Real Time with Bill Maher: Is Trump the Manchurian Candidate?

Published on September 12, 2015

Bill Maher and panelists Linda Chavez, Salman Rushdie, Michael Moynihan and Wendell Pierce discuss Donald Trump’s campaign and the conspiracy theories surrounding it.

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  • JUDALATION 5 years ago

    These are shitty low wage Jobs… Nothing to write home about… Also, we
    dont need immigrants, that lowers wages… If an American wont do a Job
    then import the product…

  • eurocasey 5 years ago

    bill trully believes unemployment in the country is down to 5%, and he
    gleams how 911 wasn’t a inside job? Do you really want to ride with Bill?
    Bill is just a social climbing fool -he’s no true artist like George Carlin
    (Bill says is his mentor). Bill loves to kick islam in the face eventhough
    the blood on american hands is in the millions. Bill is a charming fool.

  • Revo Red 5 years ago

    nobody likes Bernie:(((

  • Richard G 5 years ago

    Dumb bitch cunt – illegal fucking aliens.

  • Harim Rothman 5 years ago

    Yes, unemployment is down to 5.1% and the economy has been growing for
    dozens of months, yet we still need $15/hour minimum wage?

    Make up your mind, Liberals. Are jobs and the economy doing great or we
    need to keep propping up our workers?

  • Nick Moody 5 years ago

    What the fuck… Not a single mention of Bernie :(

  • Dobby san 5 years ago

    Is this real time with bill maher or Real time with Donald Trump? Lol Bill
    Maher jus love talking shit about him.

  • Michael Smith Jr. 5 years ago

    Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden….. Give me a break he hasn’t even
    announced that he’s running -___- How scared are y’all of Bernie Sanders?

  • Edward Mora 5 years ago

    I’ve been saying this entire time, Trump was planted in the race just to
    troll the u.s and republicans till he either ruins it for them or becomes
    the elected republican rep. Either way republicans are losing another

    This is clearly only a race between Sanders and Hillary.

  • Jesus Lopez 5 years ago


  • Dobby san 5 years ago

    Nobody wants to work those jobs. Shit most of the jobs in this world people
    don’t really want to do. It’s a misconception of how the question is
    represented. In Americans eyes, asking if they want to do a shitty job with
    bad pay, would get majority no, but if you asked them if you need to feed
    your family and these jobs were reaching out to them, then majority of
    Americans would do it if there options are slim. (Jus how illegals options
    for work is slim) I feel Americans hardly have even the opportunity to be
    aware of such jobs, because of the lack of outlets for it. And how
    companies prefer illegals because it’s cheaper and quicker.

  • Tripleexel 5 years ago

    Lool don’t tell Americans illegals do jobs Americans don’t want to do. It’s
    a truth they hate ☺. Just ask Alabama who had to return the illegals they
    deported haha

  • Bob Walsh 5 years ago

    They dropped out of the labor force because they stopped looking for work
    you crazy bitch (there are no jobs). The answer to that is not more low
    skilled migrants. It’s so fucking obvious they want these migrants coming
    in to destroy the white vote (they vote Republican), and turn America into
    a one party state.

    Good fucking luck keeping whitey happy when you take away his right to self
    determination via the political process.

  • Joshua Phillips 5 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton 41% to 40% in the Iowa polls and
    Bill Maher won’t report it why?

  • Holdin Down 5 years ago

    There’s no such thing as a job that an American is unwilling to do. Only
    wages they’re unwilling to do it for.

  • Bear Soetero 5 years ago

    Trump 2016! This is a pure propaganda piece. All 3 people speaking + Maher
    make their living from the Establishment as is. Maher secretly loves Trump
    but Maher is owned by media shill Richard Plepler, and is paid like a whore
    to defame Trump and create an image that Trump and his supporters are

  • syntaxed2 5 years ago

    Unemployment is at 5%?!

    That has to be some kind of record, no? Its better than countries who were
    not even hit by the financial blow.
    Either way, I think 10% is standard for any civilization.

