Real Time with Bill Maher: Ready for Hillary? – October 9, 2015 (HBO)

Published on October 10, 2015

Bill Maher and panelists Anne-Marie Slaughter, Rob Thomas, and Andrew Sullivan discuss Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in the clip from October 9, 2015.

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  • MusicMixxer 4 years ago

    Perfect as usual Bill :D

  • Dan 4 years ago

    Nope Ready for Bernie

  • Ectocooler HI-C 4 years ago

    Poor Rob Thomas………he just wants to sing the pretty songs.

  • colourmegone 4 years ago

    Please explain what “retail skills” have to do with running a country.
    Running a McDonald’s maybe but running the US? Nada!

  • FullBoarDaniel 4 years ago

    I agree with that bald guy

  • Micro Aggressor 4 years ago

    Completely agree with this guy about Hillary.

    She’s the worst possible candidate for the Democrats. Trump will eviscerate

  • AJ Stas 4 years ago

    I’m extremely liberal and I agree with everything Sullivan said. Hillary is
    a mediocre candidate. #FeelTheBern

  • Sage Mantis 4 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is leading by far if you take into account the trajectory of
    where the polls are going. Not to mention he’s practically leading already.

  • Joshua Burt 4 years ago

    This guy is right on the money. Hillary is a shill. She stands up for women
    well, and she’s a good politician, etc etc etc, but she’s no leader, not
    trustworthy, and like he said, she has no vision. Sanders on the other

  • SirBauer 4 years ago

    Bernie is certainly optimal, but if he can’t win the primaries, Hillary is
    still a significantly better option than a Republican candidate.

  • Desmond Bear 4 years ago

    how do they manage to talk about Hillary Clinton so many goddamn times and
    still completely skirt the issue of Bernie Sanders?

  • Mike Chase 4 years ago

    Sorry but Andrew was right.

  • TallahassZ Remington 4 years ago

    this video exposed Maher … for me at least.

  • Gmoney Mozart 4 years ago

    This is where this show loses me. Bill just can’t get around the fact that
    democrats are just as terrible as his main punch line republicans.
    Yes sometimes in broad terms he’ll say something negative about democrats
    as a whole but to the point of actually assassinating a democratic
    politician like he does republicans? Never. This video here is a prime
    example of everything that is wrong with him and with this show.
    Hillary is a joke. A corrupt joke.
    2016 will usher in more of the same and it won’t matter if the red team or
    blue team takes the executive branch.

  • Clueless Wisdom 4 years ago

    Between Trump and Clinton you have no choice but to go with Clinton.

  • RedCatracho 4 years ago

    Did Bill Mahar really just say that the “liberal press” has it out for
    hiliary? Are you shitting me? If anything they go on and on forever about
    how she’s already the democratic nominee. It’s Bernie they are relentless
    on when they actually bother to mention him.

  • Bruno M.W. Bloch 4 years ago

    Fact free Maher fails to name a single accomplishment of Hillary’s entire
    political career.

  • itsasin1969 4 years ago

    Hillary is the most qualified candidate EVER.
    FUCK that bald guy.

  • Ro Ban 4 years ago

    Andrew Sullivan is right. And I really loathe how Bill Maher is such a
    shill for Hillary and how he marginalizes Bernie Sanders as a joke every
    time he is mentioned. I used to think Bill was an independent progressive,
    but now he is just a useful hack for the Democratic establishment. BERNIE
    SANDERS 2016 #FeelTheBern

  • Boogie Brown (BoogieBrownPro) 4 years ago


  • Kori Wasinger 4 years ago

    Hillary and Sanders would WIPE THE FLOOR in 2016! Bernie has the passion
    and issues and Hillary has the political powerhouse to get it done!It’s
    like having to choose between chocolate or pie for dessert. Well I’m big
    fat obese American and I want both! Why not chocolate pie!

  • Sean Grimes 4 years ago

    I like watching Bill’s show, but I think he crossed the line in this show
    with his “enough about your Mom already” statement to Andrew. That was a
    VERY awkward moment and you can tell Bill wish he hadn’t said what he did.

  • neosoontoretro 4 years ago

    Okay, if Andrew supports Obama then he should support Hillary. She’s
    basically Obama in a pantsuit.

