Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – The Empathy Gap (HBO)

Published on March 5, 2016

In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher calls out Republicans for refusing to get on the humane side of an issue unless they have been personally affected by it. Original air date: March 4, 2016.

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  • chestypants78 3 years ago

    The Christie photo must be shopped, he’s a lot fatter.

  • samherb1 3 years ago

    Why do liberals continue to pretend “immigrants” and “illegal immigrants”
    are the same thing?

  • Alana L 3 years ago

    Bill I love how you are advocating climate change but please address the
    detrimental effects of animal agriculture on it!! Everyone claps at Bill’s
    talking points on fish disappearing but most of those people are probably
    funding it!

  • Silas Nelson 3 years ago

    I’m sorry Bill but Sharks wouldn’t eat Chris Christie because it’s a well
    known fact that Sharks don’t eat pork (rimshot)

  • OldMaidWhovian akaNancyG 3 years ago

    Basically, white Americans who “hate” immigrants are essentially hating
    THEMSELVES. God, some Americans seem to almost crave stupidity.

  • Varo Yan 3 years ago

    Who’s here for Queen Lady Gaga?

  • sam halim 3 years ago

    that’s so true and funny

  • Blaze Decker 3 years ago

    Love the special needs play on Bush

  • Другая Америка 3 years ago

    wow, bitch slapping left and right!

  • Haji Dontsurf 3 years ago

    Who hunts owls?

  • Marcelo Souza 3 years ago

    Its hard for media not to have bias against republicans when its this

  • everenferno 3 years ago


  • Hercules 3 years ago

    The globe is dying while these republican fucks ignore it. Sad sad sad.

  • materfamilias1 3 years ago

    Wow… the depth of Republican lack of empathy hit my like a brick back
    when Dick Cheney changed his tune on gayness after he found out his
    daughter was gay. I’d never heard this publicly addressed until this. I
    guess this validates my own assessment.

  • MyTotalRemedy 3 years ago

    I’ll say this. being for gay rights because you have a gay kid is still
    more sincere than doing it because polls say it’s popular and convenient.

  • Nicholas Paleveda 3 years ago

    I bet that the universe is just.

  • Bad Frog 3 years ago

    NOTE: illegal aliens are not immigrants.

  • Mandi Herrin 3 years ago

    lol…. love me some Bill

  • Noreen wilkins 3 years ago

    I love this one : )

  • Commissar LORD Bern Fuklaw 3 years ago

    Seriously politics are so fucked up these days… We constantly bombarded
    with contradictory messages… How can republicans be the bad guys if they
    fought for the freedom of slaves? The democrats still fuck up to this day,
    the democrats are the ones that created the KKK as political weapon!… Oh
    right, now they’re screaming for the help of republicans and are getting
    the cold shoulder. Sucks to be you. You deserve it democrats, you fucking
    deserve it. You demos. created Detroit, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Norway,
    France, Spain, the entire Middle East to go fucking berserk and other
    lunatic asylums, look at what you’ve done! Aren’t you proud for ushering in
    World war 3? Good job.

  • H.B. Jernson 3 years ago

    Please clap

  • Carl Cleague 3 years ago

    Amazing how Dems. who are suppose to be so kind..hurls so many insults to

  • RogerWilco 3 years ago

    I really don’t understand people who can only feel empathy if if happened
    to them personally.
    I had a manager at work who was quite harsh on some mothers, until he got
    kids himself.
    I can’t get my head around that. I really don’t understand that there can
    be people who function like that.

  • twerkingwithdastarz 3 years ago

    don’t worry ppl the republican party is over now. the us is straight left.
    except for the old south who will break off and become the new south of the

  • TheKeyser94 3 years ago

    The good old Bill Maher is back, I wouldn’t be so quick in judging
    Republicans for the lack of empathy when a few months back you were
    suffering by the same problem, but Maher is very attune to his audience, so
    when he had seen Dawkins and Harris fall down by their own stupidity, and
    had seen how much the liberals hate them, he finally keep his mouth shut.

  • Jeeva R 3 years ago

    always on point ?

  • Kira Crowley 3 years ago

    Be careful, Donald Trump might go ape-shit when you say that his father was
    an Orangutan and born in Borneo.

