Real Time with Bill Maher: Michael Moore – Where to Invade Next (HBO)

Published on May 20, 2016

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore joins Bill to discuss his latest documentary, “Where to Invade Next” in this clip from May 13, 2016.

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  • Face Only 3 years ago

    Trump #2016

  • Ishaan Baath 3 years ago

    Donald Trump once walked in on me and helped me finish….

  • Collin Pittman 3 years ago

    Why is requiring a certain quota of women in parliament a good thing? Can
    anyone explain that to me?

  • TommyTazza 3 years ago

    Fuck the EU! I’m voting BREXIT!

  • Peter Spalthoff 3 years ago

    I get why Moore prefers living in the states, it’s pretty great if you have
    Otherwise, western Europe is probably better, with all the issues that we

  • PoliticalSatire org 3 years ago

    Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

  • enlessdreams 3 years ago

    It amazes me that even a single democrat would prefer Hillary over Bernie.
    It’s a No Brainer as far as I’m concerned.
    This could have been a landmark election , but now we’re stuck with a
    Buffoon and a pathological liar and Opportunist.

  • Antagonista 3 years ago

    I live in Europe and no successful businesswoman here wants quotas.

  • everyone lies and says it's not about money and sex 3 years ago

    thats one ugly lesbian on the left

  • AfroSlacker 3 years ago

    Conservatives will hate this because its sooo fucking obvious that they
    were wrong all along. Trickle down economics my ass. Pride is a bitch. Let
    the butthurt comments commence.

  • Frankish Empire 3 years ago

    Sure, health-care is an american idea… sure, sure….

  • Mag1cMerl1n 3 years ago

    I like how they just pretended as if everything that was good about Europe
    was just originally invented in America. lol

  • Tristan Hopkins 3 years ago

    The only thing I really disagree with is affirmative action where there
    MUST be a set number women or minorities(Particularly blacks) in the
    workplace, politics or in education, etc. Whoever is the more qualified
    and/or experienced for the job should get it. That’s just how I feel.

  • Derrick Green 3 years ago

    I need to check this movie out

  • abdooo shahin 3 years ago

    “these all american ideas , aren’t they ”
    really!! even many great ideas inside US aren’t originally american
    people elsewhere have brains too ,they do think and invent,, GOD

  • Heinrich Dorfmann 3 years ago

    unfortunately the health care system in Europe is become more like that of
    the US now, it all profit driven

  • biorussian 3 years ago

    Affirmative action is so fucking stupid. Do you want people working on
    nuclear reactors and spacecraft simply because they have a vagina or more
    melanin than their competitors? Fucking no, hire whoever can do the job the
    best, and if that group just happens to be 100% straight, white males, then
    so be it, you SJW fuckers.

  • Sean Peppitt 3 years ago

    What a load of rubbish. A lot of our ancient ancestors already had all of
    the positive things that they have talked about. The USA has invented what?
    Everything the USA claims to have invented were and are stolen.

  • Jens Dahlqvist 3 years ago

    Crazy americans, Who think our Ideas will work in you’re country…
    Delusional. Self hating. Brainwashed 

  • Lutra Nereis 3 years ago

    Actually, the law doesn’t state specifically that it has to be 40% women.
    Instead, it states that neither gender can call below 40% representation.
    That’s a far more egalitarian way of wording such a policy and it works to
    prevent the pendulum from going too far in the other direction. Some
    universities in the US have a similar wording for their admissions policy,
    which is now being used to benefit men since women are more likely to go to

  • bandholm 3 years ago

    All to often I hear people from the US say, “ah, but Europe is a mess”…
    What has that to do with anything, if we are talking about basic ideas?
    US is a mess, does not change that certain parts of the US constitution,
    give a greater degree of protection for it’s citizen, than anywhere else in
    the world! Why would I as a citizen of a European country not want to apply
    that part, into my own nations constitution?

  • Mechaghostman2 3 years ago

    #FeelTheBern #BernieOrBust #Sanders2016

  • Ed Bain 3 years ago

    they should raise the voting age to 25,you young fucks are going to ensure
    that we get Donald Trump with vice president meat loaf with this ‘bernie or
    bust’ bull shit. just don’t vote…..

  • JabberCT 3 years ago

    The US is not #1 in anything except military spending and the amount of its
    own citizens it throws in jail. Nothing to be proud of.

  • AlexetCatherineShow 3 years ago

    Women quotas are good? That’s right forget about qualification.

  • schonwiederkuchen 3 years ago

    in the US the event took place, what other countries are remembering on
    05/01., the Haymarket riot. There is a reason, why this is not a public
    holiday in the USA and is not remembered and this is political

  • Joker 3 years ago

    There are some parts in the movie that I didn’t like such as when he was
    trying to convince us that having a woman in the highest office is the
    reason for Iceland’s success!!! It is a weird timing unless you are trying
    to tell us to vote for Hillary. On the other hand, you claim to support
    Bernie……. Make up your mind Michael Moore.

  • Tiago Pinto 3 years ago

    In Portugal drugs aren’t legal :s I am portuguese, I live here ! I wish
    they were legal 😀 Here they dont treat you like a criminal right away..

  • Cheeseburger 3 years ago

    In my experience many Italians were frustrated and bitter, and only few
    were happy

  • TsarSamuil 3 years ago

    I like M.Moore’s movies, but this one was terribly boring! Sorry, sad but

  • the ame 3 years ago

    makes a movie about how europe does things so much better than america then
    says yeah but i’d rather live here lol.

  • TheNarrowPath 3 years ago

    please Michael get ahold of me I have a revelation from God for you 🙂
    you’ve been called, no not Christianity lol, no islam, just the actual
    truth! 🙂 I have your best movie in your life waiting to be made, it will
    explain everything as to why we live in such sin for the last 2000 years

  • omfug 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t be bragging on Italy their economy is a mess (of course if we
    elect Berlusconi clone Trump we might be in the same position.)

  • TheNarrowPath 3 years ago

    We have found many of our schools drinking water is contaminated by lead!
    here in Canada

  • TheNarrowPath 3 years ago

    Hi Bill I understand why you are an atheist and I say bravo for not
    repeating the sins of judaism buttttt I have something you missed brother
    from another mother 🙂
    I know something that might help you see your way clear of certain
    misunderstandings and I ask for your help please :-).

  • TheNarrowPath 3 years ago

    You’ll never hear this from a religious person ever and yet it is from God

  • NexisFilms 3 years ago

    Right now I live in Greece, and with all the problems that we face today …
    I’d never want to move to the US . Don’t get me wrong,
    I love the states, but the more I hear and learn, the less appealing it
    becomes as a place to live.
    They should change their slogan to : America ! We COULD be the greatest
    country in the world !

  • Swarov nupnup 3 years ago

    Iran, according to Hillary.

  • militant atheist 3 years ago

    I did not think it was possible, but Michael Moore appears to be getting

  • jsp 2081 3 years ago

    Gender quotas imply that I am inferior.


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