Real Time with Bill Maher: Gloria Steinem – February 5, 2016 (HBO)

Published on February 9, 2016

Feminist activist and author Gloria Steinem joins Bill Maher to discuss her new book, My Life on the Road, and the state of feminism in America.

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  • cristian elizondo 3 years ago

    Fuck this bitch

  • datt niqqa Jozaa Martinez 3 years ago

    holy SHIT early af

  • The Guy Who Put A Used Condom In A Time Capsule 3 years ago

    81?! Jesus Christ…

  • William Fitzgerald 3 years ago

    “The Boys are with Bernie”, FUCK YEAH! We’re haven a great time over here,
    come join the revolution!

  • Erin L 3 years ago

    I’m a feminist and also a young woman who fully supports Bernie Sanders.
    Also, men aren’t just siding with Bernie because he’s a man. Way to insult
    both genders with one sentence.

  • Bentleyboogie10 3 years ago

    Feminist.. This video is going to be disliked hard.

  • ElNingyou 3 years ago

    I don’t know if this “abandon your values and vote for the one with the
    vagina” thing from Hillary’s feminist supporters is helping her at all.
    It’s fantastically degrading to women who consider issues for more than two

  • gex 3 years ago

    Omfg this comment section will be interesting.

  • Anna T 3 years ago

    Lesbians 4 Bernie

  • thejobloshow 3 years ago

    I get it… This woman is 81-years-old. This is probably her last chance to
    see a woman become president. She’s going to get there by any means
    necessary even if it means defending the corrupt, Neocon Clinton dynasty.

  • Elijah Price 3 years ago

    I’m not supporting Bernie because he’s a man, I’m supporting him because
    he’s not a Bought-And-Owned-By-The-Bilderberg-Group, Corporate Democrat,
    lobbyist puppet like Hilary.

  • Frank Jay 3 years ago

    This is why feminism is a big joke now a days. Even though Bill was trying
    to get her to acknowledge that Islam is a huge problem as to other
    religions, she doesn’t really acknowledge it. Secondly, apparently we have
    to vote along gender lines now because all of the “men” are voting towards
    Bernie, even though it is more of an age gap within voters. We should vote
    for the person who would be much more progressive towards women and who
    also doesn’t have a record of promoting policies that hurt women like
    Clinton. Also, everyone in America is poor nowadays, regardless of gender,
    color or sexual orientation. Hillary is only for the 1%.

  • Qutaiba Sabha 3 years ago

    I generally liked most of what she said but the problem is when you twist
    an ideology to support a certain political movement that does not embody
    its essence. That’s when ideologies start to fuck. She fucked up big time.
    In fact, her claim is a sexist and a patronizing comment that portrays
    young self-sufficient female voters as dumb and empty

  • wargarurumon 3 years ago

    “feminists are on the right said of history”, said the sex negative, anti
    sex-worker feminist

  • JUDALATION 3 years ago

    Feminism has been hijacked by old bitter white women who blame their failed
    lives on male oppression… not their individual weaknesses. However Bill
    had a pretty bad show this episode with his sexist comments and
    innuendos… he basically played in to the stereotypical trope of men that
    feminist perpetuate.

  • David Kenway 3 years ago

    Feminism is cancer

  • Ivan N 3 years ago

    why so much dislikes? super macho mens?

  • Pamela Jensen 3 years ago

    Damn, I didn’t know Bernie Sanders rallies are the place to meet hotties!!
    Here I come boys!!

  • judson frondorf 3 years ago

    I love what Bernie stands for but he wouldn’t be able to get anything done
    with a fractious legislature. They would bury him. With all her faults
    Hillary knows the art of the deal…like it or not.

  • R1ProductionHouse 3 years ago

    *You Can’t Stump the Trump*
    *DONALD J. TRUMP 2016 & 2020*

  • The Self-Made Man 3 years ago

    Get Camille Paglia back on

  • foot1026 3 years ago

    I hate feminists

  • Kiwihooti 3 years ago

    Gloria, I am so disappointed! As a 60 year old women, who has admired you
    for 40 years, I am appalled. Really-young women today can’t decide for
    themselves who is the best candidate-it must be “where the boys are”? Not
    to mention a candidate can only be a feminist if they have a vagina. What
    has made you so narrow minded? I was going to buy your book-but now i am
    tainted. My total views of someone I so admired have been turned upside
    down in one interview. Sadly, regretfully, not a fan anymore.

