Real Time with Bill Maher: New York Values – January 15, 2016 (HBO)

Published on January 16, 2016

Bill Maher and his guests – Cornel West, Nicolle Wallace and Ralph Reed – discuss Ted Cruz’s comments about “New York values” during the GOP Debate in this clip from January 15, 2016.

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  • Sublimation 4 years ago

    I can guarantee you that your average New Yorker is no worse than your
    average person from Houston. Why do so many people feel inclined to judge
    someone by where they are from as opposed to the contents of their

  • Mr. Flawless 4 years ago


  • backdraftvideos 4 years ago

    Ted Cruz is a retarded goblin. His nose, his little beady eyes, his fucking
    sly grin. That rat bastard better not win

  • Revo Red 4 years ago

    if it was between Trump and Sanders…. who would you pick?

  • mitin timisin 4 years ago

    this panel was awful… just awful…

  • God Of Light 4 years ago

    Dr cornel west wasnt he on qanda

  • IIIFadedinkIII 4 years ago

    Dr Cornel deserved a standing ovation for those quipppy one-liners

  • EmmaLlanos 4 years ago

    What Cruz said was right! NYC is not a place for conservatives. Cruz should
    have responded:”Non sequitur! I am talking about the values of the city you
    came from, the same values, you have changed your opinions about. And…
    Are you saying that Texans would have not responded the same way? The
    humanely way that New Yorkers reacted is not exclusive to New Yorkers. Any
    American city would have responded the same way. It is an American value,
    not a New York value.”

  • Ariande Asha 4 years ago

    Americans do get this is an election, and not a reality tv show, right?

  • ninearthify 4 years ago

    What did the African American guest say at 02:54 that made everyone laugh ?

  • David S 4 years ago

    Wooo a black man used big words woooo!!!

  • RevolutionNews US 4 years ago

    Like its really tough to get obama on a show!! Bill, you’re a shill for the
    neocon-liberal socialists/fascists who are destroying this country!

  • EH CBunny 4 years ago

    I am waiting for the moment when someone tells Cruz to “Go back to Canada,”
    just like Cruz’s father told our president to “Go back to Kenya.”

  • Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage 4 years ago

    Dr West has more sass than a sasquatch.

  • Candide Thirtythree 4 years ago

    Holy cow! That Reed creep gave me the shivers just looking at him and my
    Creep-O-Meter has never been wrong… I swear he looked like and sounded
    like something out of a 1980s horror flick… what swamp did Bill dredge to
    find that thing?

  • bob smith 4 years ago

    New York Values… uhh, Not giving a shit about anyone but yourself and
    apparently not giving a shit about living in an absurdly overpopulated
    crime-ridden hellhole where the average male is either a narcissistic
    sociopathic cokehead millionare or a half retarded 400 pound plumber with a
    good 8 inches of plumbers crack, or a braindead waiter/restaurant worker of
    some sort who’s sole existence outside of their job is pumping their body
    as full of as many inebriating substances as possible and getting laid.

  • ewan brown 4 years ago

    Nicole Wallace is just an annoying woman. Worked for Bush, SARAH PALIN(WTF)
    and now she supports Trump. Interesting how Republicans are saying they
    need rehab (brain washing) to get behind Trump. It’s your party, kick him
    out! R U scared he will run as 3rd party and split the Conservative vote.
    Don’t be, because if Trump is your candidate, his rhetoric has already
    split the party. He will bring the GOP their biggest ever defeat and give
    them the excuse they want to rebuild and re-position the party…GOP, pick
    someone who may actually have a chance of winning, instead of all these
    crazy people who just want more personal power and riches.

  • SailTCB 4 years ago

    News Flash. Ted Cruz in his remarks said that there are good people in New
    York. His statement was that NY is a liberal place and implied that Trump
    is liberal as well. Using 911 to counter that statement was in poor taste
    and everyone knows it.

  • Cory Kamermans 4 years ago

    I cannot speak for Cuba but as a Canadian i can say on behalf of my country
    that no we don’t want Cruz so when you tell him to go back to wherever
    don’t make it Canada cause we don’t want him and i highly doubt Cuba would
    want him either so maybe you can send him to Antarctica he can lord over
    the penguins or something.

  • Colerain Fan 4 years ago

    Who let Ralph Reed slither onto the panel?

  • Daniel Dhol 4 years ago

    Some Fascist Proclivities. Some Seriously it’s most if your generous.

