Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules – November 6, 2015 (HBO)

Published on November 6, 2015

Bill Maher issues his latest decrees for society and makes the case for electing a president with experience in governing.

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  • John Trollston 4 years ago

    first comment!!!

  • Thales Franca 4 years ago

    my money is on rubio for the the repub nomination. he is the only one who
    stands a moderate chance. these two asshats that are at the top of the
    polls will not be chosen by the establishment voters

  • PLUM-LOCO RECORDS 4 years ago

    Come on Bill. Brain Surgery and Politics arent the same thing. The reason
    why people want someone who hasnt been in politics for the majority of
    their life times is because they are sick of career politicians pandering
    and playing the game. Im not for Ben Carson by the way. Im guessing Bill is
    going to back Hilary.

  • John Trollston 4 years ago

    this was a good new rules anyone agree?

  • Paddy's Pub Egg 4 years ago

    Wait did they ever prove Trumps mom wasn’t an ape

  • bbodinefan11 4 years ago

    Like Obama wasn’t an amateur?

  • no hassle 4 years ago

    So Jerry Hall went from Mick Jagger rock god to wrinkled old prune media
    psychopath? Stay classy Hall. Maybe you should have stuck with dating the
    Joker, acid faced and all.

  • German Alvarado 4 years ago

    Damn this guy has faith in career politicians

  • Illicit Mind 4 years ago

    No Ben Carson fan here, but I don’t think someone has to have an extensive
    background of government experience to be capable of solving political
    The problem is most of these politicians don’t want to tackle the
    elephant(s) in the room (federal debt/reserve, NSA surveillance, military
    spending etc.)
    But they can barely outline a plan for the reoccurring political talking
    points, being areas such as taxes, immigration, and health care.

  • SAMURAI JACK 4 years ago

    It’s when something is corrupt. This is why black people are afraid to call
    the police even when they’re in trouble. Politicians suck.

  • packr72 4 years ago

    Donald Trump is an asshole with the social skills of a 6 year old, but Ben
    Carson scares the shit out me. Could you imagine this guy possibly picking
    Supreme Court Justices?

  • Enrique Godinez 4 years ago

    To me the most decent republican candidate is Rubio.

  • Joe Zam 4 years ago

    “Too soon for Joan of Arc”

  • BrokenPortriats 4 years ago

    The French Church murdered Joan of Arc because she was a lesbian. They
    offered her freedom if she would just wear a dress in a public display. She
    refused. She owned her own body. Property rights is being able to do
    anything you like with it. Even break it. Your right. But truthfully the
    only right that we have full ownership of, is just our one little body. The
    full right ends at my fingertips. After that we must deal with other
    humans that also have that right to one’s body and thinks that gives them
    the right over my body. So when Joan choose painful dead verses men being
    able to look up her skirt without asking, she choose that painful dead was
    easier to bear. Now if we could just get that commit for voting. Mine
    reason for not voting was that I could not afford a daily newspaper, so I
    did not know I could vote that day. After offering this proof to my friend,
    he said, ” Well….. you know it is ok to ask, right? “…… Had not
    occurred to me…….. I would have put on the
    dress…….. ouch……………

  • SuperPunch76 4 years ago

    I can understand how some people may not want a career politician but to
    want someone completely ignorant of how government works is crazy or lack
    basic understanding of politics is crazy.

  • Holdin Down 4 years ago

    All I’ve got to say is Jimmy Carter.[mic droped]

  • mbill 4 years ago

    Obama’s short Senate stint notwithstanding he was pretty much an outsider &
    Bill’s his biggest fan.

  • chasemebaby 4 years ago

    “Constipated Toddler face does very well in the polls. Smiling is for
    Losers” – Donald Trump

  • Lovi Poekimo 4 years ago

    Anthony Wiener @ 3:55??

  • Flicker1032 4 years ago

    Seriously ….. how can you take Bill Maher seriously when he has Anthony
    Weiner as a guest … ( who I would thinks is Bill Mahers credible
    politician ) and you make fun of Donald Trump?

  • The Outspoken Scotsman 4 years ago

    It was the English who cooked Joan of Arc

  • samkurz 4 years ago

    I used to beleive Americans were too smart for assholes like Trump and
    Carson. What happened? We have more fear based, bigoted, hateful people
    than any other country. 1 out of 6 people end up in Jail or sick from drugs
    that our doctors give us.