  • Mikhael37 4 years ago

    Bill supports Hillary because HBO supports Hillary, because mainstream
    fucks support Hillary. Bill doesn’t support Bernie, because his employers
    would never support a candidate as honest and real as Bernie

    Bill fans who are rooting for Bernie, you can keep waiting from episode to
    episode, but it’s pretty clear now that Bill is a sellout

  • Alex P 4 years ago


  • S Droid 4 years ago

    I’m sick of that turd with glasses. As bad as Hillary is. Let’s say for
    argument’s sake that Benghazi and the email scandal and everything else is
    all true. EVEN STILL I would take her over any of the demon spawn that is
    running for the GOP nomination.

  • Pistoph Christoph 4 years ago

    Hillary and Trump are two sides of the same corrupt coin. #SandersorSalt

  • David Doder 4 years ago

    Andrew Sullivan is a pretend intellectual.

  • Lisa Murphy 4 years ago

    I can’t believe Bill Maher is trying to defend the indefensible. He must be
    getting a lot of “incentives” from the DNC. Or maybe the Clinton Foundation

  • ann landers 4 years ago

    Andrew Sullivan is a gay creep who probably hates ALL women. I can’t
    believe his rant on Hillary Clinton. Seriously he needs to get control of
    his bullshit.

  • Steph Mullen 4 years ago

    I’ve just agreed with Andrew Sullivan for the first time in 10 years

  • Cactus 4 years ago

    Maher is the biggest fucking Clinton shill i’ve ever fucking seen.

  • Matthew Singh-Dosanjh 4 years ago

    As usual, the whacko crackpot Bernie Sanders supporters and their tedious
    self-pity pollute the comments sections of a Real Time clip.Sanders
    supporters are staggeringly insufferable- a contemptible combination of
    self-pity and self-congratulation.

  • Hunter B 4 years ago

    He missed a really good point there on the end. He could have talked about
    how Hillary got a rapist from being convicted as a his lawyer. Is that
    fighting for women?

  • TheHehe1223 4 years ago

    God damnit Bill stop defending Hillary! Andrew is right, she doesn’t
    inspire people and nobody is actually excited to vote for her. Hillary is a
    war hawk and should not be president. BERNIE SANDERS 2016

  • UniverseJuice1 4 years ago

    Bill is absolutely right. It’s ok to want Bernie over Hilary but she
    shouldn’t be hated. If Bernie doesn’t make it to the end then she’s our
    next choice even if we’re not happy about it.

  • David Harford 4 years ago

    She is the massive front runner? I thought Bernie had overtaken her??

  • Carol McKee 4 years ago

    Sullivan is right that we don’t need a boring, mediocre unaccomplished
    I’m ready for BERNIE!

  • poo shoveler 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t even vote for her at gunpoint. Bernie yes, Hillary fuck no.

  • coecovideo 4 years ago

    Why Bill likes Hillary so much ? I don’t understand

  • Guillermo D 4 years ago

    Andrew Sullivan is a fat ass bald talent free HACK

  • Josh Hunter 4 years ago

    Love how Bill has the nerve to bring up “the bubble” for the millionth time
    as an argument. Andrew Sullivan clearly just burst his bubble of a show.

  • Bryon Letterman 4 years ago

    I agree with the bald guy with the vague British accent, or whatever accent
    it is. He’s right.

  • TheScholar74 4 years ago

    “She’s fought for women” She set the rights of Libyan women back 7

  • Marco Clarke 4 years ago

    Hillary might not have the perfect track record but if you have to choose
    between her and Trump I’d take Hillary for 4 straight terms

  • steelnerve 4 years ago

    why Maher is for Hilly ?

  • Jake Bat 4 years ago

    Sullivan is right. What has Hillary done?
    Passing legislation against violent video games? Voting for the Iraq War?
    Taking $400K from Goldman Sachs?
    She only says progressive stuff to get support from progressive primary
    voters who should be voting for Bernie Sanders. She never did anything to
    help workers’ rights, and only takes positions on things after she sees a
    poll on it.
    I wish Bill was being less than a partisan guy here. He’s not even a
    progressive anymore he’s just a Democratic apologist for Hillary at this

  • TicallionStallion 4 years ago

    Mahr has even had Sanders on the show I don’t understand this apparent
    apathy and willful ignorance in favor of Shillary.