  • Eternal Moderate 4 years ago

    he’s for real he’s just not 

  • Will Howell 4 years ago

    As a Trump supporter. Please please please nominate the Marxist from the
    whitest state in the country. Please!!!

  • Ricardo Guanipa 4 years ago

    Cornel West in less than 5 seconds drop a lexicon bigger than most
    political speeches

  • Delfin Ijo 4 years ago

    Can’t stump the Trump!!!

    Vote TRUMP 2016!

  • arunashamal 4 years ago

    Dr Cornel is an idiot, always trying to derail conversation by trying to
    make some wise ass comment!

  • Czolgosz, Workin' Man 4 years ago

    Small Town USA Values: meth, meth, meth, meth, racism, meth

  • coronaflo 4 years ago

    DIdn’t this come up during the last election except it was San Francisco

  • Pedro Navahas 4 years ago

    Liberals are so corny – they cheer Cornell’s rap regardless of the word
    salad he spewed

  • Meow Meow 4 years ago

    One segment of this episode they didn’t upload is the part that Bill still
    promotes Hillary and thinks Bernie is somehow a joke, even now Bernie is
    leading in all early states. This is just sad. Fortunately, two of his
    guests immediately spoke out against Bill, and expressed their support for

  • Lordofthepastries 4 years ago

    Can’t Stop the Trump Train

  • RSPainter 4 years ago

    “Anyone can stumble onto truth” ~~ Dr. Cornell West

  • Jeroen Du Moulin 4 years ago

    First of Real time this year. How could I have gone without

  • santorious sidonious 4 years ago

    Walking topless around Time Square can be a good New York value..

  • Bay sihakom 4 years ago

    that bitches voice is so annoying..

  • thegreatmonster 4 years ago

    What Cruz also forgot to say is they’ve got very powerful, very big
    investment funds in Canada — who operate in USA — so who dominates media
    en money, umm, well, take a guess.

  • Thomas Scherzer 4 years ago

    1:15 what are we talking about dog fights for?

  • Hugh Jass 4 years ago

    Iowans aren’t nice – they’re huge racists who have sex with farm animals

  • Live Oak 4 years ago

    Trump: Fake Populism
    Sanders: Real Populism

  • kirked007 4 years ago

    ‘Anyone can stumble on the truth’ – I liked that.

  • doctor zaius 4 years ago

    Fuck Trump and everything, but I’d still sooo soo so so so much rather have
    him than Ted Cruz. Fuck that guy the hardest. #Bernie2016

  • Robert Machulla 4 years ago

    Well said that Trump is, “… a multibillionaire pseudopopulist with
    autocratic sensibilities & some fascist proclivities.”

  • Ms Sandhu 4 years ago

    To be fair, we liberals also judge Texans ….. and the deep South. But we
    are common people. It doesn’t matter much if we do it. It’s a totally
    different thing when a politician does it.

  • Fuck Google, Youtube & Google's failed attempt at Facebook. 4 years ago

    New York values echo throughout history.

  • Jen Ben 4 years ago

    “New York Values” is code for “Jewish”… the level of anti-Semitism among
    the GOP is pathetic.

  • andrewk macdonald 4 years ago

    also black dude… I don’t know you but


  • Adam Byrnes 4 years ago

    Sanders is the frontrunner? That’s interesting, I’ve yet to see a national
    poll where he’s ahead.

  • OptimistHunter Reel 4 years ago

    Nicole Wallace is one of few tolerable Republicans.

  • ted corwin 4 years ago

    Why didn’t you show the footage of that dumb fuck Ralph Reed falling off
    the stage?

  • Bob ap Bob 4 years ago

    Even Rep King (R-NY) from my hometown on Long Island has gotten really
    ticked off at the Tea Party ass holes who wanted to kill funding for relief
    for Hurricane Isabel. This crap from Texas is nothing new.

  • Julio Jerez 4 years ago

    Cornell West is the biggest Crackpot west side of the Mississippi.

  • chong890 4 years ago

    What did he say at 2:54 ?

  • william overton 4 years ago

    when you crowd people they either spread out fight or turn commie queer
    hard left socialism. it’s the same in every big city. it’s a fantasy
    mindset where people only need each-others approval and everything else
    happens by magic if they have it completely oblivious to the ditch diggers
    fixing the very street they live on and all such things that aren’t related
    to being popular among them and far away.

