Real Time with Bill Maher: Monologue – August 21, 2015 (HBO)

Published on August 22, 2015

Bill Maher’s monologue from Friday, August 21, 2015.

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  • Karthick Raghavan 5 years ago

    was he high while doing this show?

  • serenity s 5 years ago

    Bill Maher is soooooo on point on every word… i admire him soooooo
    much… he s sharp, slick, smart, wittyyyyyy…

  • TheDarkkilla12 5 years ago

    I feel like this whole Trump deporting illegals is what basically what the
    Nazis did to be a ‘pure’ country back on the 1930s.

    What’s next, he’s gonna change his formality from President to Chancellor?

  • Patrick Black 5 years ago

    Cinco Good Bye O :0

  • Dan Collins 5 years ago

    please release single video, instead of many clips.

  • James Anderson 5 years ago

    Tammy Wynette is dead.

  • wiley schmitt 5 years ago

    How many of those 37 million people are these so called ‘Christians’. I’m
    so sick how fake they are, I keep thinking ‘some of them aren’t so bad’,
    but that notion fades away quickly with how far from ‘Jesus’ they are, very
    far, He doesn’t know them. Biggest con ever: Believe this and that, and
    don’t worry again, you’re forgiven, fuck up all you want. That’s the
    biggest lie ever told, and it’s led to way too may abused and heart broken
    people year after year. That’s right, they don’t improve at all either,
    it’s because of their delusional mind set. And how hard is it to have a
    real conversation with any of them, the smart ones should still be on the
    short bus. It’s gone on long enough, No More Churches! Use them to house
    homeless families, and bring that 10% back into our economy (which they
    probably write off on their taxes anyways, how honorable of them).

  • Makeda Cox 5 years ago


  • Vegan Power Couple 5 years ago

    so good

  • Miss River 5 years ago

    I think Bill Maher is the best thing that ever happened to me.

  • Jesus Lopez 5 years ago


  • I'M_YOUR_TROLL 5 years ago

    republicans hypocrites?? what about the book burners i mean liberals?? yap
    yap yap 24/7/365 all about climate change yet they can’t stay away from gas
    powered cars & jet airliners….

  • Fenny Famous 5 years ago

    Is Bill going senile? He messed up the new rules last week and the
    monologue this week was off

  • Dobby san 5 years ago

    The things is bill, most wont become American.

  • NYCmob79 5 years ago

    deep lol

  • EH CBunny 5 years ago

    Maher is the only Bill I can’t wait to see each week.

  • EH CBunny 5 years ago

    Church is nothing but a carwash for the soul. Each week you walk your
    funky butt in one door and when you wake up at the end of the sermon you
    are sparkling clean.

  • Doug Medina 5 years ago

    I like Bill Maher; I’ve watched him since ‘Politically Incorrect’, but to
    not even bring up the Hillary E-mail Scandal in his opening monologue after
    she handed her server to the FBI just 4 days ago? A presidential candidate
    being investigated by the FBI … this is a news story worthy of
    commentary. I understand that this is a liberal show for a majority liberal
    audience, but there’s a difference between witty, liberal commentary and
    liberal propaganda. This is liberal propaganda.

  • Michael Barsegyan 5 years ago

    But isn’t Trump’s argument illegal immigrants? I doubt Trump’s wives were
    came to America illegally, no?

  • stevie68a 5 years ago

    Bill Maher for president!

  • tom kassan 5 years ago

    Anybody who believes this Ashley Madison BS is real deserves what they
    get…all a psy-op.

  • tom kassan 5 years ago

    Duggars is a psy-op the same way the Westboro Baptist Church is FAKE…

  • Rolando Durán 5 years ago


  • Jaramie Wright 5 years ago

    Trumps mother was born in Scotland doesn’t that make him an anchor baby?

  • mrbriscoe2001 5 years ago

    His audience is such a bunch of trained seals…

  • JamieOwen50 5 years ago

    Lesson to learn from the Josh Duggar situation? Madonna’s words of wisdom
    are very true….. Express yourself don’t repress yourself.

    I want to know how many more there are out there like Josh Duggar but
    aren’t in the public eye!! By people like him I mean Christians who are
    brought up to think everything is a sin! That will not do you good!
    Especially when you’re starting to get into your teens!

  • Dominick Ibelli 5 years ago

    Nailed it.

  • Pavel Ratatoskov 5 years ago

    “Вызвало первую эрекцию в этом году у миллионов зрителей Fox news” –
    отличная шутка :-))

  • Gregory Drilling 5 years ago

    Definitely one of the best monologues in a while!

  • 2dogarage 5 years ago

    Sure Bill Maher is clever but it’s sad that people think this is funny…
    those barbs at the end were definitely below the belt not just to Trump but
    to the people Maher pretends to care about… the Dems are running a dirty
    race, no wonder Jon Stewart retired…

  • Bob Jones 5 years ago

    So does being a libertarian on sex mean you can’t have an opinion on other
    people’s sexual conduct? Anyways, I wouldn’t care whether or not people
    have sex with others who aren’t their significant other if not for the fact
    that it is unfair and harmful to this person. If your spouse or whatever
    agree to let you fuck some other person than knock yourself out.