  • saidox 4 years ago

    I’m a liberal and I knew I would never vote for Hillary the moment I saw a
    speech from her at my University. She just made empty statements and people
    just cheered for no reason at all. The only reason people will vote for her
    is because she’s a woman. Shes a corporate hugging fake leftist that is
    nothing better than the republicans. Vote BERNIE SANDERS 2016!

  • fook offplz 4 years ago

    his audience is a bunch of “New York Liberals” which is an oxymoron. Too
    bad they like hanging off of Hillary’s tits. They could have been actual
    Liberals and fight against war profiteering.

  • Jason Vickers 4 years ago

    Sullivan just schooled these liberals. They cannot even answer his
    questions. As usual.

  • EdBoonSucks 4 years ago

    4:45 Owned.

  • mastercilander 4 years ago

    The woman on the panel is full of shit. I know a time Hillary didn’t stand
    up for a woman, or a girl more precisely. That girl who was raped. Anyone
    remember the story? It was earlier in Hillary’s career before she was a
    politician I believe. It was pretty bad and Hillary laughed about it.
    Hillary is the perfect example of an empty political psychopath.

  • Liam Smith 4 years ago

    Sullivan is totally right about Hillary, but people will just cry sexism if
    you say you don’t like her.

  • Fullmetalfist 40 4 years ago

    Typical Bill maher can’t win an argument mock him with a silly joke

  • TheBananaThug 4 years ago

    If you are voting for Hillary you should just leave the country. I mean,
    that must be your plan anyone if you’re actually voting for her.

    Bernie Sanders is the Democratic candidate, Trump is the Republican.
    They are simply the best candidates who represents each sides wants and
    beliefs the most.

  • Shlomo Sheklestien 4 years ago

    Why the fuck.

    Why the fuck, every fucking time Bill The Shill says fucking ANYTHING out
    of his smug fucking shrill face, the leftist drone audience gets on their
    knees and sucks his fucking dick with WOOOOOOOING




    I am done.

  • Father Karras 4 years ago

    Every time I read “ready for Bernie” in these comments, I actually read
    “What is economics how does politics work?! FREE STUFF SOCIALISM YAY

  • Heroic Love 4 years ago

    Wow, I didn’t know you people get your inspiration from a politician. I
    didn’t know Sullivan was such an idiot. Hilary has more world experience in
    her finger than all the Democratic candidates combined. I wish Bernie luck
    but I’m voting for Hilary. I don’t care if she’s boring, she gets things
    done, I can take care of the rest.

  • Visgoth 4 years ago

    Bernie has no chance to get elected he’s too socialistic for most
    Americans. Believe me I wish he would be elected but, realistically it’s
    just not going to happen. And the equating of Republican insanity (the own
    congress but can’t even work as a unit) with the Democrats is
    intellectually dishonest. I’d love to discuss this.

  • T R U M P 2 0 1 6 4 years ago

    you know hilary is bad when ATHEIST Bill Maher supports her. After 10 years
    of obama we need some CHRISTIAN LEADER. Politics should be based on the
    bible and not on the communist manipesto
    H U C K A B E E 2016

  • Mataeus The Apostate 4 years ago

    I understand why people prefer Sanders over Hillary(especially on domestic
    issues), but I don’t understand this kneejerk reaction against her, as if
    she is the worse person that could ever win the whitehouse. Honestly, I see
    a Hillary presidency as another Obama Presidency, which I feel was
    average/above average in the first to pretty fucking good in the second
    term. If Hillary wins and behaves like Obama is now(after he realized
    republicans would never meet him in the middle on anything) I think she’d
    make a pretty good president, especially if she’s forced to move left by
    Sanders(and she will).

    Could a Sanders fanatic please explain this to me?

  • Anthony Pirtle 4 years ago

    None of us are excited about Hillary Clinton, but Sullivan’s diatribe seems
    awkwardly out of place with his claim that he finds her only to be a
    ‘mediocrity,’ not someone he obviously loathes.

  • Usman Ali 4 years ago

    That whore was absolutely infuriating. THIS is what the left does. Whenever
    someone brings up a sound and fact based argument, the left just says “Ohhh
    my god not this old shit again” and laughs it all off by demeaning the
    individual presenting that argument as being naive and oblivious to some
    capability of reason that apparently only the left possesses.

