Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – The American Embargo (HBO)

Published on April 29, 2016

In his editorial New Rule, Bill makes the case for ending America’s reliance on antiquated infrastructure, energy, healthcare and voting systems, and issues a call for real change. Original air date: April 29, 2016.

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  • Shavedify 4 years ago

    I guess it’s finally time to eat the chicken. Seriously people. Hillary
    sucks dick. But anybody’s better than Orangutan man or Snake man.

  • raf A 4 years ago

    on point.

  • Ashish Reddy 4 years ago

    That old guy will die of laughing soon

  • CraftKitty 4 years ago

    great new rule. too true as always.

  • Kevin 4 years ago

    lol bernie great lol

  • Vision 4 years ago

    this also shows that cars used to be of much better quality in the 50s,
    nowadays they’re constantly breaking down

  • Joe bob 4 years ago

    Dude that one guy is so jolly

  • Kevin 4 years ago

    opps wrong vid

  • Abnormal Wrench 4 years ago

    As a 59 owner, I’m not embarrassed.

  • Lukay Wolter 4 years ago

    Bernie or bust

  • Mona Irwin 4 years ago


    Probably not …

  • Sassafraster 4 years ago

    This was one of my favourite New Rules. Well crafted and meaningful.

  • mattmun12 4 years ago

    That blonde on the left is a MILF

  • Kevin 4 years ago

    so true

  • MrBlackatheist 4 years ago

    Meanwhile Hilary and Trump are going to face off in the general election
    and will fix none of those things. YEEEAAAAHHHHH!

  • fidorover 4 years ago

    A good rule of thumb: no city water pipe should be older than Bernie
    Sanders. #StillFeelingTheBern

  • Arist Channels 4 years ago

    Thank you Bill, FINALLY

  • UltimateWheelman 4 years ago

    I wonder how many ’57 Chevy’s are in Cuba. I think quite a few car
    collectors will have a look around once it’s ok to buy cars from there.

  • Scott Wilson 4 years ago

    Solar and wind couldn’t meet our energy needs and wind sucks. Geothermal

  • James Anderson 4 years ago

    this is one boring ass generation.

  • Fuji 4 years ago

    this better go viral

  • 46619TAB 4 years ago

    I hope I live long enough to see everyone caught with their pants around
    their knees and freaking out when it’s announced “Oil, good to the last
    drop and this is it. And the coal’s gone too.” I’m excited by the idea of
    seeing people have to walk or bicycle to work rather than drive their land
    yacht SUVS or use stairs to get around inside a skyscraper when there’s no
    more electricity. Oh wait, did I say get to work?

    Things have got to change and change fast. Solar, water, wind, biofuels,
    carbon taxes etc. Eliminate the tax cuts and loopholes the fossil fuel
    industry enjoys and apply them to the emerging energy industries. It can be
    done, it has to be done. But time is running out.

    *Sanders for America. Sanders for WE the PEOPLE!!*

  • Aye Bee 4 years ago

    America spends way too much money on the Military. Not enough on
    infrastructure, energy and healthcare.

  • Fuji 4 years ago

    I would rather have Bernie Sanders as president but I’ll vote for Hillary
    Clinton if it comes down to it. I rather have her than that orange haired
    orangutan or the Zodiac Killer.

  • Miranox 4 years ago

    What needs to happen is some rich politician’s kids must die in a
    collapsing bridge accident before some actual infrastructure renewal can
    happen. Nothing is going to change until the people in power suffer because
    of their greed.

  • melvin comar 4 years ago

    Bernieorburst. You can’t force me to elect Shillary Bill

  • codecatx5 4 years ago

    bruh you want me to vote for Hillary Clinton and you want us to make
    changes. I dont even feel the need to explain how those actions are
    completely counter intuitive.

  • Demi N 4 years ago


  • tremer 2009 4 years ago

    (Duuuude [FTB!, “BIA…?”:D]). Trumpet “handles it like a 1%er Would?
    (“Whale oil? Suuure….What flavor? We gotYer ‘Cinnamon Trumpet’,
    anYer..Vanilly HillyBilly: NEVER a fishy SMELL [Mostly], ..and Last [i
    Know???!], ‘FRIK You with your whale oil; you NEED ME to tell you?,”
    Sandies flavored?)” 😀 Thanks, Real. :)

  • leonel orozco 4 years ago

    bad ass

  • RHS 4 years ago

    Bill says it as it is. Nicely done!

  • Steve McBain 4 years ago

    ” Lead was a vitamin ” Lol ! Great one.

  • Steve Tyler 4 years ago

    I don’t get you Bill. Get a new car, change what’s broken, start from
    scratch, stop sucking oil, stop destroying the planet, stop giving tax cuts
    and havens to WallStreet.

    And you know who’s gonna do all that?! HILARY CLINTON!

    Right, sure….

