Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules – October 30, 2015 (HBO)

Published on October 31, 2015

Bill Maher issues his latest decrees for society and calls on politically correct liberals to stop ruining Halloween.

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  • Ian Macdonald 4 years ago

    Great as usual!

  • Joe Ortiz 4 years ago

    Hit the Nail on the head with the Halloween costumes.

  • Mickey Cohen 4 years ago

    first faggots

  • John Cullen 4 years ago

    I can’t wait to see cops hit in the balls with num chucks.

  • I'm a consumer 4 years ago

    play and watch this part this is the best part 7:49

  • Pistoph Christoph 4 years ago

    We should all go as the most offensive thing possible, a straight white
    male. Break out the flour!

  • Winston Bogart 4 years ago

    I find all this deeply offensive.

  • spinosauruskin 4 years ago

    “There has to be one day where going too far isn’t just okay, it’s
    March 9th
    Twitter will be filled with offensive stuff 😛
    It will be glorious.

  • Benjamin Wiseman 4 years ago

    I’m planning to dress up like a SJW. I’m going to stay at home and get
    offended by something.

  • IndiaMagicLove 4 years ago

    That last comment on ‘let me vote Right-Wing’ is the most important. We’re
    seeing a worse shift to the Right across Europe. Its BECAUSE of Leftist PC,
    “diversity” gone mad, west is Nazi evil, Islam is peace, and calling anyone
    who disagrees racist or sexist.
    Labour in UK just lost to Cons and instead of acknowledging it, they have
    doubled down in the worse way possible, getting more regressives in
    leadership. This will ensure we will lose more elections to the Right.
    Amazingly, at this rate Regressives will cause us to LOSE even the culture
    wars – the one area where we dominated for 30+ years if they keep up this
    PC shaming bullshit. I hope another 10 Bill Mahers emerge soon.

  • Ash Bartlett 4 years ago

    it’s this sort of thinking that’s making conservatism the new

  • Pepsi 950 4 years ago

    I’m gonna dress up as a gay black homeless transvestite

  • Jane Marie 4 years ago

    Thank you Bill and HBO for adding all new rule bits into one video instead
    of splitting those short ones up into a bunch of 30 second videos.

  • SupplySide Jesus 4 years ago

    FUCKING SAVAGE, Bill. The Tumblerinas and Sarkeesians and Quinns and
    McIntoshes of the world can sincerely go fuck themselves.

  • Ernie Hudson 4 years ago

    One of the most humourless crowd are the Bernie Sanders-fans. They
    completely lost their shit when Larry David made quite a likable impression
    of him.

  • Syonis “Roman” Macias-Johnson 4 years ago

    thank you, thank you Bill. As a liberal, I’m sick of being around other
    liberals now. I love dark humor, relish in all things offensive. I actually
    received a notice from my apartment complex urging that we only give out
    “child friendly” candy. I’ll give whatever the hell I want, because the
    parents are gonna eat that shit anyways. and by the way, the only time a
    Halloween costume is offensive or insensitive is when you look horrible in

  • zangetsu9196 4 years ago

    Dressing up as a ghost or as a zombie is offensive to dead people.

  • Robyn 4 years ago

    Thank god someone called out all this pathetic ‘outrage’ over fucking

  • electro545 4 years ago

    they are not uploading monologues any more?

  • BelovedAxle 4 years ago

    Have a little cry Young Turks :'(

  • Adam A 4 years ago

    Maxine has wonderful teeth.
    Just had to say that

  • Ruben Ramalho 4 years ago

    Here is an interesting suggestion on what couples may dress up for
    Halloween: Bruce Jenner after he killed that 69-year-old widow with his car
    (just put some blood and chunks on the front of a partial cardboard car to
    recreate this effect), and an aborted fetus. This will enable the most
    outrage capacity, from both Liberals and Conservatives.

  • Gregory Carlin 4 years ago

    Honestly,, I’m going to vote conservative because of the PC crowd. I was a
    liberal for 90% of my life, but no more. It is deeply undemocratic to BAN
    or Police LANGUAGE. PC people would slit your throat for not using pronouns
    with transvestites, yet they tolerate rape and pedofilia as a Muslim
    cultural difference. I’m white and well-off, I don’t care if conservatives
    take over.
    If this is Liberalism, GO REPUBLICANS! At least Huckabee likes rock and
    roll and grilled meat. Unlike some vegan fags who lecture you for 10 hours
    for eating a burger.
    If SJWs are going to call me a bigot, misogynist, homophobe, I might as
    well be.