  • chasemebaby 3 years ago

    The Woman of the Year has a DICK.

  • August Fuhrman 3 years ago

    I’d love for this country to elect a woman prez. If Elizabeth Warren were
    running she’d have my vote by far. But Clinton is clearly not the best

  • Wilson Berkow 3 years ago

    Steinem was level-headed, chill, and reasonable here. She’s getting too
    much shit for one sloppy comment.

    Also goddamn these comments are absurd. Tf does “Shillary” even mean…?

  • Joshua Boutilier 3 years ago

    I don’t fully understand why this video received so many downvotes. Gloria
    made some generalizations about the constituents of Bernie, and I disagree
    with them, but she was clear and open in her ideas. Even if you disagree
    with what she said this was a model way of saying them.

  • Daniel Pena 3 years ago

    This is from last Friday, why wait so long to put it up?

  • KKG642 3 years ago

    Regressive Left – fascist & herd mentality

  • S4njuro 3 years ago

    I’m a feminist and this is bullshit.

  • Sewer Shark 3 years ago

    Bill didn’t get to round off his point at the end, todays American feminist
    cares more about safe spaces and pay gaps (due to leaving university with
    piece of shit humanities degrees) than their sisters who suffer under

  • vegaskidd 3 years ago

    “most women lose power as they age”, at least she admit there is a lot of
    power young women have…….

  • SeñorMiniBagel 3 years ago

    “men, alone in the bush, became an animal as strong as woman, fleeter of
    foot, but not very bright.”
    -Gloria Steinem, to congress to promote the ERA. Fuck Steinem

  • punkybrewstar83 3 years ago

    Isn’t it wonderful that feminism has come such a long way that women are
    now largely educated enough to make the decision to side with the best
    candidate, rather than the one who looks more similar(albeit marginally

  • MyChico333 3 years ago

    What’s the biggest insult for american women?
    Not electing Hillary as the first woman president, or electing Hillary as
    the first woman president?

  • Abdallah Bissar 3 years ago

    Fuck 3rd wave feminism.

  • Krizzly 3 years ago

    I love the awkward introduction… Bill was going for a stern handshake,
    while she tried to ease in to the more personal, European peck on the
    cheek, and it synthesized into a failed bro hug.

  • Michael Peterson 3 years ago

    I’m a feminist but I downvoted this for her insinuation that female Bernie
    supporters are doing it to “meet boys.” You could take it as a joke but
    since it followed her viewpoint that women become more liberal and
    political as they age it seemed like her genuine opinion which is sad.
    Gloria Steinem has done great things for the movement and she has my
    respect but on this point she’s dead wrong.

  • ApertureClockwork 3 years ago

    @5:03 ….. and there goes all my respect for Gloria Steinem.

  • Sarah Cordova 3 years ago

    I support Hillary Clinton based on her policy and history. However in my
    social circle a few of my female friends do support Sanders but NOT because
    that’s “where the boys are” my definition of feminism is that a woman can
    do or support anything or anyone she wants for whatever reason she wants.
    Disregarding a young woman’s opinion because it doesn’t match up with yours
    is the exact opposite of feminism. Let me say again I support Hillary
    Clinton. Also let me say this supporting Bernie Sanders does not make you a
    “bad feminist.” Everyone please develop your own opinions, make your own
    choices and don’t let anyone even Gloria Steinem make you feel bad about

  • Balon Greyjoy 3 years ago

    Vagina… that’s the only thing left for Hillary for fight with against

  • he11b1ade 3 years ago

    Feminism … so corrupt and distorted and sexist today, it doesn’t matter
    what she says. You get instant mass dislikes.

  • Diana 3 years ago

    There is something unlikeable about this woman, but she is right when she
    said “you can’t have it all if you have to do it all.”

  • Jordan Laney 3 years ago

    seems to me that she would turn more people away from feminism considering
    how bigoted she is. she’s all for equality and that we are all individuals,
    but she generalizes and stereotypes and seems not to notice. cunt

  • CGphotoOp 3 years ago

    I’ve gotten so many girls being a Bernie Supporter. A plethora!

  • Hal Baker 3 years ago

    “”After losing 84 percent of young voters in Iowa — and failing to recover
    them in New Hampshire — they sent in two aging fossils of feminism to
    insult and threaten young women.
    The 81-year-old feminist Gloria Steinem charged that young women are only
    backing Sanders because that’s where they can meet boys.”The Hill

  • Max Payne 3 years ago

    such beauty for her age nice!

