Real Time with Bill Maher: Interview with Bernie Sanders – July 29, 2016 (HBO)

Published on July 30, 2016

Bill is joined by Senator Bernie Sanders for re-cap of the Democratic Convention, where Sanders encouraged his supporters to get behind Hillary Clinton.

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  • Nathaniel Berry 3 years ago

    An honest, good, kind hearted, and intelligent man whose spot in the White
    House was stolen from him. He “lost” to a corrupt snake and a bigoted fool.

  • Dev J 3 years ago

    I wish he fell on a sword

  • ab9957 3 years ago

    you dems are fucked if hillary loses. your party rigged it for hillary and
    bernie can’t give free shit to anybody now. all hillary can do is give 10
    percent off at Devry.

  • Kelly Roberts 3 years ago

    still Bernie!

  • Michael Haneke 3 years ago

    Bernie the Weak Cuck Boy Sanders. How’s that ass feel these days you old

  • 1wildwackywoman 3 years ago

    Proud to have you as our champion to light the Fire for our Political

  • Diego Fernando 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is the people’s nominee for president, not Ms. fraud,
    collusion and lies

  • SageROSA42 3 years ago

    Why don’t we hear any of the candidates talk about how dangerous it is to
    keep going the perpetual wheel of war that is happening across the world
    because of the united states and its overly bloated military budget? Why
    isn’t this important to people?

  • imhip510 3 years ago

    Bill looks like he’s high as hell, lol

  • Muhammad Awan 3 years ago

    I just love this guy man I just love him

  • FreneticKey 3 years ago

    berniebros should grow up. Hillary is better than Trump/Putin 2016.

  • uZiiTV 3 years ago

    This man had an election stolen from him.

  • Connor O'Brien 3 years ago

    Sanders/Warren 2016

    the dream that almost came true

  • pernus 3 years ago

    He should have won the fucking primary.

  • Tyler Darko 3 years ago

    Bernie would’ve made a great president. He wanted to take care of the
    “people” of this nation and not the corporations. America has a helluva
    choice to make now and both options are shit.

  • Joe Koch 3 years ago

    Bernie 2020

  • J Madison 3 years ago

    Fuckin’ Bernie man, I wish he won.

  • wearypirates 3 years ago

    What a great man, should have been president. You’re the best of us Bernie.

  • MrOcto13 3 years ago

    I liked Bernie a lot, until he deferred to Swillary Clinton earlier this
    week. Especially how the DNC just threw dirt at him and rigged the
    nomination for Clinton. Bernie needs to dropout of the Democratic party.
    They did him wrong, very wrong!

  • Carlos Callejo 3 years ago

    History will look back kindly on this man.

  • remaster1981 3 years ago

    This country will greatly regret not electing this man as president, for a
    long long time. He just has an aura about him that i have never seen in my
    life. He is truly a generational human being.

  • Maestro 727 3 years ago

    How the flying fuck did Hitlery Clinton beat this guy? Bullshit.

  • Jeremy Gordon 3 years ago

    If Democrats really wanted Trump to lose, they would have nominated Bernie,
    instead they nominate Hillary who is LOSING to Trump in the polls.

  • Atheist Jewish Messiah 3 years ago

    DNC should be called out for it antisemitic attempts to undermine Bernie’s
    Jewish faith by using the distrust people have for atheists.

  • Stikibits 3 years ago

    Wanton irrationality and hate mongering are virtues in the USA.
    Check out Bill Maher’s hate-mongering and warmongering toward Muslims, for
    USA: Wantonly irrational society, so wantonly tyrannical society.
    Think poorly, vote poorly, get governed poorly.

  • Free Brady 3 years ago

    even though he lost him speaking gives me hope for the future

  • LyssaLife 3 years ago

    The good ones are always left observing…

  • akbar rauf 3 years ago

    hillary will loose and bernie will run and crush it in 2020 amen

  • EFK93 3 years ago

    I’m writing him in I don’t give a damn if it’s a wasted vote

  • Jeremy Gordon 3 years ago

    Hillary started the whole Birther BS in 2008 when she ran against Obama

  • Jeremy Gordon 3 years ago

    “Unlike some of your supporters”

    Go fuck yourself Bill Maher, you are noting more than a puppet of the
    crooked DNC.

