Real Time with Bill Maher: George W. Bush, War Criminal? (HBO)

Published on February 13, 2016

Bill Maher and his guests – Michael “Killer Mike” Render, Ana Navarro, Josh Green and Margaret Cho – discuss George W. Bush’s legacy and whether he can help his brother’s campaign.

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  • Eero Haapala 4 years ago

    Clinton lied (about his affair), no-one died, impeached. Bush lied (about
    his war), millions died, not impeached. Because ‘Merica.

  • KaedinKane 4 years ago

    theres a seal in the auidience

  • Stephan Saunders 4 years ago

    Rather would have seen Ana Kasparian than vapid Ana Navarro on the panel

  • MaximilianMus 4 years ago

    I don’t like W. any more than the next guy but you can’t call someone a war
    criminal for making what turned out to be a mistake. Everyone likes to be
    captain hindsight but Bush used the best intelligence he had available at
    the time to make a decision just because it turned out to be wrong doesn’t
    make him a criminal. The intelligence that Obama used to order the strike
    on Bin Laden was worse than the intelligence Bush had regarding WMDs in

  • Joe Berg 4 years ago

    Why didn’t anyone mention the Bush administration’s sanctioning of torture
    in this segment? That’s actually a war crime.

  • nightwish672 4 years ago

    *”Go Home!”*

  • admrob 4 years ago

    Bush is a war criminal.

  • Niko jay 4 years ago

    Is that dumb bitch really defending George W. Bush? Is that supposed to be
    a fuckin joke?!

  • mannymv1 4 years ago

    Didn’t the CIA arm the contra rebels in Nicaragua that lead to that civil

  • James72 4 years ago

    The bitch in purple is fucking delusional!

  • Juan Hurtado 4 years ago

    Killa Mike is really smart for a rapper.

  • Wendy Weedseed 4 years ago

    That woman is a jackass. George Bush can’t even leave the damn country HE
    IS A WAR CRIMINAL, and Obama is protecting him why? They are gonna arrest
    his ass he touch down in any other country.
    I am so happy Bill checked her on that slick ass comment.

  • Billy Magada 4 years ago

    I’m a veteran and I hate Bush

  • Kevin G. 4 years ago

    este puta

  • leftenant_turk 4 years ago

    Bush family is like herpes. They keep coming back and no one likes them.

  • Zack Frailey 4 years ago

    Jesus that lady is dumb. the Nicaraguan death squads were killing her
    people with American guns and were paid with American dollars

  • Kaycee K 4 years ago

    How in the hell can someone who fled civil war in central America support
    ANY of the current GOP candidates? Did that woman suffer a debilitating
    head injury before immigrating to the US?

  • Kaylee Carpinteyro 4 years ago

    I’m glad Margaret Cho didn’t back down on her opinion. I thought she was
    going to feel bad and say sorry but fuck her and her delusional thoughts on

  • seanmcbay 4 years ago

    Calling George W. Bush a war criminal isn’t a radical thing to say if
    you’ve ever read the legal definition for that term.

  • playingdablues 4 years ago

    Of course Bush is a war criminal – you have to be a total asshole not to
    understand that. This woman is a classic example of dumb cunt syndrome.

  • Yawo Elevn 4 years ago

    this bitch is a fucking bitch..**we didnt get another 911** wtf is she
    talking abt

  • trialcritic 4 years ago

    Republicans keep throwing the words “Leadership qualities” for George W
    Bush. I want them to tell me what is the great leadership that Bush had.

  • Orange County Antifascist 4 years ago

    Literally every president and secretary of state for the past century in
    the US has been a war criminal…republicans, democrats, all of them. The
    United States and its poisonous imperialist influence is a dark chapter in
    the history of this species. The country in general is such an amalgamation
    of everything that is wrong with humanity, from all the perpetual war,
    genocide, racism, white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, homophobia,
    transphobia, misogyny and war crimes that have been committed by and in the
    name of this country and its flag. The military of the US is the best
    trained and dangerous terrorist group in existence, flanked right by the
    fascist force of Israel, whose army can only exist because of US taxpayer

  • George Douglass 4 years ago

    Liberals are morons

  • Cory Kamermans 4 years ago

    The CIA armed the nicaraguan rebels so that dumb cunt can shut the fuck up
    her pity story about having to flee a civil war.