  • JazTrance 3 years ago

    Just saw him do a live stand-up show last night and he was absolutely

  • Alberto Sommerz 3 years ago

    La gente confundida con falta de empatía, racista y con doble moral son en
    su mayoría los religiosos, Bill Mahler criticando a los republicano que
    vendrían a ser como los mochos de PAN-PRI-PVEM, es tal su falta de empatía
    que solo pueden sentir empatía cuando la experimentan en carne propia :
    Hasta los mas mochos se suavizan ante la homosexualidad cuando tienen un
    hijo homosexual
    Son relajados con las drogas, si tienen un hija drogada.
    Son buenos ante los Mexicanos cuando tienen un esposa Mexicana.
    Están en contra del aborto mientras sean otras personas:
    2:57 “En el tema del aborto Dan Quayle dice estar 100% en contra del aborto
    y luego se le pregunto ¿Qué haría usted si su propia hija quedara
    embarazada?” y el contesto que hablaría con ella le aconsejaría y
    respetaría cualquier decisión que tomara”
    Estas personas tienen un desorden de personalidad en especial los racistas,
    se han identificado con un grupo, con un concepto, están apartados de su
    esencia, de su personalidad primaria, que lleguen a puestos de poder se
    puede evitar, con exámenes psicológicos para todas las personas que vayan a
    ocupar un cargo de representación popular o de una función publica
    (especialmente las de seguridad) y las que tenga un desorden tan grave como
    es ubicar su personalidad en un grupo de personas o en una idea, deben ser
    rechazadas y recomendarles tratamiento, es una clara psicosis, solo se
    deben aceptar a las personas que su identidad no este dividida, aceptar
    gente psicótica en las decisiones publicas permite todas las políticas que
    lastiman personas, al medio y a otros seres, en resumen políticas que nos
    lastiman a todos incluidos ellos mismos (aunque no se den cuanta).
    Es grave como llegan hasta los cargo de máxima representación como aquí en
    México o en EUA, ahora mismo un candidato que representan un peligro a la
    seguridad mundial como es Donald Trump con un nivel de conflicto mayusculo,
    como lo delata estar en contra de los inmigrantes mientras es descendiente
    de inmigrantes y se a casado dos veces con inmigrantes…

  • Ryan Martinez 3 years ago

    HBO owned by time warner = turning bill maher into a talk piece for
    globalism. But hey when u make millions make sure everyone else has no

  • Scott 3 years ago

    Why would it puzzle you that they would praise their family that came to
    the country legally, especially considering they have many times stated
    they support legal immigration, and then turn around and attack those who
    break the law and come to the country illegally?

    The difference is pretty damn clear cut unless you live in a delusional
    fantasy land in which people breaking the law are the same as those who
    follow the law.

  • Kitch Lakic 3 years ago

    Pore Bill, you better donate few million dollars to Clinton’s campaign. If
    Orange Orangutan gets to the White House, you will be retired.

  • Phil Yacuntup 3 years ago

    Hey guys, is it not cool to bring up Jeb’s kid’s drug problem? She’s not
    running…. idk I guess

  • DonDraperism 3 years ago

    Bill Maher may very well be the most stupid man on the planet. Wow a total

  • SLAPPAYURFACE 3 years ago

    Even if you don’t think the jokes are funny, just laugh.

  • Joe Wilson 3 years ago

    Chris Christie and the environment surprised me, I thought he would be all
    for preservation, I mean after all, he’s a fucking elephant.

  • mark zuckerbergstein 3 years ago

    Make America great again IT’S TIME !!! TRUMP!!!!

  • Andrew Chan 3 years ago

    How many of us truly care about our fellow men and women?

  • zooropascott 3 years ago

    New Rule! When the 2nd Amendment is repealed, wait until they take
    something Bill Maher and his friends love, say….The 1st Amendment. Think
    on it people. If one falls, they ALL fall. Don’t start with the gun nut
    comments, it’s small and narrow minded. You are a fool if you think your
    government is here for your best interests. Wake up kids.

  • zooropascott 3 years ago

    And yes, “The Donald” looks like the ass end of an orangutan not the front.

  • CarlDuke 3 years ago

    C’mon Bill is your lack of intelligence congenital or did you come by it
    all by yourself, and is honesty ever tried.

    Republicans talk of ILLEGAL immigration. They have no problem with legal

  • BrokenPortriats 3 years ago

    The universe is infinite in all directions. Anything that can therefore
    must exist somewhere in the universe’s vastest. Math can not measure it.
    And we are still mortal. Which also means libertarians must just give up
    believing they can know everything.