  • Tom Clark 3 years ago

    Bill, You should be ashamed of yourself for having this feminist Gloria
    Steinem on your show.
    She has spent here life promoting hatred of men that has become the new
    radical feminism.
    “Men are the blame for all the wrongs of the world”. What the hell is wrong
    with you Bill??????

  • Christoph G 3 years ago

    yikes what a moron. feminist activist my ass, more like plastic
    surgery-hollywood nightmare.
    I would have said, “its that what you did when you were young? follow the
    boys around?”
    in one sentence she proved shes a hypocrite and set back feminism 30 years.
    Good job!

  • Nicole Davies 3 years ago

    Isn’t it ironically sexist to vote for someone just because they’re a
    woman? Would it have been more feminist for a democratic female to vote for
    Carly Fiorina than Bernie?

  • Elijah Oyenuga 3 years ago

    Surprise surprise, the feminist is sexist.

  • Jerome Talbit 3 years ago

    She looks good for 81

  • Petre Catalin Logofatu 3 years ago

    Good for you Steinem! You finally realized that in time the value of a man
    increases while the value of a woman decreases. In time woman turns into an
    ugly witch while man turns into a wise patriarch. That is why they used to
    say “Stand by your man!”. It is in the best interest of a woman to stand by
    her man. It is not men who are against feminists, it is truth, the way of

  • Alex Myers 3 years ago

    Call me crazy, but I don’t support Bernie because he has a dick. I support
    him because he cares. And women aren’t voting with their vaginas, they also
    support Bernie because he cares.

  • 216trixie 3 years ago

    Mohammed was “In his day , a reformer on a lot of issues for
    women”……????? Lying sack of regressive shit.

  • George Mason 3 years ago

    Ever think maybe young women support Bernie because he has the better
    record both in general and specifically on issues related to feminism? He
    supports abortion, pay equity… the whole 9 yards. I’m not under the
    delusion that Hillary could fulfill my feminist will because she is a
    woman. You wouldn’t vote for Carly Fiorina would you? Hell no, she is as
    anti woman as it gets. Hillary and Bernie are basically on the same exact
    level when in comes to women’s issues, but Bernie has the added benefit of
    not being a commodity bought and sold by influential lobbyists and donors.

  • TheSkypeConverser 3 years ago

    Did this feminist just imply that “young women aren’t smart enough to think
    about issues and instead vote based on where the boys are voting” ??? as a
    feminist and a Sanders supporter, I have never been more confused. Most
    people don’t vote with their genitalia

  • Kamron Grant 3 years ago

    Haha did Gloria just accidentally plug TYT’s movie ‘Mad As Hell’?

  • janiejamz 3 years ago

    I have been thinking the exact same thing. These young girls are going for
    Bernie to impress the boys of how egalitarian they are, and meanwhile the
    boys are, as usual, thinking the girls are just dumb hos who don’t deserve
    to be treated like whole humans. It will unfortunately take quite a while
    for the girls to figure out that the answer to the question, “Why doesn’t
    he treat me with respect?” is, “Because he doesn’t respect you.” Gloria
    knew what she was talking about.

  • Bob Jones 3 years ago

    They started out as 12 crazy ladies, now its millions of crazy ladies. Will
    the insanity ever stop? To be fair to them, feminism was much more relevant
    back then than it is now.

  • TheTehpwnshow 3 years ago

    Wait wtf she wasn’t making a joke she’s actually 81!

  • abdi ali 3 years ago

    Bill has absolute 0% knowledge on Islam.

    Like seriously. as a Muslim, most of what he says about Islam is false. is
    not that I disagree with him, it’s simply what he’s saying is false.

    Like according to sharia law, female genital mutilation is a crime.

    Please, I beg u, whenever bill talks about Islam put it one ear and out the
    other. 99% chance it’s wrong.

  • deathskilledreaper 3 years ago

    Look great?!? She’s 81 that’s the understatement of all time. For 81 she
    looks positively amazing!

  • Joe Piervincenti 3 years ago

    Laborious to listen to

  • SugaryCoyote 3 years ago

    Women commit domestic violence at equal rates to men. This cuntflap has
    been spreading the same lies for decades.

  • BananaOrangeBerry 3 years ago

    Looks good for 81. Just saying.