  • Jet Fury 3 years ago

    whats the next excuse gonna be in 4 years when the choice is between hrc
    and a cruz type of Republican? we will have to vote out of fear. today and
    always. forever.

  • radio schizo 3 years ago

    man i sure do wish bernie was the nominee

  • Zé do Crô 3 years ago

    Bernie is the real deal.

  • Stikibits 3 years ago

    “We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth
    concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”
    –Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1856-1941)

  • Michael Haas 3 years ago

    Liberals’ go to insult; racist
    Conservatives’ go to insult; cuck

  • Wesley Barrilleaux 3 years ago

    such a amazing and genuine human being.

  • Nick Nurenberg 3 years ago

    I felt the Bern when you lost ;”(

  • Frank B (Franky B) 3 years ago

    best way to support Bernie is voting trump. why? because a senate will make
    trump impotent.

    Hillary on the other hand will have bipartisan support for wars, trade
    deals, corporate sell outs and corruption.


  • Irving Zisman 3 years ago

    man listening to Bernie talk makes me sad thinking of all the crap he had
    to put up with from the democrats

  • nismofury 3 years ago

    Everybody knows Bernie was cheated by Hillary Rotten Clinton. Trump said it
    from day 1 that the system is rigged. It’s no mystery that the 2 anti
    establishment candidates had a huge target on their backs. Trump was
    fortunate to win. Bernie unfortunately sold out even though the DNC leak
    proved his democratic party was against him & made racist antisemitic
    comments about him. Bernie supporters don’t let Hillary cheat America too.

  • charley15z 3 years ago

    If Hillary becomes president there’s no doubt Bernie will continue to fight
    his hardest to hold her feet to the fire in order to get his positions
    passed. I wonder if the so-called “supporters” who call him a sell-out will
    do the same.

  • Ehsan Dowlatshah 3 years ago

    What a shame. What a fucking shame. Bernie wold have been a fresh air to
    this putrid, stagnant capitalistic cesspool. Democracy almost did the
    magic, but it was interrupted by Hillary fucking Clinton. I hope she wins
    because I really want to see the look of regret on people’s faces.

  • Scared Bent 3 years ago

    OH WOW it’s that guy! The biggest sellout of the century !! YAAAH!!!! HIP
    HIP … oh fuk it. He’s a sellout … so sad.

  • Ray K 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders, the President that got away…

  • theFORCEismyallie 3 years ago

    Why doesn’t Bernie just run as a third party candidate? He won’t because he
    sold out. Why do we have to choose between the lesser of two evils? The
    fact is that this country was founded on the idea of “Life, liberty and the
    pursuit of happiness”. The ruling class is taking that God given right away
    from us. By virtue of being born on this planet we are the inheritors’ of
    this planet and it’s stewards. We don’t need money to have a society
    function. We can have a utopian society without giving up our rights and
    freedoms. We can have a clean planet without paying for it. This planet can
    be a paradise again if we as a collective want it bad enough. Not through
    fear, tyranny and manipulation; but through love and the understanding that
    we are all one. We are human.

  • Young T 3 years ago

    Beautiful man

  • Scared Bent 3 years ago

    Listen Bernie fans ,, listen to the lies ,,, i’m so sorry for you folks :(

  • Jill Stein for President. #NeverHillary 3 years ago

    Vote Jill Stein ??

  • Theresa Powell 3 years ago


  • Jackson Blevins 3 years ago

    1:00 Dude, They weren’t even allowing Bernie Delegates in to Attend the
    Damn thing And you want to sit here and say that, I mean I still Feel bad
    that it was Rigged against you but Fuck…

  • Cody Crawford 3 years ago

    I agree with Cornell on this one, we love you Bernie but you’re just wrong
    about Hillary.

  • coronaflo 3 years ago

    Why do people think the president has so much power, if we have learned
    anything in the last six years it is that without a willing congress and/or
    judiciary he can do very little.

  • Eric Ewald 3 years ago

    I am done with him. SELLOUT!!

  • Joe McKercher 3 years ago

    After all these years you’d think Bernie would’ve thought to clear his
    throat. It’s like his words have to pass through a hot tub down there.