  • ThE DuCk 5 years ago

    Trump is a sexist ,racist, bigoted dumb ass plutocrat . Trump is The
    Emperor’s New Clothes .. running around showing his ass.

  • EH CBunny 5 years ago

    Trump is good friends with the Clintons. He contributed to Hillary’s
    campaign and invited them to his last wedding. Trump is playing the RNC for
    a fool. It’s a shame their chairman did not realize it before making him
    sign the agreement.

  • EH CBunny 5 years ago

    The WTC and 9/11 wasn’t a inside job but we knew it was going to happen,
    and did nothing to stop it.

  • Taekwon Yoo 5 years ago

    Trump is 9.0 greatest quake to America

    Bernie Sanders is 30 M tsunami followed.

    If I were in your shoes, american voters, I would beg Mitt Romney to run
    again , or ignore email scandal of Clinton and to make first woman
    president .

    Heww. America is in trouble by its own 230 year old democracy .

    Be smart, do not vote for far right Mussolini trump Or far left Communist
    Bernie sanders


  • Ricardo del toro 5 years ago

    What the fuck, Bill!? Not a single mention of Bernie! Not one in the entire

  • Michael Walker 5 years ago

    we do not “need” any more immigrants,…. we are over populated…. we need
    jobs, not more people having an abundance of children, sucking at the
    American teat.

  • Brandon Speagle 5 years ago

    The fact that Bill compares the likelihood of the Donald being the
    Manchurian candidate to the likelihood of 9/11 being a conspiracy is so far
    removed from each other if I didn’t know any better I would think Bill is a
    media mole directly involved with such a conspiracy to gut the republicans.
    While it’s not the most likely of scenarios, it’s MUCH more likely that
    Trump has a hidden agenda. 9/11 conspiracy theorists are the laughing stock
    of every comment section covering every 9/11 related story in existence and
    otherwise, at least there is some tangible evidence lending credence to the
    trump mole plot. I honestly think 9/11 conspiracy theorists just can’t come
    to terms with the harsh reality of what happened, it honestly may just be
    too painful for those folks to come to grips with the harsh reality of what
    happened on 9/11. You can liken it to a coping mechanism that has had a
    head on collision with the pattern seeking brain..

  • Agahd Le'Sape 5 years ago

    DEMOCRATS: Who would you vote for first? Hilary or Joe?

    Just wondering.

  • JJ Kent 5 years ago

    Why is it liberals never seem to be able to differentiate between illegal
    immigrants and legal immigrants? If the U.S needs more immigrants, (and
    that’s debatable) then sugggest making it easier for immigrants to get a
    green card, but don’t defend people who break the law by coming here
    illegally and say “we need immigrants” that’s no fucking excuse! Why should
    people who come here illegally be awarded with citizenship while people who
    applied for a green card, got turned down and then obeyed the law by not
    coming here be short changed?

  • Randy S 5 years ago

    Sarah Palin supports Trump, I rest my case, your honor!!!

  • Emil Frederik Saxtorph Berthelsen 5 years ago

    You can mean what want to about trump but I’m tired of him getting
    misrepresented. He is not anti immigration – he is anti illegal immigration
    …well carry on..

  • Zonkerino Sqweakertown 5 years ago

    Fuck Killary. Go Bernie!

    P.S. If you believe that fires resulting from the burning of jet fuel
    and/or office materials could generate enough heat to catastrophically
    weaken construction grade steel to cause two 110 floor buildings to
    collapse neatly into their own footprint – the vast number of engineers,
    architects, scientists, and demolition experts testify that scenario is
    impossible – then you are either deliberately ignoring the mountains of
    evidence or you’re an idiot,

  • Xrysa Zotali 5 years ago

    Why don’t u guys talk about Bernie sanders

  • Libby Dee 5 years ago

    We don’t need any illegals or immigrants for ANY jobs, none. That’s a lie.