  • Duc Tran 3 years ago

    at your at most people are dead…why ain’t you ?
    there little add for her joke make it all better

  • Guy Macher 3 years ago

    Stupid and uninformed. Nothing has changed.

  • Pip BoyMac 3 years ago

    What a pompous, old hag

  • lijit77 3 years ago

    Nice lady

  • D Griffin 3 years ago

    I’ve never been more disappointed in Gloria Steinem than after this
    interview. Don’t get me wrong, she was the original hard-core woman’s
    advocate and no one can take that away, but her desire to see a woman
    president in her lifetime has clouded her judgement and damaged her
    feminist cred. I hope she’s been able to reevaluated her stance on Hillary
    Clinton in light of all the backlash she’s receiving, mostly from fellow
    feminists. Not just *any* woman will do.

  • Grocery 3 years ago

    This lady is retarded.

  • Yev Gam 3 years ago

    All her life fighting for women’s rights in a pretty much darker age (the
    60s): no millenial blinks an eye… One little slip in a talk-show:
    everybody loses their minds.

  • Hermione Green 3 years ago

    Loving how condescending Bill Maher is to Gloria Steinem and doesn’t even
    let her finish a sentence. He’s not exactly into that cross-cultural
    cross-religious sisterhood is he. He doesn’t want to grasp that Muslim
    women are no more the problem than Christian or Atheist women, and that
    patriarchy has always been justified by men in a variety of ways, including

  • Joseph Reber 3 years ago

    I personally like Bernie because he is a normal guy who’s ideas can give my
    children(years from now) a future better than whatever the repubs can even

  • Head Trauma 3 years ago

    And this is the way the feminism dies. Not with a bang but under a pile of

  • Cannibal_dong95 Christ 3 years ago

    Most feminists now a days are hypocrites. This is a perfect example of
    that. I’m not a Bernie supporter, but generalizing those who support him or
    any other candidate is not something that should be in any political

  • thejunkface 3 years ago

    On the issue of Islamic nations she seems grossly detached from the modern
    feminist movement. They will discard her like so many used cigarette butts.

  • Fernando Garibaldi 3 years ago

    I can’t blame this girl for her “old” thinking

  • Meow Meow 3 years ago

    A feminism activist just insulted millions of young women, just like the
    message came out of $hillary’s campaign “women go to a special place in
    hell if they don’t vote for Hillary”. What a big surprise, no wander
    feminism is becoming so hateful nowadays.

  • Daniel Bengtsson 3 years ago

    She’s such a liar – completely out of touch with reality. hardly
    anything she said during the interview was true, it’s like she’s a
    pathological liar. I’ll prove it:

    1. Home is the most dangerous Place for both men and women – no need to
    seperate by gender.

    2. Roe v wade – yeah, can you really say that feminists are championing the
    right of abortion more today than 50 years ago? Well I guess you could, but
    you’d be lying.

    2. b) Note that she says that Young people are way more feminist than they
    used to be…remember this.

    3. She says that women will earn a million dollars less than a man over the
    course of their lifetime when they graduate. the average (and that includes
    the top 1%, so you know it’s skewed) of what a person will earn during
    their lifetime in america is $1,4 million. So when Gloria says a million
    dollars less that’s 400k during a lifetime, or 10k a year, or if you rather
    have it by month: $833 for someone witha collage degree. Does that sound
    even remotely realistic to you?

    4. On Hillary – Bill actually called her out on it and said “America” as a
    response to her “it epends on where you ask” – an obvious lie.

    5.” women get more radical as they get older” remember 2 b? Yeah, it’s
    utter BS. if you look at any survey or hell, just look around you and you
    will find that most radical feminists are in their late teens/early
    twenties. They’re not 70 or 80 year olds, it’s just not true.

    6. The whole Bernie bit…yeah…I don’t even need to comment on it, and
    you know why.

    7. Saying “ well do you know me?” in order to try and make
    it sound as if she didn’t just put her foot in her mouth might have
    worked…if it was to someone that actually knew her, which Bill obviously

    8. Highest earning woman of the year in the Corporate world…not a
    transgender, it’s Yahoo’s CEO, who was in fact born with a vagina.

    9. It’s stupid to say that women can have it all…that’s right Young
    feminists, Gloria said so so it must be true, right?

    10. On Hillary’s speach…nobody wa actually against it. Nor was she
    adressing China, she merely attended UN’s fourth Little feminist get
    together to talk to a room filled with feminists about feminism. Really,
    saying that womens rights are human rights in a feminist safe space really
    isn’t that much of a big deal.