  • AxenFrite 3 years ago

    It’s neat how you can liken a White guy to a monkey to great applause, but
    if you do it to a Black guy, you’re a racist.
    Welp, I guess it’s unanimous…*only* White people act and look like

  • IMurderdTheDevil 3 years ago

    I hope that Bill Mahr gets aids when hanging out at playboy mansion..

  • CyeOutsider 3 years ago

    Totally spot on. Another example – that ex-Republican guy who wrote an
    emotional thank you to Obama because Obamacare saved his life. That is
    after opposing it and saying, by his own admission, very nasty things about
    Obama. Yeah, then he got sick.

  • SnowyOwl 3 years ago


  • jrodknowledge 3 years ago

    Jesus, Maher killed it. “He wanted to stay on her good side in case he
    needs a kidney.” I’m fucking crying.

  • Anton Adelson 3 years ago

    Haha, this is good!!

  • panterizate 3 years ago

    Bill Maher is such a dumb-ass!

  • Ishan 331 3 years ago

    “in case he needs a kidney” lol

  • Fatima Coreas 3 years ago

    I fucking love your show bill.

  • Doppe1ganger 3 years ago

    This is exactly what’s wrong with moron Republicans, too stupid to see past
    their own nose.

  • huberfloover 3 years ago

    Or like Bill being chased after a gig by a bunch of godless college guys
    who were sold weed laced with a hallucinogen and his only escape being a
    ride from an Islamic cab driver from Pakistan

  • tatito rodriguez 3 years ago

    trump-“all foreigners must go home,……..except all my Russian mail order
    brides and illegal polish workers”…… it people……..

  • WWZenaDo 3 years ago

    The oceans and Amazon rain forests provide most of the oxygen in our
    atmosphere – and they’re dying or being destroyed.. Fat Republicans can’t
    live without oxygen…

  • american37 3 years ago

    He never mentions the word illegal. For those who don’t support the idea of
    borders and the nation-state that’s irrelevant, of course.

  • Ledge Buoy 3 years ago

    As much as I like Bill Maher, I think one of his arguments really hurt
    anyone acknowledging climate change here.
    If climate change led to a shark eating Chris Christie I’m pretty sure
    conservatives and liberals alike would be “About time! Thank you climate
    change. More climate change please.”

  • A Boston 3 years ago


  • Mcdaddy daddy 3 years ago

    quite possibly the most ignorant man on the planet…

  • Scott Tuck 3 years ago

    if you watch this show. this means your a liberal. & that mean you are all
    stupid kids that listen to your college professors.

  • Paco Val 3 years ago

    Cruz is the ultimate scumbag. He was milk-fed on Canadian socialized
    medicine, but then comes to the U.S. and wants to be the next Reagan, then
    shuts down government over Obamacare and pisses on immigrants (then again,
    Cubans are not a good example, since they and only they get special
    treatment as Latin American migrants ).

  • Emil Johansson 3 years ago

    people talk about people as if they are animals i don’t get that or the
    disney movie

  • Andy Krauze 3 years ago

    Trump’s grandparents come from Germany, Gott Mit Uns !

  • STRATCAT 72 3 years ago

    There used to be a wall around West Berlin, how did that turn out?

  • Steven Krazier 3 years ago

    Why doesn’t Bill run for president? I mean he obviously has all the

  • roodles prease 3 years ago

    china is by far the biggest ocean polluter with its 100+ NYC size cities

  • Mythra13 3 years ago

    When you VOTE. Be sure to check your ballot BEFORE completing it.
    Report any voting irregularities. It’s also good to record yourself voting,
    these videos will be used if and when legal action is taken in this regard.

  • aldahlawi mohammed 3 years ago

    Tip of the hat for bill for this video

  • Brew Kibuu 3 years ago

    Bill Maher you are a hypocrite. You can not be an environmentalist if you
    are not vegan.

  • Brian Avichouser 3 years ago

    This was great but I’m still voting for trump I’m so sick and tired of all
    the career politicians

  • David Garcia 3 years ago

    Empathy is not an inherit trait. We are all selfish by nature. It’s part of
    our self-preservation instinct. Almost all of us learn to sympathize
    through experience. Either we experience the need for sympathy or have
    loved ones in need, which forces us to feel empathy.

  • Jack Crosby 3 years ago

    This is beyond funny now.