  • robaxx 4 years ago

    Just an FYI for young people… this constant outraged hypersensitivity is
    exactly what it was like back in the 80s too. And boy did I enjoy the 90s
    when it went away again! Things will be back to normal again soon… just
    sit tight.

  • Trollface Killa 4 years ago

    To you PC liberals and other internet idiots:

    “It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As
    if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a
    whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it
    has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well,
    so fucking what.” –Stephen Fry

  • Raphanne 4 years ago

    Thank you. Notice how those liberals never say anything against the
    stereotypical French costume? But I’ve been told that I’m appropriating
    culture for eating with chopsticks.

  • Daniel hall 4 years ago

    Blame racism for the costume sensitivity.
    Remember Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general refused to
    hire non white performers and used white actors to portray different
    “races” of people for decades.

  • iwillkillyouamanda 4 years ago


  • quantumtunelling 4 years ago

    Bill sounds like a little winning bitch. Who the fuck cares if people are
    too pc. Are they stopping you from dressing like a niggar from the south on
    Halloween? Are they stopping you from calling someone a chinck or a beaner?
    No, they are not. You can still do all of this. Bill your custom for
    Halloween can be of a baby.

  • Jessica Weatherspoon 4 years ago

    I disagree with most of the costume part. The ones that get bothered by the
    “PC police” tend to have a lot of privilege.

  • Enrique Godinez 4 years ago

    Is this Pc bullshit and Sjw going to die eventually? Or is it only going to
    get worse?

  • The VGC 4 years ago

    Sad thing is half the people clapping and cheering in the crowd are gonna
    be doing the next Twitter Hashtag campaign over something thats a non issue

  • chazdoit 4 years ago

    “All these humorless liberals are going to make people vote republic”

    Too late

  • Peyton Harell 4 years ago

    Most of the people that freak it about this are progressives not liberals

  • beatnik11 4 years ago

    Progressives have gone off the deep end and if liberal minded people keep
    enabling their madness they are going to kill the left just like the
    religious right and neo-cons destroyed the right. Hyper offended Social
    Justice Warriors are the lefts version of tea party idiots and anyone with
    a sensible brain needs to tell them to screw off with their nonsense

  • RottingintheMidwest 4 years ago

    i am a bit confused by this term “fake outrage” i hear used by bill maher
    and others (mostly who are somewhere between right wing and extremely right
    wing). i do agree sometimes offense is taken a little to far, such as the
    furor over many of the halloween costume examples, but do these folk really
    think people are not sincerely pissed off by racism, sexism, and other real
    bigotry? it seems the anti-pc police forget people have right to be
    offended, including a right to express offense with their own freedom of

  • ayyohh08 4 years ago

    Bill, you are white. STFU.

  • Justin Tense 4 years ago

    This is funny until you realize the 2 democratic front runners are
    pandering to these PC regressive liberals.

  • christopher leo daniels 4 years ago

    Goddamn! Is it really that hard not to use the word ‘tranny’ or walk around
    in blackface for Halloween? And from where I sit, the loudest, most shrill
    outrage machine is from people who miss the “good ole’ days” when you could
    make fun of and abuse people who wouldn’t fight back. But now people speak
    up, and the douchebags are butt hurt. You wanna talk about sensitive? Bill
    just demonstrated(…over and over…) there’s nothing more sensitive and
    than a white, rich, cis-gender, straight guy, who feels oppressed by his
    inability to exercise his birthright to be a douchebag. Why not stop your
    own phony outrage, tone down the liberal bashing, take your own advice, and
    stop whining.

  • Kemi George 4 years ago

    Sure am glad that smug, rich, old, white guys are here to tell us what is
    and isn’t offensive.

  • Mark Dice 4 years ago

    Bill Maher is Liberal Scum, but at least he’s not going along with their PC
    Police agenda

  • Tim O' Flea 4 years ago

    Just one sound byte of all the white noise below suffices for me to
    re-postulate my rational anarchist solution; thus, here-to-forth, I can sum
    up my stance with one simple statement: Eat The Rich!!!

  • Brian Fastabend 4 years ago

    David Spade somehow manages to be annoying even off camera.

  • el scientifico 4 years ago

    Yeah Maher, come to flatbush ave with blackface on.