  • Carlos Paz Despierta 5 years ago

    WTC WAS an inside job, Bill.

    For a person who marvels about “intelligent stupid people” you are a pretty
    good example of that yourself.

  • Glen Lovelace 5 years ago

    why don’t u lizards tell the truth why u really don’t want him in office
    going to slow down your nwo plans I hope he screw up everything and put u
    guy back yrs before u try it again ??

  • bduhe219 5 years ago

    NO ONE…in the entire history of this country, has ever been elected
    president unless they had heal elected office prior. the only exception to
    that rule, are presidents elected that were former military generals. to
    imagine a man or woman elected to political office as the president of the
    US is unimaginable. that would be like asking a dentist to perform brain
    surgery. you need some political experience as a governor, a member of
    congress, or as a secretary in a presidential cabinet, to at least know how
    the ship is run, what knobs to push, what direction to go without causing
    the ship to sink, IF you want to be captain of that vessel.

  • VTV 5 years ago

    I like Bernie but he’s not being taken seriously by enough people, Hilary
    hasn’t got a chance, sadly the only shot Dems have at this point is Biden.

  • Iitathebomber 5 years ago

    Shoutout to Bernie!!

  • Mat Rix 5 years ago

    Fuck you Bill Maher and your continued denial of what happened on 9/11.
    You’re a total hack and a liar. You know better.

    I hope your conscience eats you away inside.

  • Hank Murphy 5 years ago

    There is one aspect of Trump that makes he seem far more sane than all the
    other Republicans; he’s not a religious fanatic. He’s not going on about
    the bible or Jesus this and Jesus that, and that god wrote the constitution
    or that the laws of god superseded the constitution. Trump is a creep, but
    he knows how to play one American jingoism and fears and inherent racism.
    But at the end of the day he doesn’t scare me like all the other
    republicans and their scary christian 12th century hate and nonsense.

  • softminimal1 5 years ago

    Salman is right, it’s a protest against cookie cutter, career politicians.
    Just don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

  • gmx1100 5 years ago

    Bill Maher is looking haggard. Keep dating those 24 year olds, Bill, maybe
    some youth will rub off on you…

  • Get a Job 5 years ago


  • thomas abel 5 years ago

    Bill is a fuck moron unemployment is not 5% and that lady is totally
    moronic. The only reason Democraps are so big on immigration is that they
    need a new voting pool because people are wising up to there bullshit
    socialist views

  • trudginon 5 years ago

    Liberal pukes.

  • clevawoman 5 years ago

    “They do jobs Americans won’t do” is bullshit.

  • Snafuski 5 years ago

    Manchurian Candidate? No, if anything Trump is there to make the other GOP
    candidates look more reasonable than they are. It’s expectations
    management, if anything.

  • Mazie Ferreira 5 years ago

    No one took Hitler seriously in the beginning….. Trump is running on a
    similar platform as Hitler.

  • Shawn M 5 years ago

    Aww…poor Bill. He got exposed by Donald Trump for his lies years ago and
    still pouting over it with his bs spewing show. How about some facts Bill
    for once?

  • samwiseshanti 5 years ago

    Woah woah woah- hold on a fucking second. Jeremy Corbyn is an
    anti-establishment left wing idealist- him coming to power is the same as
    Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain, Bernie Sanders witht the democrats- all
    over the world people are reacting against ‘the system’, for better or
    DO NOT put Trump on that level. He is just a racist , sexist, narcissictic,
    hypocritical billionaire, with no idea what he will do in government after
    his ‘build a big wall’ policy.
    Not the same, guys.

  • Tin Man 5 years ago

    These 4 need to be flushed with the rest of the turds!!!

  • Akuma W 5 years ago

    No you dumb bitch!!! Trump will be our next president 2016!!!

  • Michael Goehner 5 years ago

    911 was an inside job, i am surprised your behind on that

  • paul chisholm 5 years ago

    Obama hates jews and israel. He just gave billions to iran to basically
    blow up israel. You demos have really screwed up electing a two faced
    closet antisemitic muslim.