  • ft55555 3 years ago

    Fuck yeah. Hillary needs to be primaried in 2020 if she wins this year.

  • vick3d 3 years ago

    Maher and Sanders prove why you NEVER EVER trust a Jew. Absolute cons out
    to subvert the GOYIM.

  • vistatrista7 3 years ago

    I originally clicked dislike due to Bill’s Hillary-ass-kissing rhetoric,
    but I had to eventually click the like button for Bernie. It seems like
    Bill just can’t seem to stop rubbing the pro-Hillary message in people’s
    faces, but it seemed especially low to keep doing it to Bernie throughout
    the interview. Bernie knows he didn’t get the nomination already! Stop
    being a dick to him!

  • Theresa Powell 3 years ago

    He was robbed of the Presidency, We were robbed of him.

  • Supersonic Amazement 3 years ago

    Still love Bernie, but it seems a little ironic to reference Trump being
    involved in the birther movement when Hilldawg was the one that started all
    that horse shit.

  • Dane Curley 3 years ago

    I’m a young person with an education who wants to run for small local
    offices, but the reality is that local party bosses control all of the
    elections. I would like to see what infrastructure Bernie creates for
    people such as myself to get past local nepotism.

  • solomon roby 3 years ago

    Bernie should be put into a cryo-camber until the next election

  • yrahul09 3 years ago

    Patronize much !

  • Julia Pedersen-smith 3 years ago

    Who cares what Bill Maher thinks and who he thinks it patriotic and who
    isn’t he is a 1%er !!

  • Avinash Tripathi 3 years ago

    Bern is now Berned and I don’t like him anymore.

  • What7641 3 years ago

    Hillary’s legacy will be written and decided by us. She’s going to go down
    as the last fiscal conservative of the Democratic party, nothing more.

  • Guillermo Rivas 3 years ago

    A Trump presidency would not be the end as many people think. It would
    inspire many to come out to vote during the midterms and in 2020. There
    would be a strong Left wing political counter party. The Media would be
    against him. The Democrats in the US Congress would obstruct all/many
    proposals by him. etc. Sound familiar? It should. It happened to President

    The other case scenario is that Trump goes batshit crazy, gets impeached
    while in office.

    Either way, Democrats win.

  • jky810 3 years ago

    He will win in Vermont by a landslide until the day he decides to not run

  • Mark Smith 3 years ago

    voting back in the established parties is not a political revolution. both
    parties have shown their corruption and sickness in full display this
    election cycle. we have to change the way we vote in order change the

  • Tim Nichols 3 years ago

    we got you back bernie; i’ll vote stein and win one for you !!!!!

  • Workhorse1011 3 years ago

    My Grandmother is 91. She’s still super sharp, 70s is young enough.

  • william overton 3 years ago

    I believe I’m getting sick of bill Maher and I’m going to pull the plug on
    him just like I did the daily show… why it’s just a matter of TV being
    stupid. I’m really sick of Savage nation Dana show mark Levin and all these
    leftist circle jerks too. I believe in politics but I want to hear policy
    ideas not criticism of the opposition.

  • CanadianGuy eH 3 years ago

    This was a shitshow, Bill being disingenuous to both Bernie & Hillary, but
    took HRC’s side in the end because it was the fatal realization she was
    preset to be the Democrat nominee from the start.

    Such a waste, especially with so many supporters of Bernies, got burned
    once Bernie gave his support to Hillary.

    And harping on Trump isn’t going to do much of all, when we all know
    Hillary is the real villain.

  • A Torres 3 years ago

    If Bernie says trump is more dangerous then Hillary. Then it’s so. We’ll
    first take care of trump. Then deal with Hillary . Understand Bernie

  • Omir Fernandez 3 years ago

    Thanks Bill Maher for the opportunity to see
    Bernie Sanders on your
    show.Bernie still the?? man!!

  • MusicforMe123 3 years ago

    The people of the United States do not know what they have done to their
    own future by not voting for Bernie.