  • KingDT2007 4 years ago

    Did you know the 2016 Republican candidates names are also acronym’s for
    the personalities they posses its true here is a partial list (more to

    TRUMP = Truly Repugnant Ugly Moronic Person
    CARSON = Crazy Asshole Reciting Stupid Obnoxious Notes
    BUSH= Big Ugly Shit Head
    RUBIO= Retard Uncovered By Insightful Optics
    CRUZ = Canadian Requiring Use of Zeldox
    PAUL= Providing American’s Unapologetic Lunacy

    Thank you
    PS Bill i give you permission to use these acronym’s on your next show or
    any subsequent shows i will not consider it plagiarism or theft of comedic



  • accidental34 4 years ago

    Why am I considering voting for Carson? Here are the two primary reasons
    why- 1) He understands the US Constitution, has high regard for it, and
    understands the extreme importance that the Constitution’s principles play
    in retaining freedom and liberty. And 2) He has a fairly decent idea of the
    severe threat that Islam poses to our Constitution.

    People have no clue how hard the anti-freedom forces (Islam and the Left)
    are working to undermine respect for the US Constitution and the principles
    enshrined in it, and so *gaining respect for it is exactly what Americans
    need today*. Other things are not even remotely as important.

    Other Republicans either do not understand what the Constitution says, or
    lack respect for it. The Dems are outright undermining it. And needless to
    say neither of them are doing anything to oppose the forces of Islam and
    the left [in order to protect the Constitution].

    Other things are not important. I really do not care if it a creationist
    who is going to protect the Constitution or if it is someone who thinks
    pyramids were made for grain storage!

  • PyrrhoVonHyperborea 4 years ago

    3:57 “where else in life does one ever apply this thinking” – wherever a
    system is corrupted or needs a change of pace, or when a machinery needs
    new tiles, i.e. some which aren’t *worked up* as much!
    Seriously: I don’t like the republicans, but if you think Washington is
    corrupt, then bringing in outsiders for a change actually makes sense. If a
    certain environment is littered with bad apples, with lots of corruption,
    it rubs off on people, o/c – and the voter will suspect anyone surviving
    this shark-tank for long to be just the same as all those other bad apples;
    longing for an outsider to come in and magically fix it all with impetus!
    But, o/c… after that nice strawman you set up just prior to muddy the
    debate, we are all save from not getting this most obvious logic…

    talking about comparison of apples and oranges … 

  • B West 4 years ago

    Sir, you need to get your life right. You’d be THE #1 IDIOT INFLUENCE in
    America. And trust that statement is meant to be taken personally, and on
    all levels. #YouDontSeeRussians #smacktalking their #LEADERS or #eachother
    now do you? #Twisted #moron

  • Adam Jacobs 4 years ago

    If Hillary wins the nomination, the people of the United States will have
    proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they are not fit for
    representative government, and don’t deserve it (and will never have it

  • Glen Baker 4 years ago

    You gotta love the hypocrisy. in 2008 republicans attacked Obama’s lack of
    experience and Democrat voters and the liberal media professed how
    refreshing it was to have an outsider. (Ironically Obama has been pro
    establishment since he got in office) Fast forward nearly 8 years and the
    roles have reversed, liberals are anti-outsider all of a sudden and
    conservatives want the outsiders lol.

  • Mark BossMan 4 years ago

    Bill Maher has to be one of the ugliest people I have ever seen.

  • dk1708 4 years ago

    whats with americans and having all weird ugly night host shows only …

  • Jack Morgan 4 years ago

    trump 2016!!!

  • imiss toronto 4 years ago

    or how about the recent Canadian election, which lasted 78 days? We thought
    that was too long!! We’ve already got a new PM, and you’re still $#%%%@

  • MoeGreensLeftEye 4 years ago

    Bill got a little annoyed at his trained seals there

  • Roger Silliman 4 years ago

    If the plumber has fucked up his last ten jobs, yes, I would want a

  • rick charles 4 years ago

    Amazing some channel still runs this self-righteous cocksucker. Even bigger
    fag than Colbert.

  • LightYagami100000 4 years ago

    Politics is not a skill based job.

  • kuwait85 4 years ago

    Dead man cum. You sir are a savage

  • Richard Ides 4 years ago

    A conservative is a liberal who got mugged. By 2050, minorities will
    outnumber whites, so it is logical step that people will become more

  • Kan Louise 4 years ago

    Bill, Canadian Minister now Justin, was just a high school teacher; no
    political experience!! people get fed up of politicians; they tend to want
    anything else like Justin!!!!! American turn now:-)

  • MrMorethanexist 4 years ago

    Even Bill Maher can’t possibly be stupid enough to vote for Hilary or
    Bernie…..unless of course Bill is a COMMUNIST CRIMINAL FREAK!

