 years ago

    my mother used to say that was so bad of news media to show overweight ppl that way.

  • Reed Richards 1 year ago

    how much does bill’s ferarri contribute to global warming? why isn’t his house energy efficient and why hasn’t he gone solar?

  • leslie easton 1 year ago

    If an item has gone viral then everybody that gives a shit has already seen it.

  • Point Blank 1 year ago

    Wow, so this turd was calling it fake news before Trump was lol! Now he bashes the president for it.

  • Rick J 1 year ago

    To me the all time best news Anchor (I was a kid), Walter Cronkite. Second, Tom Brokaw.

  • Alan O Brien 1 year ago

    America the land of NEWS BUT NO INSIGHT

  • David Love 1 year ago

    All criminal liberal media outfits that can’t tell the truth if it would kill you

  • Alex Landherr 1 year ago

    Compare Swedish public service news broadcasts with the American commercial ones and see which one is better.

  • Rob Shastri 1 year ago

    Obviously the usual mix of dumb comments in response to this segment. Bill’s *long-standing* critique of the news is that it’s not serious enough + overly focused on infotainment/pandering/ratings/profits vs informing the American public about important issues.

    The fact that the media reports mostly accurate, damaging stories about Trump & his sidekicks that they don’t like and call Fake News is not the problem. They’re still doing too many human interest stories + not enough on global issues is BM’s point.

    Fact that the Prez and his Cabinet are totally incompetent/ignorant is very relevant and important for public to know. But overloading the news cycle every time a snowstorm comes around is not.

    Hope that clarifies.

  • Lou Cypher 1 year ago

    Damn right about the news bill pffft


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