  • sigthor2015 4 years ago

    I don’t get Bill sometimes. He has absolute blinkers on some topics.
    Sullivan made some very excellent points so Bill needs to shut him down
    because it’s not his opinion that’s carrying the argument. Hillary is a
    mediocrity. And I hate to think what she’ll do when Islam starts rattling
    swords and shields outside the capitol, she’ll probably be off somewhere
    texting on an unsafe phone.

  • Rump Buffalo 4 years ago

    “She is the massive front-runner!” She is? Pretty sure Bernie is beating
    her ass right now but several points in multiple states.

  • JabberCT 4 years ago

    Sanders/Warren 2016.

  • Brendon Bosy 4 years ago

    I hate to break it to you Bill, but if you lose 60% of the population, it’s
    kind of hard to be President. Keep digging yourself in with Hillary and
    we’ll be stuck with President Carson or god forbid Trump

  • alex costa 4 years ago

    look at all of you social media justice heroes. if you were all truly
    progressive, YOU WOULD BE VOTING. and thats not just when its “trending”,
    but even when the elections are boring and local. the problem with bernie
    has never been that hes a bad candidate. the problem with bernie is that he
    will lose the general election, and throw the election to republicorp.
    campaign finance is just too strong, and money speaks. among other reasons,
    bernie is not favored to win. an old white jewish progressive man will not
    excite the moderates, and the fickle idiots you see on these message
    boards. if you fair-weather fence straddlers would just fucking vote,
    bernie would be the hands down choice. but i dont trust democrats, in
    virtually any demographic, to get out and do what they are supposed to in
    2016–VOTE. need i remind you of the 2014 loss? *cough* hillary can win.
    and yes shes more corporate/moderate, but i would take prez hillary over
    prez trump, any day. “I am not a member of any organized political party. I
    am a Democrat.” – Will Rogers

  • Arber Gega 4 years ago

    8 years of Bush= Crazy. 8 years of Obama= Average. Bush smoked cigars with
    a Saudi Arabian prince (Bandar) in the White House after 9/11 knowing full
    well that Saudi Arabia had given Al Qaeda protection money and withheld
    crucial information about Al Qaeda from the CIA prior to 9/11. Obama added
    trillions, not billions, but thousands of billions to national debt in
    return for AVERAGE growth to the economy and no real growth in salaries of
    American workers. Oh yes, America still has not free healthcare like
    Britain. Hillary will be another Obama for two reasons. She worked for HIM,
    and did not shine as a great Bismarck of a diplomat. Two it will be
    business as usual where she will not go after America’s real enemies at
    home and abroad. When was it the last time she said she was going up
    against a big corporation for dodging tax. A state has a monopoly on
    violence so as to collect taxes and finance public goods. Is Hillary really
    the one that will use VIOLENCE against Gordon Gekko?

  • windingpath 4 years ago

    Are you ready? Yes.
    Are you excited? No.
    So basically she’s like a visit to dentist.

  • Michael Reszneki 4 years ago

    People wake up, voting is rigged. Your vote does not matter, they have
    already selected who they want to win. When I say “they” I mean the New
    World Order. we need everyone to wake up so that we can fix are corrupt
    system. also some other important issues to check out is weather
    manipulation with geoengineering at AND the facts
    about 9/11 (it was an INSIDE job) at Time to wake up fellow
    brothers and sisters we need to fix the system for are children and grand

  • Adam Byrnes 4 years ago

    To people making the false assertion that Hillary hasn’t accomplished
    anything, please tell me ONE significant thing Sanders has done. And I
    don’t mean whining about TPP or voting against the Brady Bill.

  • b11k22 4 years ago

    Bill is such a cunt. Every time he is losing an argument he makes a stupid
    joke to get a cheap laugh and change the subject.

  • bandmanager007 4 years ago

    I like Bill in so many ways, but still can’t understand how he can still
    think Hillary is a viable candidate when she is just as much of a sellout,
    as most of the Repugs. The whole point of this election is to dig this
    country out of being sold out to the banks and corporations. Hillary has
    done NOTHING to show that she is going to do any of this. She has accepted
    PAC money, meanwhile Bernie hasn’t. A big huge disappoint in Bill on this
    one. Guess he’ll just have to be left behind.

  • Jeffrey Kee (Musiclover999) 4 years ago

    Between Hillary Clinton versus any Republican, I vote for Clinton. Those
    Republicans are either inept or very frightening.