  • Ben Hull 4 years ago

    Easy win for the Dems if Trump is nominated.

  • Charles Rushing 4 years ago

    maher, an ignorant commie sympathizer and nothing

  • Skerdy 4 years ago

    Actually, it was the English who did the cooking of Joan of Arc… but of
    course, it’s always the French.

  • HazzardousDuke 4 years ago

    Bill is an idiot. If this is the best the left can bring … you really are
    fucked. lol

  • Steven P 4 years ago

    How much experience did Obama have again?

  • Sherlock Holmes 4 years ago

    Funny comedian… but his assertion that Americans are dumb and need more
    time is typical of biased extreme left liberals who simply can not
    understand reality if it differs from their world view.

    This is why socialism always fails… because it can only succeed until you
    run out of other people’s money. But it sure sounds great for the masses
    until that point.

    Well… the US is out of money… we are buried in debt… and we are sinking
    economically and culturally with 10s of millions of illegals taking jobs
    from Americans of all races and ages who would gladly be a grocery clerk,
    or take that restaurant job… or that bank teller job… but can no longer
    have those millions of urban jobs because illegals demand less pay and
    require no health care benefits because they can get them free from the
    State as an illegal.

  • Tomi 4 years ago

    did you know that Jebise means fuck you in Serbian? Jeb (Bush) is one half
    of a “fuck you”,which equals to Fuck Bush lmao…yes that was juvenile

  • specterLS1 4 years ago

    As usual, Bill tries to fly one over our heads in an ongoing mass brain
    wash campaign. Here my fellow Americans is what he isn’t telling u. Since
    the oldest voter can remember, we have voted in one president after
    another, Democrat or Republican with the redundant promise of a better
    America; but what has really changed? We don’t have universal healthcare,
    our jobs have been outsourced, wages remain stagnant, wall street is
    booming while the workers on main street don’t have a share in the harvest
    they helped cultivate, our civil liberties are been eroded, and the future
    is predictable worse if u take account the trends. One president after the
    other signs trade deals that sell us down the river, but when the American
    people on the right finally show signs of contempt at our electorate and
    seek anti establishment candidates to see if just maybe we can reverse the
    trend, Bill Maher greets us with ridicule and false equivalents. Its not
    Ben Carson that signed the NAFTA trade deals. Its not Trump that created an
    economy of outsourcing, tax cuts for the rich, while deficits rise and pay
    shrinks. U mister Maher is part of the problem. I wish for a day when our
    political systems allows a school teacher to run for president. We need
    publicly funded campaigns so we can get over choosing the same
    establishment candidates that have only the corporations in mind to serve
    and not the people that elect them. We also need anti-corporation owned
    media. A neutral media that has no hidden agendas, but the service of its
    viewers. Yes, real journalism not this mess we have today. THIS IS WHAT

  • Frank Dodd 4 years ago

    I rarely agree with Bill Maher but he’s made me laugh for twenty years and
    he’s a smart man. However, he neglects to mention that Barack Obama also
    had zero governing experience when he ran in 2008 and yet Maher has never
    considered that a liability. That being said, the idea of Carson being
    president is laughable.

  • m beginization 4 years ago

    Putin and the islamic bloke may have sealed their school records like obama
    sealed his so I would not be surprized if the media cant find it

  • james hague 4 years ago

    Much better to have two beltway baboons like Sanders and Hillary. Together
    they have about 60 years of government experience of accomplishing jack
    shit. I’ll take my chances with the successful businessman and the brain

  • verilyheld 4 years ago

    Much as I’d rather not do so, having no experience in government should not
    be a disqualification. Reagan did, Bush and Bush II did, Palin did
    (technically), so having experience in government is not necessarily a good
    thing. Maybe instead . . . empathy, compassion, intelligence, then and also
    experience? So, Bernie Sanders. Who does have experience. All right, I am
    perhaps destroying my own argument, but in government as useful and good as
    experience is, there is such a thing as taking into account personality and
    intelligence also.

  • Gergely Kozar 4 years ago

    Bill Maher should be the president of the USA.