  • Jason Kerby 4 years ago

    Actually Cubans are increasingly driving Chinese cars. And the reason why
    we cant’s wipe the old and start fresh with infrastructure is because it’s
    too expensive and it tends not to be much profitable compared to other
    investments, so private companies do not show much interest. I bet 9 out of
    10 Americans absolutely agree with renewing and properly maintaining our
    infrastructure, but when it comes down to actually paying for it … a 20
    cents per gallon increase of the gas tax would have everyone screaming

  • Versced 4 years ago

    Because it costs money

  • Zaria Qadafi 4 years ago

    “I don’t get it. ..Americans throw away their smartphones every 6 months
    like they’ve got cooties!…But we can’t tear ourselves away from sucking
    oil out of the ground and cutting off the tops of mountains?”
    Pure gold.

  • Dennis Spalla Morris 4 years ago

    Bravo, Bill Maher.

  • hawkesworth1712 4 years ago

    Cubans are going to make a fortune selling those old cars to enthusiasts
    all over the world.

  • Dtrollmancan 4 years ago

    Don’t know why all the hatred to have an ID to vote, in most other country
    they have them and even with them you get many counterfeits but its way
    harder to make voting fraud, now WITH out one how do you prevent some one
    voting for you just by coming in and saying YEA ITS ME I SWEAR

  • Beat Monkey 4 years ago

    I’ve been saying this since the turn of the millennia…the US needs a NEW
    New Deal.

  • TsarSamuil 4 years ago

    Infrastructure? But that only exists for to n from factories n they are all
    in China.

  • Jai Hind 4 years ago

    Yes, why don’t we make america great again? Go on Bill, endorse Drumpf. lol

  • My Conscience 4 years ago

    If America did everything Maher suggested, then America would truly be
    great again.

  • Leanne Blake 4 years ago

    He is Good.

  • Esoteric Desi 4 years ago

    Harsh Truth… Spot-On…

  • Lone Wolf 4 years ago

    The Earth is NOT dying, it is being killed. And the people doing the
    killing have names and addresses.” ! Utah Phillips

    Sharpen up those pitchforks and get busy while you still can.

    Hi goons

  • kopolojoyono 4 years ago

    a classy piece of video clip

  • Byron Harper 4 years ago

    Has Maher ever actually discussed any of Trump’s ideas on his show, or is

    Do you leftist thugs ever get tired of your own bullshit?
    Do you realize you are fascists, or do you see yourselves as moral
    crusaders, attacking trump supporters, blocking highways, shouting racist
    insults at white people, chaining yourselves on streets, threatening people
    on tweeter and defending muslim terrorists from dawn to dusk?

  • Grammar Nazi 4 years ago

    Jokes about Trump’s hair never get old.
    Unless of course you are older than 12 … and not a socialist douchbag.

    Seeing how Trump is portrayed in the media has finally made me convinced:
    we can NEVER engage in rational conversation with leftist fascists. You
    guys have ZERO interest in dialogue. Every time we try to strike up a
    debate we get abused: RACIST! NAZI! KKK! HITLER!

    Ok well, go team up with your alien Mexican criminals, Muslim rapists and
    terrorists, Feminazi trash and gender confused hetero-hating gay kids on
    college campuses. That’s your team: team IslamoSocialist thugs.

    We’ll be team “normal people”. See you on the streets when civil war breaks
    out. You’ve made sure that it WILL break out.

  • stellarfirefly 4 years ago

    While I strongly agree with his general idea, I feel that he could have
    picked some much better examples. For instance, our reliance upon fossil
    fuels… I along with, I am quite certain, the majority of Americans
    reading this are far from willing to give up their car in favor of a
    bicycle. Or how about actually paying increased taxes for the research
    needed to make widespread solar a reality within years instead of decades.
    Or even to consider modern nuclear power solutions simply because old
    solutions were much less safe. And I’m not even talking about those idiots
    who deny things like climate change or the importance of vaccinations… I
    mean those of us who are intelligent and quite well-informed, but still
    drive cars, hate taxes, and want to ban anything with the word “nuclear” in
    its name.

  • Jean~Luc Picard 4 years ago

    Was that young Bernie talking?

  • Chris Allen 4 years ago

    when Maher is at his best, he is the best

  • goldenage 4 years ago


  • Shadow Heart 4 years ago

    I never understood how cost could ever be a reason given to not support
    life. Better infrastructure, medical care, education and scientific
    development are a must for our survivability. This is like saying nuclear
    ocean distilleries are too expensive desalinate sea water for drinking.
    Well, you have to drink water! Work on it, fix it, better it, but you
    cannot brush off human existence all together because of ‘too much money’.
    The fuck is that?! Changing these lead poisoned pipes must be a priority
    and a matter of national security. If a foreign agent was poisoning us with
    lead it would have been an act of war. But doing it ourselves is OK? WTF is
    wrong with you people?!

  • Ezajur Rahman 4 years ago

    Bernie 2016

  • Susan Kennedy 4 years ago

    Bernie or bust

  • GrandNoble 4 years ago

    hi government. lol

  • L Collins 4 years ago

    I love those old cars!
    Schools, the rest. Toss out the old! Bring on the new and shiny.