  • Chris t 4 years ago

    Are atheists fucking fools for believing life came from anyone or anything
    other than God?

  • jetpowered1 4 years ago

    Btw, ………..Hilary = UNELECTABLE

  • Ed C 4 years ago

    I’m disappointed that bill maher would run a topic like this which suggest
    hillary is a shoe in.
    bernie sanders 2016

  • Thor Janson 4 years ago

    I really don’t understand why Bill constantly snubs Bernie Sanders, but
    supports Hillary. Andrew was spot on about her. She’s a centrist talentless
    hack who really has no significant political achievements despite her long
    career. Doesn’t Bill Maher consider himself a socialist? I don’t get why he
    donate use his platform to help rally support for Bernie.

  • Durrrville 4 years ago

    I don’t think Bill is even a liberal anymore. What an embarrassment this
    guy has become.

  • Bobby Dillon 4 years ago

    I honestly think Bill knows better. It’s either going to be Hillary or
    Bernie or gets the nomination, and I believe he’s just covering all bases,
    because regardless of how shitty Hillary is, she’s still a better choice
    than anyone the Republicans can trot out. It reminds me of that South Park
    episode, A Douche and a Turd. I honestly don’t think Sanders can win, even
    though he’ll get my vote. It’s gonna be long 4 years.

  • Ami05 4 years ago

    First time I saw someone debate and win BIG TIME against bill maher, also
    the other women who is clearly bias against him as she loves hillary.

  • Kim Jung 4 years ago

    I like bill maher, but I don’t understand how someone with an IQ above 70
    could ever defend Hillary. It was fun watching the 3 of em babble when they
    were asked “what has Hillary done in her political career”.

  • Naga Sadow 4 years ago

    The hate towards Hillary is more understandable than all the love. Maher
    couldn’t answer the question ” what has she done?”.

  • Astral Frost 4 years ago

    Andrew Sullivan I’m 90% with here.

  • Maggie Nguyen 4 years ago

    @5:25 what about the time she defended the 42 years old rapist who raped
    the 12 years old girl?

  • Imzadi O'Hara 4 years ago

    As a democrat hillary is as bad as trump, she is the scourge of the party.
    The only reason bill defends her because of party loyalty, which is the
    downfall of democracy, we need to see outside party lines. Oh no we cant
    talk about her emails because the republicans are using it? It is still a
    valid point regardless. She was the champion of TPP , until bernie was
    against it.

  • Jaime Kleller 4 years ago

    Afraid Bill Maher is showing a closed minded bias here. The points the
    fellow on the left raise are 100% valid, but Maher (and the Clinton shill
    hack woman) are reflexively both biased and dismissive. Reflecting almost
    the degree of closed mindedness he critiques in republicans (which I am
    The fellow is pointing out (whether he “hates” Clinton or not) aspects of
    Clinton’s history and performance which are 100% valid. Yet that is
    petulantly shouted down rather than discussed. Bill Maher can be the
    dickhead he himself critiques sometimes.

  • manguy2000 4 years ago

    I love seeing Liberals get angry and group together to attack one person
    who opposed them. Sad but true.
    Bill even said…you are making me angry. Why do you hate her?
    He’s making arguments…

  • 13blanket 4 years ago

    Hilary is basically a disaster. And the more I watch Bill Maher the more I
    realize he is also a disaster.

  • Cody Rikard 4 years ago

    who wants a president who can’t even handle classified information

  • Shahar Bar 4 years ago

    Bill and Anne-Marie, do your homework regarding Hillary Clinton. She’s
    inconsistent and full of lies.

  • Jonas A 4 years ago

    Hillary is a whore for wallstreet.

  • Oscar Lucas 4 years ago

    I agree with sullivan

  • Rohan Panda 4 years ago

    Andrew is like a typical Bernie fan… although I like Bernie…. his fans
    are just terrible.

  • Marble013 4 years ago

    5:30 Does that include taking the counsel of Henry Kissinger? A man who
    green lit the use of rape rooms in the Vietnam War.

  • Julia May 4 years ago

    OMG, have I just seen a sane person on American TV? Bravo, Sullivan.

  • ilyasmeen 3 years ago

    “she’s the massive front runner..” oh how the tables have turned.

  • Seamus Driscoll 3 years ago

    I’m Ready for Hillary and excited about it. #ImWithHer


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