  • Guy Man 5 years ago

    Jet fuel cant melt steel beams

  • Peter Montgomery 5 years ago

    911 was an inside job and anyone who takes the time to research it will
    come to the same conclusion.

  • Alan Vuong 5 years ago


  • afterray 5 years ago

    Will trump say to Israel, you guys cost too much / smell like Nazis – FUCK
    OFF !

  • signalfire6 5 years ago

    Strange that the Vice President of the United States for the last seven
    years isn’t sure he wants the job of the Presidency, and isn’t sure if he
    can handle the grueling schedule of a candidate, either…. I understand
    the guy is grieving but could he GET any more blase about this? He’s like a
    Hillary understudy just in case (who will be under indictment any time now)
    but meanwhile, they’re ignoring the 300 lb Democratic Socialist in the

  • Chris richardson 5 years ago

    I love Trump.

  • Baltazar H 5 years ago

    They don’t actually look into Trump’s policy. It’s just irresponsible

  • Xavier Jones 5 years ago

    vile human being??? based on what????? the media’s misunderstanding and
    mischaracterization of almost all of his statements?

  • 430gma 5 years ago


  • Rob Styles 5 years ago


  • Bad End Happy 5 years ago

    I will beat Trump at the election, and I only have 1 policy: I will build a
    wall from the core of the earth all the way to the moon.

  • Michael DiBlasio 5 years ago

    That woman is stupid because Trump isn’t against immigration he’s just
    against it illegally.

  • TheHehe1223 5 years ago

    Paul Krugman is an idiot.

  • justin lumpkin 5 years ago

    you know the biggest lie the media is telling us is that immigrants do the
    jobs that Americans don’t want to do, that is such bullsh!t. They just do
    the job at a cheaper rate than a black or white man, its the market system.
    you don’t think for one moment there aren’t thousands of unemployed
    Americans who would love to have a construction job or any job, but they
    don’t want to be paid in peanuts. They want an actual wage to live off of,
    but if you have another person that will do the same exact job at a cheaper
    rate that saves the company money by hiring a cheaper labor force.

  • paul bauer 5 years ago

    Donald Trump isn’t against immigration, he’s against a flood of
    undocumented immigrants. Why can’t we have both? Immigration that is all
    legit and they are documented.its best they are documented….. It’s in
    their favor.

  • Graceymay74 5 years ago

    If I wished to ensure a democrat victory in the next presidential election
    I would first HELP the worst of the republicans get selected. then enjoy
    crushing him later. Maybe this is the way the media wishes to influence the
    result with its coverage of Trump.

  • Andrew Bryant pianotunerbristol 5 years ago

    Bill Maher is part of the Right Wing Agenda. WAKE UP!!!

  • Liberate Wisconsin First 5 years ago

    we need imagrants like we need todays violent cops. what a fn lie. we do
    not need imerants

  • heebiejeepie 5 years ago

    We are witnessing a mass migration of ideas and events, from the Fiction
    aisle to the History aisle at your local bookstore. Back in the day, on
    Saturday afternoons I’d watch scifi movies where someone like Trump is
    gaining power, so people have to escape Earth in spaceships to reset the
    sanity meter someplace else. Double-digit IQ’s have been given control of
    Congress, providing distractions and defenses for the 1%, and offering
    chances for quick, cheap power to clowns like those at the GOP “debate” in
    front of Air Force One. At the extremes, radical Right and radical Left
    wrap around and become the same thing. Manchurian Candidate, indeed.

  • penzman 5 years ago

    Trump is only there to keep the Bush family name in his shadow. He will
    drop out at the last minute and a 3rd member of the Bush Dynasty will ease
    himself into the seat. That’s the only way the GOP would dare present a 3rd
    Bush. That’s the real secret deal.