  • John Swift 4 years ago

    how much did billary pay u bill or are u just that gullible

  • Robert Machulla 4 years ago

    cuz that’ll cost $Billions, and we can’t afford that because we need to
    spend those billions killing brown ppl thousands of miles away! Duh.

  • Timo B. 4 years ago

    I agree with all of this, but guess what: this has to come from the top.
    And since the US is as broke as my ass in college, this new American dream
    with stay exactly that: A dream. In Europe we pay a shit ton of taxes, on
    literally everything, but at least our governments are investing in exactly
    the topics you mentioned! But guess what: Americans are allergic to big
    government because of the lacking ability to look past the coming 25 years.
    I sure don’t like our European big government, but the alternative i’m
    seeing in the US is WAY worse.

  • WormholeJim 4 years ago

    Can’t uphold a sixhundredbillion dollar “defense”-budget, if we start
    spending money on fixing worn out infrastructure, or fixing people who
    can’t afford the fix-charges themselves; getting prober legal justice for
    people who can’t afford to buy it for themselves. Just saying, it’s a
    slibbery slope we’re setting foot on here.

  • Harlot Bug 4 years ago

    Probably one of the best bits of his career.

  • Peter Chien 4 years ago

    Good one, old broken systems for American! LOL

  • The7thmage 4 years ago

    We NEED an electoral college!!!!! A PURE democracy makes politics swing at
    the beckoning of the MOB MENTALITY of the MASSES!

    Electoral College=Good

  • boloniok 4 years ago

    A little too late to put it this way…..

  • Micro Aggressor 4 years ago

    Reinvigorating the infastructure is part of Trump’s platform, not Bernie’s.

  • The Charming Atheist 4 years ago

    CANADA #1

  • Asmodeus555 4 years ago

    I get the point he’s making but there is nothing bad about having still
    having a working 1959 chevy. In fact that is really freaking cool! The cars
    in Cuba are awesome! I would much rather have one of their than any of the
    crappy modern cars on offer!

  • Frank Stoeffler 4 years ago

    The reality sucks for any elected person and all of us in this process
    called a Republic…. we are NOT a demacrazy or democracy. I challege Bill
    to actually look at our Fed. budget. We are now at 80 percent entitlements
    and a crappy “new” health care system… Our defense budget is supported by
    all the crap we sell to other countries and any idiots willing to buy it.
    Yeah, we sell 900 dollar toilet seats to Somalia along with much more.
    Snowden is the tip of an iceburg now melting. Bill… I want you to admit
    one FUCKING thing…. Reagan saved Social Security by refusing Congress not
    to use SS funds to finance the budget. The Republican party is so devoid of
    any real thinking that a ummm, “outsider” has taken control and will win
    the Rebublican convention. Yeah.. Ted… bow out you yellow dog wannabe in
    elephant clothes. Bill is right, infrastructure first… no repairs…
    built new with new materials like pvc that lasts forever…. if we’re going
    to bury plastic that lasts forever, then make it pvc pipes that carry clean
    drinking water. Bill, both parties are running on empty …. I’d like the
    e-college trashed… pop. vote only. IRS abolished with flat taxes with no
    refunds. These changes will happen faster than you think… later gator…

  • Splaticus Blah 4 years ago

    WoW! Cubans are gonna make a fortune selling those classic cars to

  • fook offplz 4 years ago

    That sink hole looked so cool!

  • Ryan Kuehl 4 years ago

    #best #newrule #ever

  • Daniel Zinn 4 years ago

    I’m a college student and to me it makes zero sense how much we hold
    ourselves back trying to uphold these archaic electoral processes put in
    place by dead people. Other countries don’t have these problems but the
    richest and most powerful does? It’s insane

  • Pulkit Madan 4 years ago

    Bill is a smart bunny.
    Be like bill.

  • roomie4rent 4 years ago

    Well, geez Bill. Some of us did try something new. Bernie Sanders is and
    remains the only candidate willing to toss out the old and begin with the
    new, but you and the rest of the media refused to support him and his
    agenda. So I find it a little hypocritical when you lionize Hillary in one
    statement and bemoan America’s complacency in another.

  • Kyle “KABVIPER” Bender 4 years ago

    I really would love to import some of those cars to the states

  • Kyle “KABVIPER” Bender 4 years ago

    I really would love to import some of those cars to the states

  • hafadude69 4 years ago

    The reason is because our politicians are managing the peoples money. The
    government needs to be audited so the people can really see what are money
    is being spent on. Also, just look how this country has changed. People
    suing people over the stupidest things, PC crazy, health care just got
    worse, illegal immigration is worse, kids disrespecting adults, parents
    trying to be friends with their kids, rather then being parents, education
    got worse and I can go on. So, maybe some of the old things were better
    then the change we have now.

  • The Casual Gamer 4 years ago

    Cubans are poor for driving old fashion cars? Those are way nicer then our


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