  • T McD 4 years ago

    So you wanna dress up as a “brave” or poke your whatever and think pushaw
    they need to grow thicker skin. All your doing is showing how little you
    actually know about this situationCultural appropriation is disgusting it
    is racist and is perpetuated under the guise of a fun little holidayIf you
    want to wear it try living it first, oh right your a rich entitled white
    you are suddenly from said culture put your little white cap back on and
    move on boy

  • verilyheld 4 years ago

    I did find it over the top the day I saw an ‘instant pimp” outfit. Pimp?
    Somebody who traffics people for sex? Gets them addicted to drugs, then
    sends them out on to the streets to sell their bodies? Then I got to
    thinking about this. Next to “instant pimp” is ‘pirate.” Pirate- somebody
    who looted ships, raped women and cabin boys, and who still exist-see the
    coast of Somalia–is an acceptable costume? Makes one wonder, how long does
    it have to be before the completely vile becomes cosplay acceptable?

  • Johann Lop 4 years ago

    Mariachi music is not that bad 1000 times better than Nicky minaj or
    however you spell her name.

  • Mafioso518 4 years ago

    How is black face not a big deal? Tf?!

  • Sun Boy 4 years ago

    The Jew Maher hates Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians.

    Some one get him a white hood.

  • Rafa Gómez 4 years ago

    A taliban custom? Do you want anything more spooky?

  • MoeGreensLeftEye 4 years ago

    Die, SJWs, die!!

  • barry soetoro 4 years ago

    bill maher is a zionist jew

  • Illustrious13 4 years ago

    Another tone deaf argument. Come on Bill, no one is listening anymore.

  • Kevin Russell 4 years ago

    Bill is setting up a straw man. No one in their right mind would get upset
    over a “catelyn” jenner costume. that guy sends himself up better than
    anyone else ever could.

  • Zachary Mitchell 4 years ago

    Jokes are lame as hell.

  • Ex Amatullah 4 years ago

    I’m seeing a lot of racist white folks praising Bill Maher for his opinion.
    Now you can all dress up in black face!
    I like Bill Maher, I really do. There are lines people can’t cross, like
    black face or dressing up as Trayvon Martin in black face. If you want to
    dress up as a black character, YOU DON’T NEED TO COLOR YOUR SKIN BLACK.
    Since when my skin color became a fucking costume. When I dress up in white
    characters, I don’t color my skin white because it’s not fucking necessary.
    It’s not illegal to be a racist prick but still, people can’t use Halloween
    as an excuse to be a complete racist. It’s not even funny anyway so wtf?

  • AvangionQ 4 years ago

    Far as I’m concerned, there are only three costumes which are taboo for
    Halloween: blackface, runaway slave & indigenous savage … with the reason
    being, they belittle the race they represent, races which already have a
    long history of being downtrodden or worse by our society. That said, it
    isn’t that there’s a law against wearing these costumes, but for those
    knuckleheads that do, they should expect to be ridiculed for it the day
    afterwards …

  • Hans Blitz 4 years ago

    I was Bruce Jenner for Halloween.

  • jamesh3790 4 years ago

    Naturally the black lady laughs at the one white joke.

  • leto carleto 4 years ago

    Yo the people that you relate to are not the people I want to
    know……your garbage ……loooser

  • Sonnera 4 years ago

    I mostly agree with Bill, but sorry, some costumes are bullshit. Blackface
    isn’t cool even on Halloween. You wanna call it being P.C., I call it not
    using excuses to act like an asshole who gets off on offending people.

  • Richard Crasta 4 years ago

    2.42 “Last time someone ate an old cracker …” can someone please explain
    that joke to me?

  • Jade Delphi 4 years ago

    Because there is no repression among right-wing fundamentalists.

  • kay jay 4 years ago

    I did notice that the stereotypical Jew costume was not present….

  • D34N6232 4 years ago

    but black-face is still bad… right?

  • creolejoy. 4 years ago

    I can’t with this over sensitive culture. it’s annoying the Fuck out of me.
    I’m convinced people get off to being able to go to tumblr and call
    somebody out. then everybody can say all the mean things that they want to.
    things they wouldn’t DARE say to those people in person.

  • soanis 4 years ago

    7:41″ into Real Time and still no one suspects Bill Cosby’s disguise

  • Vicente G 4 years ago

    Nunchucks are the last weapon you would want a cop to have. If a citizen
    used nunchucks it is considered a felony. Those cops warp the nunchucks
    around your arms or neck. Not funny.

  • Harley Mitchell 4 years ago

    Hey, You’re A-OK! blood shade 11

  • RainKerosene 4 years ago

    That guy’s laugh makes me wanna shoot someone.

  • Lunar Cactus 4 years ago

    Hey remember when we voted for Obama thinking we would have more freedoms?
    TRUMP 2016.

  • punkinhoot 4 years ago

    Lazy snowboarders? It’s a f’n strenuous sport.