    Why is it that we’ve only been hearing about the men on this list, are
    there no women worth mentioning? I know men are more likely to cheat in a
    marriage so does that mean most of the women were single?

  • Samuel Evans 5 years ago

    bill maher is the man!

  • Leslie 5 years ago

    Josh would be the perfect republican presidential candidate.

  • ballet1026 5 years ago

    trump maher in 2016 what a great team

  • JennStiltskin 5 years ago

    Josh Dugger is fucking despicable….and we’re just going off the shit we
    know about….

  • kanishq ruhil 5 years ago

    Healthcare system in amerika is horrible. Albendazole is distribute free in
    schools in India, costs 0.10 dollar in pharmacy for a pill. It is cost 1600
    dollars a pill in America

  • LeLovelySuccubus 5 years ago

    Man, with all the scandals and craziness that has happened this year
    alone… South Park has a gold mine for the next season….

  • Aaron Davis 5 years ago

    Just being fair, its pretty clear that Alabama’s being so far at the top
    of the list was because of some computing error with databases and the fact
    that Alabama is first alphabetically among states, as some analysts have
    suggested. C’mon it such an extreme outlier compared to just the second
    state and not to mention Mississippi its neighbor was at the other end at
    49th, just by the principles of statistics, there is a probably like a one
    in a million chance if not greater that it is actually true.

  • Lotario Vergamota 5 years ago

    can anybody tell me if he says somethings up… and then i dont know what
    “satan”? in min 3:30-3:31? please

  • Mr Bel 5 years ago

    Whoa! How on Earth doesn’t the fact that Hillary jeopardized the nation’s
    security by keeping TS/SCI documents including SIGINT specifics and how we
    go about targeting terrorist comm’s not affect anyone’s life? I know for a
    fact that my fellow Airmen, Soldiers, Marines, and Sailors can be put in
    danger if the cyber warriors of ISIS can find the location of their convoys
    using the signal signature of our encrypted communications (they have a
    squadron of very well-trained cyber warfare computer scientists) and it
    would, without a doubt, affect their lives. Why is he apologizing for
    Hillary’s stupidity and lies? She hasn’t done anything to deserve that! I’m
    confident that Bll is unaware of the level of intelligence contained on
    this unsecure, low-level encrypted (8 bit key) server that Mrs. Clinton has
    been using in concert with her iPad and Android devices, or he wouldn’t be
    stating such a blatant untruth.

  • wackyfours 5 years ago

    Someone clear my doubts. How many liberals here want to deport all
    undocumented immigrants? How many liberals here see immigration as a
    humanitarian issue? How many liberals here want to see some sort of amnesty
    or pathway to residency for law abiding undocumented immigrants? And how
    many liberals here want to secure the border to tooth and nail and why?

  • Ishan 331 5 years ago

    hahaha lost it at “gave fox news viewer’s their first erection in years”!
    awesome monologue Bill, love ya!

  • freshair3451 5 years ago

    Oh those, wacky,heterosexuals. Just can’t keep it in their pants.

  • Robert Wangenstein 5 years ago

    Random voter for president.

  • Jared Lancaster 5 years ago

    Trump wins I’m deuces and hanging with mooses :P

  • Mtnes 5 years ago

    Bill’s monologue was on point this week!

  • Choose Life 5 years ago

    Thou shalt not commit adultery”, one of the Ten Commandments, is found at
    Exodus 20:14 of the Tanach (or Old Testament)

  • Roedy Green 5 years ago

    The Republican expulsion plans make no sense:
    1. The hated ones have American papers but not Mexican ones. There is no
    reason Mexico should have to accept them.
    2. The hated ones are Americans. They speak English. There is no way they
    could survive in Mexico. It is even worse for other countries where no one
    speaks English.
    3. The US economy depends on the hated ones to do the agriculture, tend the
    lawns and gardens, be the nannies. Whites refuse such jobs.
    4. This is just racism. Surely it is illegal by the constitution. It should
    be just as wrong and persecuting blacks.

  • lyco mania 5 years ago

    I think Maher is intelligent and sometimes funny, but I disagree with his
    worldview almost completely. However, I am quite able to laugh at myself.

  • bryce251 5 years ago

    Alabama might have been the most popular because its the first state on the
    drop down list.

  • MyLifeInInfinity 5 years ago

    The Duggars make worshiping satan look like somewhat an attractive

  • Ted Mccluskey 5 years ago

    The last minute of this video is Bill Maher on FIRE!

  • Jim20 5 years ago

    Duggar, the professional christian sinner!

  • Christoph Lang 5 years ago

    C’mon. Right On! hat normal What’s your opinion about it

  • Bryan Contreras 5 years ago

    Bills on some coke I know it

  • Rick Fauteux 5 years ago

    Iran applauds wow

  • A Skeptical Human 5 years ago

    “…and call each other ‘schmuckims'”

    That would make it dramatically more awkward.

  • Liam Morris 5 years ago

    What’s up, guys. It’s very good consist line What do you think… !!

  • namtil 5 years ago

    Tammy Wynette: “Stand by Your Man”.

  • Martin Gerard 4 years ago

    hello thfre, congratulatirns. detect careless what’s your opinion about
    this !


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