  • Lance Parker 4 years ago

    Nah….we’re not sending CRuz back to Canada…YET.
    Right now…Cruz is WAY too entertaining to lose this goldmine of comedy
    Just seeing him do his Bobby Kennedy speech rendition today, complete with
    fake Massachusetts inflections, while trying to portray himself as a
    reincarnation of JFK…(oopsie!)…priceless!
    Boing!!! Wrong Kennedy, Senator!

    Someone back at RNC Headquarters needs to remind Teddie that stolen valor
    works MUCH better when the person you are pretending to emulate is actually
    the person you are pretending to emulate.

    This is like having to eat crow while being horsewhipped….and all without
    a friendly reach-around. Talk about the Double-Whammy!
    This is like the beat-down you deserve and get for falsely-claiming you
    served in the U.S. Marines and did WWII combat duty….and getting a
    deserved beating for that bold-faced cowardly lie….only to be
    rudely-awakened from your unconsciousness with a pail of cold water…just
    long enough to get a SECOND beat-down by the same folks…..for actually
    being butt-fucking stupid enough to claim you did that fake duty under fire
    in the SWISS Marine Corp.

    Seeing the usual brand of GOP chicken-hawk cowardice on display is bad
    enough…but adding incompetence on top of that brazen deceit seems to be
    unique trait only found among Republicans. Look Ma! No hands! And no
    bicycle, either!

    No one here in the U.S. really minds being subjected to yet another
    Republican asshole trying to portray himself as a hero…that’s part of the
    rigors of being an American
    It’s just when they add incredibly-stupid on top of their Idiocy
    Resume….they deserve special brass-knuckles attention. And what person
    deserves a beat-down more than Ted Cruz? Just look at that Cruz
    maw….those ready-for-prison dating services luscious lips….that face
    that is just BEGGING to be sucker-punched. This is what happens when you
    shit on EVERYONE your entire adult life, trying to get over. You become
    Persona Non Grata #1…..with a line of eager ticket-holders lined up to
    punch you in the face.

    Cruz is reduced now to a political Bill Cosby……..with a line of people
    he has personally screwed-over now anticipating the lovely taste of that
    ripped-out pound of Cruzian flesh their ticket paid for.

  • Somkit 4 years ago

    2:36 is golden.

  • Bruce Huff 4 years ago

    LOL Cornel summed up Trump nicely.

  • Joe Joey 4 years ago

    He is for real not for right. Why is that line so laughable?

  • ThePat1221 4 years ago

    Bill should have Ben Shapiro or Milo Yiannopoulos on the show!

  • TEGDHaze 4 years ago

    “The problem with Trump is he’s a multi-billionaire, pseudo-populist with
    autocratic sensibilities and some fascist proclivities.” That is so
    perfectly Trump. Cornel West has him down to a tee.

  • robertk2007 4 years ago

    Cruz meant he hates Jews

  • Molly A. Badgett 4 years ago

    A “multi-billionaire, pseudo-populist with autocratic sensibilities and
    some fascist proclivities.” LOVE THAT!!! Brilliant.

  • scriptorsilentum 4 years ago

    no. cruz is not one of ours. he is not coming here. he’s one of yours. deal
    with him.

  • The Dynast Queen 4 years ago

    That orangutan motherfucker out politician’d a politician at his party’s
    own divisive game by evoking their trump card (heh) 9/11. So say what you
    will about Trump but that was some top tier jiujitsu shit he pulled. Lois
    Griffin would be proud.

  • MrDrmillgram 4 years ago

    Cruz’s evangelical all in plays in Iowa, and a significant percentage of
    the nationwide electorate. But the Sunday sermon style is off putting for
    the general public. He would be a poor candidate for Republicans. It’s not
    really fair for the Professor to suggest fascist tendencies because it was
    under Democrats that the prison population doubled. It gets a laugh but he
    knows better.

  • Maximilian Alexander 4 years ago

    Dr. West is so good. Maher gets some of the best guests ever.

  • chefawkes 4 years ago

    Look at the desk. They’re all holding blue note cards so they can refer to
    facts and stats. Cornel West doesn’t need em.

  • Zachary Watson 4 years ago

    I love Cornell West!

  • Clara McClure 4 years ago

    Cruz is one of those politicians, go wherever the votes go. His campaign
    told Cruz to win Iowa polls and don’t care about New York. So, that’s why
    he said that. That’s hypocrisy.