  • Jorge Abundis 4 years ago

    bill mahner only because white people have no culture besides burgers and
    guns, no need to offend or traditional music. Mariachi music goes deeper
    then red,white and blue will ever go.

  • Christina Stow 4 years ago

    Don’t die, Bill – who could ever replace you?

  • Juha J. 4 years ago

    ” the taleban should be wearing a Chris Brown costume” LOL, to say the

  • Tim Caffery 4 years ago

    If I could offer Bill $1 million for anything, I would love to get him to
    read Nietzsche’s “Antichrist”…..

  • Marshall W. 4 years ago

    I can honestly say dressing as geisha doesn’t offend anyone in Japan only
    japanese-americans, but I draw the line at black face and natives.

  • F Society 4 years ago

    in Halloween I dressed up as Hitler and was holding a picture of big nose
    jew who’s stealing money from an old lady.

  • George Vartanian 4 years ago

    Bad music when your trying to eat ! LOL

  • 25405302 4 years ago

    Hilarious! Bill is gold. I don’t care about Caitlyn. Fuck Donald Trump.

  • TheUnholiness Within 4 years ago

    Ninja turtle? More like ninja pig.

  • Malcolm Xavier 4 years ago

    2016 will be the death of the PC liberal. We need to realize that words are
    only words, encourage our children to stop being victims and become
    examples, and learn to let people have their opinions as long as they don’t
    interfere with your human rights.

    Who cares if someone calls you a nigger, a fag, a bitch, a cracker???
    They’re words. They shouldn’t reflect who you are as a person if you don’t
    truly believe it pertains to you.

  • Azure Hughes 4 years ago

    Shut up David spade go back to sucking cash out of Adam Sandler’s cock.

  • Burt Hulbert 4 years ago

    Police have been crying chucks for over 20 years where have you been?

  • Marco Brunner 4 years ago

    Hi there, Great Dedication. vest statuesque

  • Stephen H 4 years ago

    0:15 It’s “martial arts”

  • freakymojoman420 4 years ago

    David spade is fucking annoying

  • Fien Claes 4 years ago


  • BillieJolene1 4 years ago

    David NEVER HAS BEEN FUNNY Spade!!!! LOL Must be nice to be able to
    make money as a back-drop for REAL comedians. RIP Chris Farley.

  • All Mark Passio The Great Work 4 years ago

    Women getting raped is very funny for bill maher

  • raami jackson 4 years ago

    I’m gonna dress up like a SJW, when you answer your door I get annoyed
    because you didn’t ask me which gender pronoun I am, if you answer either
    trick or treat I’ll take it as a sexual advance and accuse you of rape, and
    when you give me candy I turn my nose up in disgust because it isn’t vegan.

  • doger944 4 years ago


  • Claudia Martinez 4 years ago

    Bill is an offensive ass.

  • Jiggahmy Ninja 4 years ago

    Old white man dictates what costumes ethnic minorities should be okay with?
    Right, that makes a lot of sense

  • Jackie Prime 4 years ago

    how annoying are the laughs of this panel, Jesus

  • Giovanni Magnus 4 years ago

    I think this is something that does have to be given a kick into touch –
    people using the word “offensive” to describe things they don’t like. I’m
    sorry, but “offensive” refers to something that is an attack, and if you’re
    being “offended”, you’re supposedly being attacked or having your rights
    infringed. When someone is doing something you don’t like, but it doesn’t
    hurt you, you’re not “offended”, you’re “insulted”, and thus need to
    re-assess your priorities.

    Most of these costumes are not insulting – in fact, I reckon most of the
    people they are parodying aren’t that bothered. Nurses work long hours, do
    really undesirable work and can be paid really lousy wages, so they are
    probably glad someone thinks they are sexy for the work they do. The
    homeless have got no home, no money and no job, so I don’t think someone
    wearing a costume meant to parody them is on the top of their list. The
    mariachi musician is another costume that is just that – a costume, it’s
    not the native dress, except in tourist areas. And as for dressing as the
    Taliban… well, they inherently hate our guts, so I don’t think a costume
    making fun of them is going to make much of a difference. And the Caitlyn
    Jenner? Well, it’s tasteless, but Caitlyn loves the publicity, so anything
    that makes people talk about her just carries on feeding her ego.

    And this where the “politically correct” argument needs to stop – when
    you’re getting mad on someone’s behalf, because something doesn’t bother
    them, or they don’t consider themselves a victim.

  • False Prophet 4 years ago


  • freedum5 4 years ago

    lol my dad looted diapers in the rodney king riots


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