  • TellmeMore 4 years ago

    If the plumber leaves you with a huge bill (taxes and debt) and a leaking
    faucet (failing economy) then you would rather attempt to fix it yourself
    or call an outsider handyman than call that plumber again.

  • Morty Filler 4 years ago

    Trump and Carson’s main strength is being an “outsider” not corrupted by
    government. Maher tries to suggest this is a bad thing. Funny that Hilary
    is in bed with all the politicians and wall street.. who wants that? Id
    take an outsider any day….

  • Barry Wood 4 years ago

    Not a fan of Ben Carson, but I can’t help that notice that all these people
    talking about how he doesn’t have any political office experience are
    mindless Obama supporters, who was in the Senate for how long? Hypocritical

  • newsmthjoke 4 years ago

    how about “Climate change” “abortion” and “gay marriage” ?

  • roundedges2 4 years ago

    But….Haven’t we had 7 yearrs of Amateur leadership?

  • houston2k 4 years ago

    I like Bill Maher, but as a father do you want some guy walk into the same
    restroom that your daughter is using? Just saying.

  • Jagioh Blackflag 4 years ago

    I was in France a few months ago and it only took a few minutes to get a
    waiter. He even had a French/English translation book handy so we could

  • ANONXZAR 4 years ago

    Maher will remain a low life self-loathing atheist, Sam Harris wannabee,
    pill poppin, irrelevant, constipated, monotonous leech. Having done nothing
    to contribute to mankind, except 5 second foul-mouthed jokes preying on
    people’s misery, forgotten even faster than it was told. No legacy to leave
    behind, accept for being a prick. He is now past his prime, simply
    irrelevant and will soon be replaced, as rumor has it HBO is in the market
    for new refreshing and current faces. Trump could not give a fuck about a
    washed-up past tense one-liner. Useless horror excuse for a human being,
    making a living off people’s sorrows, most probably having been the school
    punch-bag for too long. I truly hope Trump cuts you down to size you
    mentally unstable retard.

  • Kate Vasey 4 years ago

    It was the English who burned Joan of Arc.

  • Liche Christ 4 years ago

    How, … just How does anyone with a ‘working’ brain … not love Bill
    Maher? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Archie Thomas 4 years ago

    Crippled America and other Trump books are available on YouTube.

  • Hairmetallurgist 4 years ago

    lol @ “sleepy McCrazypants!”

  • TRUMP Supporters 4 years ago

    GO Trump GO Bill Maher is a lefty anyway and happy to bend over for ISIS

  • Lopaaione T 4 years ago

    Is Trump going to sue Maher for this Photo of him in his office ho,ho,ho!!!

  • najpaiman 4 years ago

    Bill Maher –
    Even though I don’t like Donald Trump, I hate ur disgusting face even more.
    Ur butt hurt because he didn’t come to ur show thn u started clowning on
    him. Clowning – Something that your really good at.
    Donald Trump can get ur racist ass as his ass wiper any day. Stop promoting
    hatred. Stop clowning on people or on their faith. If you faithless Jew
    lost ur respect for your religion thn learn to respect others. But deep
    down ur still a money hungry Jew that hates the Arabs. I’m sure you got all
    your hatred from your dog looking mom. So stop what u do. I just wish
    someone can bitch slap your dog looking face one day and teach you a lesson
    about life and respecting others!!

  • LADYLUCK RADIO MIAMI 4 years ago

    We used to fck wit Bill. Still do. but it looks like he mixing metaphors.

  • Gloria Betancur 4 years ago


  • Del Price 4 years ago

    brain candy addiction to humor, not clear thinking

  • Mariano Mangiaterra 4 years ago

    Hacen falta subs en español

  • mark reed 4 years ago

    datz a nice 1 ‘…constipated toddler face:(‘

  • duke earl 4 years ago

    smarmy little glib rat Maher…the Donald get’s more views live at a stump
    rally than you’re dying tv show……LOOSER

  • Mohamed Yusuf 4 years ago

    Bill maher cracks me up, nearly as much as trump becoming president.

  • Graysonshelbyryan Conroy 4 years ago

    when WC/Ford made GHWB head of CIA to execute HSCA after pardoning Nixon to
    kill Hoffa upon pardoning

  • Andrew 4 years ago

    I usually agree with Bill, but he clearly doesn’t know shit about Trump.
    Enough to be jealous sure, but he goes back to hitting his MJ pipe before
    he digs any further.

  • Capucine Deschamps 4 years ago

    Very Bvave! He~a. broken tasteful $ 1!