    11. The way women are treated in the muslim World is the number one
    priority for feminists…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, if anything feminists are
    fighting criticism of islam by Calling anyone who Draws attention to the
    suffering of muslim women racists.

    12. Muhammed was a feminist reformer, yeah right. Compare Before, as in how
    the qouran describes muhammeds first marriage and muhammeds parants and
    their relationship, and how female idols were worshiped to what he reformed
    it into: Marrying a 7 year old, describing how he had sex with her at 9,
    instituting Death penalties for adultery, cmparing women to cattle,
    instituting that a man can marry 4 wives that he can beat if they disobay,
    saying again and again that a woman is only Worth half as much as a man,
    etc, etc, etc…yeah, what a great womens rights activist

  • Mel I 3 years ago

    I didn’t know Maher is a chauvinist & not very smart! Vote for Hillary: we
    get 2 qualified Presidents for 1!Mel I1 second agoI didn’t know Maher is a
    chauvinist & not very smart! If he thinks young women are voting for
    Bernie; perhaps more $ is spent on manipulating their young minds to vote
    for him……Ladies Vote for Hillary; she’s smart, over-qualified& men are
    terrified of her…that’s WHY you should vote for her…because she’s ON
    your side. I know Im 53 years old Vote for Hillary: we get 2 qualified
    Presidents for 1!

  • RUKidinme 3 years ago

    Not one mention of the Muslim sex attacks in Germany and when he tries to
    get her to be critical of Islam she muddies the water with the “all
    Abrahamic religions are in the same boat” canard. Whether it’s Muslim
    misogyny or sex-selective abortion, feminists take cognitive dissonance to
    dizzying heights. What started out as a movement to improve the lot of
    women has degenerated into a dumpster fire of political correctness. In
    short, the cure has become the disease.

  • Jaimee Marshall 3 years ago

    this interview was so cringe
    i dont think i can finish it

  • Virtuoso80 3 years ago

    If there were 1000 presidential elections every year in the US, and none of
    them were women, then we would have statistical evidence that there might
    be an issue with the US electing women. The fact that no Presidential
    election so far hasn’t elected a woman is not a big enough statistical
    sample to imply anything, and if Hillary happens to win, or not win, that
    does not represent a massive shift in electability for women in general.

  • rhaven50 3 years ago

    that’s the thing about feminists I hate, I believe in the concept and I’m
    female, they bash each other .

  • Herman Melville 3 years ago

    Christopher Hitchens is right. Women aren’t funny.

  • fan lan 3 years ago

    I didn’t watch the video, just pressed dislike and left.

  • James Orlando 3 years ago

    Woman of the year and highest paid women are both trannies so basically men
    are better at being women than actual women. Is there anything we can’t do

  • 蕭光哲 3 years ago

    If she had not aborted the child, the child would have been as old as Bill.

  • Amy Halloran 3 years ago

    After all the very interesting and intelligent remarks made by this woman
    in this interview everyone hates her for that one comment? She didn’t even
    elaborate. As a young woman, I support Bernie Sanders and I disagree with
    her on that point, but I still respect her intelligence and her many
    beliefs that I do share. Nothing is black and white, you don’t have to hate
    a person and everything they stand for based on one disagreement.

  • damn, son 3 years ago

    what a fucking asstard. “the boys are with bernie” really? isn’t *that* a
    little misogynistic? generalizing young women and their political stances
    as solely for the reason of getting boys? fuck her

  • Uneducated Dudebro 3 years ago

    Gloria what’s-her-face is a numbskull.

  • RunningRugby4 3 years ago

    what does bill mean by “muslim world”? is he tlking about about indonesia,
    the country with the highest muslim population in the world, who had a
    female president? or turkey, who nearly doubles saudi arabia when it comes
    to population, and has also had a female president? we all love bill, but
    he does say bullshit from time to time.

  • OnceUponAPiano 3 years ago

    Bill is so openly racist about muslims. it’s fucking ridiculous… -.-

  • MeshiYoko 3 years ago

    How did he let her get away with that? Yes the most dangerous place is home
    because that’s where you spend all your time! If you spent all your time on
    the road you would obviously be less safe!

  • Jill Sandmire 3 years ago

    this is the most frustrating interview ever! shut up bill and stop
    interrupting her! jerk.

  • alison macleary 3 years ago

    My hero Gloria


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