  • william overton 3 years ago

    I decide what’s on my own TV you can’t shoot me down if I guide the rocket
    I’ll use the big veto

  • kadmonzohar2 3 years ago

    I love to see him smile

  • Trent Meade 3 years ago

    no polition gets that kind of applause

  • Maestro Prodigy 3 years ago

    This has happened several times in history though, the second best to win
    delegations ends up running the next election.Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, LBJ
    (although slightly a different situation for him), and so on. Even the
    first presidents, like Adams and Jefferson went through the same thing.

  • Your Reply Wont Be Read 3 years ago

    Bill falls in line.. this is why i dont watch anymore. We will stand and
    not relent while you sit and accept.

  • phteven Z 3 years ago

    The American people didn’t deserve him, but we sure as hell needed him to
    be President. It was agonizing watching Hillary’s acceptance speech knowing
    it should’ve been Bernie. If the Democratic party establishment thinks they
    quashed the revolution, they’re wrong. Bernie ignited a flame that we must
    not let die.

  • Arnel De Leon 3 years ago

    hillary and trump is the reason why americans are called stupid

  • Rahul Dsouza 3 years ago

    Its patriotic to forget your principles, join the criminals and the
    corruption and violate everything you stood for and believe. Yeah right!
    dream on

  • PS 3 years ago

    “didn’t quite make it to the nomination” Are you kidding me? It was
    freakin’ stolen from him. Are you just going to keep ignoring the recent
    email leak that lead to Wasserman’s resignation? The emails *prooved* the
    DNC colluded against him.

  • jonahda0mega 3 years ago

    I want trump to win because we all know he will FAIL,he is freedom,he will
    awaken the masses by putting his friends above all us and we will fight for
    a true America, one where we can a see a damn native American,everyone is
    not viewed disrespectful or of less value, a open mind and heart society
    that will thrive in a true one world government that Rothschilds could
    never fathom for their “higher ups”
    a Utopia of euphoria

  • Brazen Bran 3 years ago

    Goddammit Bernie I love you but you can be so naive sometimes. Why do you
    trust Hillary at her word when we know from experience that she won’t
    follow through with anything she says?! Why endorse the woman that stole
    your rightful nomination?!

  • JDoe 3 years ago

    Man we really screwed up this time or should I say got screwed this time.

  • David “Scrupulous” ELI 3 years ago

    Do you see why his supporters love him so much

  • Robert Henderson III 3 years ago

    so, sanders wanted a similar government to Europe and you can’t have Dr
    Pepper there. their health care forbids it. that’s just a small example if
    the restrictions to come with a sanders style government. by the way, did
    you notice bernie sanders income as compared to his wages as a salary as a
    politician? Did you notice every time Hillary was in the spotlight a black
    male died by a white cop (I just know it’s true)? there’s clear truths all
    around, full conversations that have been proven lies from Democrats
    mouths. Democrats becoming Republican voters, Republican big business
    supporters that have been career politicians avoiding trump.

  • That One Youtuber 3 years ago

    I mean I love Bernie but a lot of Democrats don’t seem to understand the
    constitution either. COUGH COUGH SECOND AMMENDMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vivien Leigh 3 years ago

    Bernie sold out so hard?

  • Mike R 3 years ago

    I have much respect for Bernie. He loves this country and it’s people and
    yet he chooses to do the right thing and put country first in order to
    defeat a scumbag like Trump. So sad that many people claim to be “Bernie or
    Bust” yet they are not following him when he chose endorsed Hillary
    Clinton. Bernie your are a champion in my eyes.

  • djancak 3 years ago

    Donald Trump is ignorance. Hillary Clinton is want.

  • EarlyLove2014 3 years ago

    Bernie has changed our view of the world, and how things could and should
    be.. Stay tuned..! It’s not over..!

  • JB6789 3 years ago

    Hillary will PIVOT day 1 in office. She is a Wall Street lackey. She sucks
    Blankfein’s micro prick.

  • TurtlesLoveTigers 3 years ago

    This is the timeline where bernie didn’t become president.. if i had a time
    machine… I’d forget about hitler and change this moment in history..

  • renegado100 3 years ago

    There in only one person more dangerous than Trump : Hillary !!
    She already proved her fraud abilities, smear campaign, liars, sexism, etc.

  • J Stevens 3 years ago

    *Trump is the clear choice*


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