  • SQUILLEM DEFOE 5 years ago

    The face Maher makes during the end screen makes me so damn uncomfortable.
    Holy crap.

  • poodtang1 4 years ago

    If Trump went it alone he would split the right wing vote. Democrats love
    him for it.

  • Harley Palmer 4 years ago

    What’s up, yo? Great Discovery. elderly animal What do you think? !

  • nwo spy T 4 years ago

    high end jobs americans wont do?

  • D Mick 4 years ago

    no company should get away with putting profits over the safety and sanity
    of a job. I know for a fact we could give all legal americans farm jobs.
    Let them bring back small scale farming. Screw these factory farms. Bill
    and your guest, you defend illegal jobs you are really defending big
    factory farm business. Two stupid fools.

  • 1thruZ 4 years ago

    It’s amazing that this panel of establishment liberals complains that Trump
    doesn’t talk enough about his policies and they say his ideas are “bat shit
    crazy”, yet they don’t even bring up a policy they disagree with! Trump
    just knows the political game doesn’t involve giving long lectures on
    policy, and you don’t need a phd to know that importing tens of millions of
    the worst and the dimmest is not good for American citizens (let’s compare
    this policy to Israel immigration policies: DNA testing of Jewish heritage
    for citizenship, detaining 30,000 African refugees in detention centers,
    and even how they forcibly injecting birth control to illegal
    immigrants…all well-documented facts. Oh btw which ethnicity is
    overrepresented in the media again? I keep forgetting….

  • redryan20000 4 years ago

    Won’t automation kill the need for these immigrants to do low-class
    wage-slave jobs for in service of bourgeois liberals?

  • Dakote Aries 4 years ago

    “The immigrants will do jobs Americans won’t” is the biggest load of
    bullshit I have ever heard. I know plenty of American citizens, myself
    included, who have worked shitty, boring jobs as well as good and lucrative

  • Jonathan Hartley 4 years ago

    Rushdie. What are you talking about, comparing Trump to Corbyn? Astonished
    by your willingness to swallow Blairite nonsense wholesale. And you would
    have it you’re some kind of intellectual?

    Corbyn is not some irrational reaction to moderate politics in the way
    Trump is. He proposes to do some very positive and simple things.

    Why are the following ideas such pie in the sky for a supposedly large
    section of the parliamentary labour party, and also, anti-Corbynite that
    you are, you?

    -Utilities owned by the UK govt rather than a nationalised French or
    Chinese company

    -Free university and college education of the sort that you, Andrew, and
    most of the milquetoast labour MPs enjoyed in their youth

    -A housing market that isn’t entirely delinquent and speaks to the
    reasonable expectations of the ordinary voter

    -An NHS that isn’t carved up by private, profit driven interests

    -A welfare system that isn’t run on the premise that every unemployed or
    disabled person is a shirker or a scrounger

    -An economy that rewards productive industry and penalises the delinquent
    financial sector that worked so hard to destroy the economy in 2008 and
    continues to work for a new disaster tomorrow

    -A nationalised transport network like those that serve France, Germany and
    yes, Spain, so well.

    Why? Why are the ambitions to work for these things so unreasonable?

    Once you have answered this question we can move on to something harder,
    which is the question, Given our present situation, after 36 years of free
    market policies, what is it that we should be so grateful for?

  • malia b 4 years ago

    No, just try to take a job away from an illegal and see what happens. They
    will mess you up. They will do everything they can to sabotage you and make
    your life miserable and this has been going on for a long time. And
    furthermore, illegals are not better workers or parents and they might, I
    SAY MIGHT, work for less but will make up for that somewhere and they are
    growing very rebellious and weary of feeling cheated and exploited. Where I
    live a white person cannot get a job at most of the restaurants and stores
    and the motels are taken over by Indians. I have seen my whole life how it
    really is. I asked at a Mcdonalds why they didn’t have any white people
    working there and the Manager said that it was because they couldn’t find
    one that wasn’t a felon and if I could find one to send them their way. I
    asked at a convenience store if they would hire white people and they flat
    out said NO. And the white people are the biggest problem because they will
    say Oh I will just hire a mexican or you shouldn’t be doing that, it is a
    mexicans job. wtf? And don’t get me started on the Chinese.