  • lorena99755 4 years ago

    Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. November 2016.

  • Linda Goudsmit 4 years ago

    Judging by the current state of the world I think a neurosurgeon or a
    businessman would make a far better choice than yet another lying corrupt
    politician. I am hoping for a big change!

  • Albert DeCou 4 years ago

    Bill Maher is a GENUINELY FUNNY! Keep Going!

  • theknowbody777 4 years ago

    2:18 Tarantino spots his gut in the monitors and gets self conscious LOL!
    sucks in his gut and then looks down, then as the camera leaves, pulls down
    his shirt.

  • the village idiot 4 years ago

    lol constipated toddler face.

  • humaira ali 4 years ago

    Bill Maher says : ” Americans are dumb” and, he sure is the leader .

  • AIR FORCE 4 years ago

    Laugh all you want faggot ass Maher.

  • dyingtodeath 4 years ago

    He has a point. Obama had absolutely no experience except “Community
    Organizer”? and look how bad the economy is now.

  • Mason K 4 years ago

    if you could buy bill maher for what he knows and sell him for what he
    thinks he knows, you could turn a profit

  • Jane Smith 4 years ago

    President Paul President Paul President Paul

  • vmwindustries 4 years ago

    People are too busy with work to realize what is going on with the people
    who are running for president. They just vote for the guy that they think
    they know. That’s why Bush Jr. was re-elected, when clearly he was doing a
    bad job. If people knew their history, they would realize that every time
    the Democratic government gets in jobless rates go down, and the country
    rises. The Republican government gets in and they make up wars to spend
    more money. Look at Reagan, and the war on drugs! I hate when Republicans
    say look how good Reagan was! You go read some history bud, and you will
    see what is really good. I will give him one thing though. He was good with
    the environment, and the hole in the ozone layer. Now days, the separation
    of church and state is gone, and anything environmental is God’s work, and
    we don’t have to do anything about it! Wtf, where did the Republicans go?
    How did they get replaced by corporate entities that are God fearing? The
    founding fathers of the United States of America were clear on how they
    didn’t want their government to have anything to do with religious beliefs.
    God bless America was put in place well after the creative creation of the
    United States of America. The king of England creator of the king James
    version of the Bible, did so to be separated from Italy. Religious beliefs
    over ones country is not good for independence, or freedom! The people that
    don’t learn from history are going to repeat the errors of the fore
    father’s. History is the most important lessons of the world, all put at
    your fingertips. Don’t hate, educate!

  • Bread Hime (The Facilitator) 4 years ago

    Not putting account people who say “screw professionals I’ll fix it
    myself”, the difference is that there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence
    that plumbers can get their job done.

  • aykcroid 4 years ago

    There’s one time in life where you look to employ an idiot: when you’re
    appointing your deputy. You choose someone with no ability so that he/she
    won’t threaten your power. That’s what the Republicans are saying with
    their candidates. Power lies within the billionaire donors, and whoever is
    the president only has to be able to sign whatever document they want to
    push across.

  • Garret Chambers 4 years ago

    its because theyre corrupt you fuck. thats why we dont want experience!

  • Alimgs1 4 years ago

    wtf guys I’m here in Iraq fighting those isis I had 3 of my best friends
    get killed in this ugly war I pray 5 times every day to kill those isis and
    survive this war and this show and you people saying that isis is %100
    islam I can’t believe you people I mean u God damn fat ass Americans
    setting on tv watching us Muslims Dying in this war that u people dream
    come to true and u can’t get Enough making this show just to prove that
    isis is 100%islamic I mean whatever if it was real Islamic or not the job
    is done u the whole world wants, the whole Muslims world now in war between
    themselves Shame Shame Shame

  • juda herman 4 years ago

    Trump is going to make America great again

  • James Bruister 4 years ago

    If I needed a plumber and every time a plumber came to my house to fix a
    plumbing issue for the last 12 years he broke a pipe and caused the house
    to flood then I would say get me somebody who has no plumbing experience
    whatsoever get me somebody who is literate and can read an instruction
    manual(i.e the constitution) USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA Yee haw Ridin
    a cowboy. Yee haw. USA

  • FreedomOrNothin 3 years ago

    This is painful. Who the fuck is stupid enough to fall for this shit?

  • Man Nembang 3 years ago

    go and sleep on the street drunk man

  • Robin Fiel 3 years ago

    you put this on my birthday


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