  • Ma St 3 years ago

    The Gingrich wife looks like someone who waits for you with a kitchen

  • KingPink 3 years ago

    Still think Bill Maher is a asshole for his views on the issues in the
    Middle East

  • Rose Macaskie 3 years ago

    YOu think they are not to good because they only feel empathy when their
    family suffered something? The people you talk about are angels, they feel
    sympathies for things when their families suffer from them, my family loose
    all sypathies for anything if a member of the family suffers from these
    failings and not content with that, their wish do do for each other and
    meleads them to make up sins for family members, sins and bad motives. THe
    t allcholic member of the family is very well positioned socially so she
    does for me as merrily as the others do, which turns me, also into one of
    those family members who has lost sypathies for the rest. My family are,
    veryily devils.

  • Donald Hardy 3 years ago

    Marcos dad was an illegal
    He and his mom floated over on an inter tube in 1964
    Made legal by congress. Dry Feet Act.
    Passed a law if you could make it over alive, you could stay.
    Law finally being rescinded

  • Jenny Hazelton 3 years ago

    Bill, still the absolute best, hands down.

  • chris camez 3 years ago

    Actually you can talk about immigration since the population is too big.
    Does that make sense? Maybe when America was founded we had room, we aren’t
    Canada , we aren’t Sweden

  • Rose Macaskie 3 years ago

    They are just more scared of the markets crashing because fossil fuel
    shares crash, bringing about a second share of hardship for the poor than
    they are of climate change.
    You have to convince them they can stay rich and stop climate change. Bet
    they can, they are as sharp as anything about keeping in where the money
    is. They sure knew how to make sure it was the poor who suffered from the
    bonds bubble exploding and even how to increase their turn to the right
    after it by explaining how much more necessary than it had ever been it was
    to help the rich,now the economy was so bad that the rich needed a lot of
    help to provid new jobs, when the only thing the rich really need is
    buyers, which is what they get with the wellfare state. What the poor and
    everyone else need, is for billionaires or their businesses, to be taxed so
    that it was impossible to get that rich , it was not simply inflation that
    turned millionaires into multi multi billionaries ist was the crazy
    policies of the right. We need business to be taxed in a more reasonable
    way and the money redistributed to others who could start new small
    businesses. Too many monopolies was what in the end did for liberal
    economics in the ninteenth century.

  • littlemar22 3 years ago

    wtf bill dont disrespect Orangutans by comparing them to trump like wtf

  • Donald Hardy 3 years ago

    Native Americans immigrated too
    Around 12,000 BC, over the Bering Strait
    Oops, never mind, the earth was created in 6000 BC by God.

  • Sierra Bravo 3 years ago

    Newts wife, ahhh the owl! Very creepy.

  • Sam M 3 years ago

    You are the best Bill

  • Oscar Navarro 3 years ago

    Clicked on the video just to comment on how psychotic the lady on the
    thumbnail looks.. hopefully she doesn’t end up murdering the guy to her
    right ?

  • Oileen Grace 3 years ago

    really funny :D

  • Quinn Newman 3 years ago

    I don’t usually agree with some things bill maher says but hot damn is this

  • GADefence 3 years ago

    “Trump 2016: Hard on terrorists, hard on incest!”

  • Greg Swartz 3 years ago

    I literally feel brain cells die every time this idiot opens his mouth.

  • e.z. walker 3 years ago

    Back when people were still intelligent in this country, a hypocritical
    statement like Quayle’s cast a genuine pall on a candidate’s chances for
    election. It seemed that people had the capacity for critical thinking. You
    know, before Fox “News” and other corporate-propaganda, I mean “media”
    stations. I wonder if there is a coincidence?

  • Trev Mac 3 years ago

    Bill Maher gets more Jewish looking with every passing year

  • Richard Abeysinghe 3 years ago

    Mcain dreams up wars in his bath but is totally against torture because he
    was tortured by…..Sarah Pahlin! Hahahahahaha! Brilliant! Pretty sure even
    Neil Degrasse Tyson couldn’t have put that better!

  • Richard Abeysinghe 3 years ago

    Oh I can picture perfectly Chris Christie’s valiant efforts at out-swimming
    a starving shark that’s going “Oh my..McDonald’s..Yaaay!!”

  • McRascalSkunk 3 years ago

    People cant be this stupid…..there is an enormous difference between an
    immigrant and an illegal immigrant. Fuck this guy.

  • julia giorgia 3 years ago

    Love bill great job !!!!!

  • Mia Lentz 3 years ago

    Bill spittin’ the facts, but what’s new?


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