  • malia b 4 years ago

    And yes there are way too many people in America that think they are too
    good to scrub a toilet and to do the jobs our ancestors had no choice but
    to do and some even took pride in the fact that they worked their way up
    from the bottom. Now you can hardly work your way up anymore because it’s,
    the bottom-illegals only, middle class-college graduates only, and upper
    class is nepotism or “who you know” class snobbery all the way. And if you
    don’t have a smart phone and a dependable car, fuck you, you might get
    arrested ’cause you can’t even get a job delivering pizza so bye!

  • Ceaser Jounsun 4 years ago


  • HardTruth 4 years ago


  • Paul Hhong 4 years ago

    Why shouldn’t we build a wall? We should have done it 100 years ago. It
    doesn’t mean that we hate Mexicans, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want them
    to visit. What it does mean is that we won’t tolerate illegal immigration.
    They must have papers and present at a legal border crossing to be assessed
    by the authorities. Why is this so hard for people to understand? Why do
    they assume it has to have racial undertones? Fuck, if we had millions of
    Canadians doing the same thing then we would wan’t to control that border

  • BradLee Jones 4 years ago

    An ill informed panel of puppets. Followers of the elite establishment. You
    can buy Donald Trump. No special interest groups can get to him. The 1% is
    really trying their best to knock him off the campaign trail. Why is that?
    Because he’s going to make America a fair place to do business, and when
    Donald Trump becomes president, he’s going to reopen all of the
    investigations into the smuggling of mass amounts of cocain and money
    laundering empire the Clintons founded and then paid to cover up in
    Arkansas. The Clintons and many other will be going to jail. Two young boys
    were murdered and their bodies thrown onto train tracks in an effort to
    hide the involvement of the Clintons in this massive cocain and money
    laundering operation…….. as well as many other good, honest, hard
    working individuals in and out of law enforcement whose lives have been
    taken or destroyed . Do a little research and you’ll easily find out how
    incredibly evil the Clintons are.

  • Mr. Bryce 4 years ago

    Bill Maher proved that he is just a part of the big government Think Tank
    with his last comment he made. This guy is just as bad a Sean Hannity.

  • Comedian Sk Humor 4 years ago

    Illegal Immigrants make legal immigrants wait SUPER LONG to get to United
    States LEGALLY!!! Illegal Immigrants are ANTI IMMIGRANT!!!!!!!! Liberals
    are EVIL people who are ANTI IMMIGRANTS and therefore the true

  • Frank Winkhorst 4 years ago

    Maher’s just another CIA stooge. Look at his ridiculous statement about
    “9/11”. Guys who could hardly fly Cessnas do what experienced pilots can’t
    do, and it’s just a “conspiracy theory” (CIA invented term). I’d trust
    Rushdie before Maher any day of the year.

  • nsi pnsi 4 years ago

    inside job or not, the official report was utter bullshit

  • David Kim 4 years ago

    I hate Bill Maher. I hope he drops dead soon.

  • manosdepiedra 4 years ago

    bill maher is a fucking retard.

  • Herman Spanjar 4 years ago

    hope trump gets the nomination so the voters can rise up and shout “YOU’RE
    FIRED !”

  • aykcroid 4 years ago

    That’s right, immis will do jobs that Americans won’t do, including running
    for president!

  • Sunny Jim 4 years ago

    Crack’s me up when they say immigrants do jobs that American’s are
    unwilling to do. What they don’t say is do for less money. Those same jobs
    once paid a living wage too.

  • ricarleite 4 years ago

    Salman Rushdie was right.

  • Cyou 44 4 years ago

    Can’t believe i used to like this ahole!!

  • Sidgy 4 years ago

    #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain


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