Real Time with Bill Maher | Season 17 Trailer (HBO)

Published on December 15, 2018

It’s cheaper than therapy. Real Time returns for Season 17, live January 18 at 10PM on HBO.

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.

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It’s HBO.



  • RIXRADvidz 1 month ago

    is Mueller holding the indictments until the New House is seated? in the morning, the swearing in, the afternoon, Lopping oFF the Top, TrumPence and cabinet. Constitutional Succession kicks in and we don’t have a dotard for a president anymore, just a GrandMa.

  • Frankie McGill 1 month ago

    Just in time when I barely got through another Friday without Real Time!

    Mele Kalikimaka Bill! 🌴☃️🌴

  • NobodyAskedyou 1 month ago

    i wish bill was on right now as Mueller closes in on drumpf

  • lENDl Night 1 month ago

    Keep going! I disagree with your hatred for trump but you are one of the most honest voices from the left. Keep calling the far left out on their bullshit, because they are the ones creating the environment where the far right can flourish. Each attempt at censoring speech online is another push towards the far right.

  • Ms Liveāt5 #FACTS 1 month ago

    Could have at least gave a date for when the show returns.. I need to put a date on my calendar for return hate programming for Trump. Thank God 🙏🏾 for Stephen Colbert!

  • Donna Noe 1 month ago

    Can’t wait until you come back. I hope that you are having a great time while you are off.

  • Scott William 1 month ago

    Watching bill maher is a place were we can go to vent its really therapeutic, can’t wait!!

  • Dan Bee 1 month ago

    ☠️STEVE BANNON 2020⭕️

  • joni garbauskas 1 month ago

    The season can’t start soon enough for me, LOVE ME SOME BILL!!!!!!

  • 張泰銘 1 month ago

    I really hate how many stupid republicans he has on the show.
    I wanna watch the show and get smart and learn something. I’d love to hear alternative opinion.
    But just not stupid ones full of personal insults.

  • Mary Malkiewicz 1 month ago

    Bill I miss your show too long to wait, wish you were here already.

  • Nathan 1 month ago

    Can’t wait!

  • Rick D 1 month ago

    Bill will help getting Trump elected in 2020!!

  • Joan Snow 1 month ago

    Can’t wait, I’ve missed your wit

  • Ashish Patel 1 month ago

    #Pizzagate 🍕

  • Eva Luna 1 month ago

    *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* I can’t wait that long Bill, please come back! I need you *now* 😭😭😭

  • Brian Rosado 1 month ago

    Bill is gonna really lose it if Mueller’s report comes out before the season premiere

  • Troubleshooter125 1 month ago

    January 18th can’t get here soon enough.

  • shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn 1 month ago

    Hey Trump…congress wil now write your lies down starting Jan 03, 2019…and will be reading them back to you…intensely.

  • T A 1 month ago

    They should play the full theme tune version throughout that instead of that music.


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