Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime – May 27, 2016 (HBO)

Published on May 28, 2016

Bill Maher and his guests – Melissa Harris-Perry, Michael Moynihan, Wayne Allyn Root and Scott Adams – answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • Shavedify 3 years ago

    Damn it Melissa.

  • J. T. Egan 3 years ago

    very interesting and also a little worrying to hear the dilbert author
    predict a landslide for Trump – just for the record, I’d like to know if
    he’s got a bias for either candidate.

  • shangogoi 3 years ago

    Brexit is not an issue of mass migration and or economic weakness of
    Eurozone nations. UK isn’t even in the Eurozone. Mass migration and it’s
    economic effects are certainly a concern for the UK citizens, and it’s
    helping the “Leave campaign”, but that’s not primary issue. The primary
    issue is the lack of democracy in decision making in EU, bureaucratic red
    tapes of Brussels, and above all sovereignty of UK parliament. It is sad to
    see how the harbinger of democracy has turned into a vessel of EU
    bureaucracy…. Opinion from a concerned person from far away country.

  • Last Sigil 3 years ago

    bill maher is the original harborer of sjw’s

  • TheAdidaskicks23 3 years ago

    Coincidence that its only edgy college age white kids and old as white
    dudes complaining about pc?


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