  • Sharon Watson 4 years ago

    this project is American Values, no divisiveness. Looking for someone to
    help green light a dramatization for visualization SOCIOECONOMIC
    EMPOWERMENT TO THE PEOPLE! 10,000 citizens INVEST on our PUBLIC market
    date. We purchase land, build a go-cart & adventure park. We split the
    profits EQUALLY, do business HONESTLY, and INCLUSIVE. We do this to
    decrease crime,… improve health, strengthen community bonds, and
    contribute to the economic landscape in America. We do this TO FORM A MORE

  • Jonte Ded 4 years ago

    Seriously, Dr. Cornel West should be a guest every week.

  • Dashboard Politics 4 years ago

    Check my channel out. I have a new original series you will enjoy. Please
    subscribe, thanks!

  • Mar10 4 years ago

    “you’re from Canada and Cuba, you missed M’urika twice” that’s go to sting
    right into Cruz’s far right wing core. Now he is forced to defend himself
    on just being from M’urika. That is a great political BURN!

  • Diggstr Oly 4 years ago

    ok, ok Cruz formative years were spent in Calgary, “Alberta”..(Canadian
    Dallas, Texas..same “man”-tallity)..Bring on Bloomerg..March
    American white hope

  • Edward Walker 4 years ago

    I’m not a republican, but I am somewhat conservative (I’m a Libertarian)
    and I HATE it when people like Huckabee and Cruz talk shit about New York.
    I’m from Texas and I LOVE New York even though I’ve never been to New York
    City. I hope to go before I die

  • Alan Macphail 4 years ago

    What is the matter with Americans? Cruz and Trump are both insanely
    psychotic. The rest of the world needs to build a wall around the USA and
    not let anyone out until we figure out what the problem is.

  • Donna Loveall 4 years ago

    vacation in New York I had a ball the people were so nice

  • Jaime Farmer 4 years ago

    Looks interestmng. It Seemx. different line What’s your opinion abouw

  • Taekwon Yoo 4 years ago

    Trump landslide win= Obama product

  • Vega Nova 4 years ago

    The GOP is a joke…so much so, that a big liberal like me, is feeling
    sorry for them. Everyone, just decide…Hillary or Bernie. Everything else,
    is just a laughing stock.

  • Bu Jammy 4 years ago

    Calling people from anywhere “rural” (anywhere except New York State or
    California) “Shitkickers” – Those are “New York Values”.

  • CHIZZO P 4 years ago

    DR WEST is awesome – LOL

  • Kou Nurasaka 4 years ago

    I would eat my hat for a chance to meet Dr. West.

  • theycallmemrshaggs 4 years ago

    Cornel West was on fire! He smoked the Donald, lol.

  • Iris Friesen 4 years ago

    Brilliant Dr. Cornel….i wana meme @2:36 sombody? maher on cruz lolz…
    spot on!

  • clydewmorgan 4 years ago

    hey reed, fuck you you fraud

  • 01denese 4 years ago

    The same way with the police. People used to love the police, now look.

  • Jeffrey Kee (Musiclover999) 4 years ago

    Ted Cruz said New York Values because he couldn’t say Those Liberal Jews.

  • J garcia 4 years ago

    Cruz looks like LBJ I wonder if he was born before or after LBJ Died

  • LightningFastStudios 4 years ago

    … Can I just listen to Cornel West talk forever?

  • Hippie Dachshunds 4 years ago

    Dr. Cornel West nailed it with his description /diagnosis of Trump. Just

  • Caleb Paddack 4 years ago

    This issue baffles me. Ofcourse New York is a completely different culture.
    I have been to NY, and they absolutely were more brash, rude and rushed.
    Every city has a culture. Warm and fuzzy isn’t New York even on a good day.
    That fact is what Trump used to brag about.

  • pete lane 4 years ago

    New York values: pimps, drugs, gays,crossdressers, welfare,jews, just to
    name a few

  • João Mauricio 4 years ago

    I get the idea that if Maher didnt have had a feud with Trump, he could be
    his supporter. Trump is agaisnt ketting in muskims, and is a social
    democrat. The way I see he is the closest to Mahers ideas. Maher is being
    an hipocrite.

  • KingDT2007 4 years ago

    I am Going to Cruz Rally Waving the Canadian Flag

  • TheGDJames 4 years ago

    lambaste, lol.

  • claronium 780 4 years ago

    Sanders is NOT the front-runner !

  • hermes452 4 years ago

    Dr. Cornel West is Princeton Professor and waxes political like a Baptist
    Preacher, Cmon Brother West


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