  • Moneyfromaps 4 years ago

    damn that woman is dumb as shit…

  • thelousyllama 4 years ago

    Ana Navarro is an idiot

  • Thomas Türling 4 years ago

    Sandbox replies from that fullblown asshat bitch. Completely brainwashed
    and delusional. She pulled the nazi card off course – Goebbles couldn’t
    have wished for a more avid and willingly obedient trooper than someone of
    her ilk. Disgusting person she is

  • GruntSquad92 4 years ago

    Can’t shake off the feeling that its somehow ‘trendy’ to bash Bush. I’ll be
    honest, I have no idea about the iraq war, maybe Bush is a war criminal and
    what not.
    But the way people so eagerly and quickly jump on the wagon when somebody
    starts to criticize him feels very wrong. I have no problem if he is
    ridiculed, I’ve got an issue with how people join in en masse. Hate him as
    a mob.

    I cant believe that all those people who joined the crowd actually know
    what happened in Iraq. Hating Bush and saying something that sounds warm
    and fuzzy. All this stuff feels like the ‘justified hatred’ regressives
    always fall back on.

  • Bukssna 4 years ago

    Bush and Clinton and Obama are war criminals!

  • The TT 4 years ago

    Bush is a criminal and cock sucker

  • Harikrishnan Premprakash 4 years ago

    Comedians make the best points.
    This bitch is so fucking delusional. what the fuck?

  • Meow Meow 4 years ago

    I am really pissed off after watching this clip

  • April Lamba 4 years ago

    Of course the Iraq war was stupid, but so is and was the Libyan war, drone
    strikes, funding Muhajedeen, Funding terrorists in Syria, bombing the hell
    out of Yemen, Pakistan etc. But why are people acting as if Bush had
    malicious intent? He wasn’t a monster, why would you think that, on what
    grounds?? He and almost every other political figure democrat and
    republican was for the Iraq war, based on what: faulty intelligence! People
    really need to stop having hindsight and look at what happened at early
    2000s. To me it was the same rhetoric people on Obama’s team is pushing for
    a Syrian war: Assad is bad, we need to kill Assad, then Syria will be
    peaceful (forgetting the different sects and ethnicities that exist there).

  • Conor Joye 4 years ago

    Bush isn’t a war criminal. Practiacally everyone wanted to go to Iraq, from
    Clinton to Kerry. George Bush has saved millions from aids and molaria in

  • ann landers 4 years ago

    NEWSFLASH to African-Americans. Having a name like “Killer Mike” is a very
    good way to continue to have people not take you seriously and to find you
    intellectually inferior. Why can’t black people give themselves and their
    children “normal” names?

  • 3rdEyeVidz 4 years ago

    That chick in purple. isn’t she a latina? maybe I’m wrong, but damn she is

  • Erwin Müller 4 years ago

    What a bunch of pussies. Being soldier is a job, don’t sign up if you can’t
    handle the pressure. The war in Iraq was necessary, the only problem is how
    we handled the post victory. We need to stay in Iraq for about 50 years to
    ensure the formation of a secular democracy there. But all the liberal
    idiots came and demanded a withdraw that will leave a devastated country
    that is left for Islamists to overtake.

  • Walter II 4 years ago

    This killer mike is full of bs, earlier in the show, he made a comment that
    americans want a revolution, a revolution? Really? What did revolutions
    bring to the people? Let’s see, reign of terror, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin
    and Mao.

  • Ricardo Ellison 4 years ago

    Hindsight is always 20/20, historical revisionism not withstanding. War
    criminal?….please! This woman is Hispanic & references her LIVING in
    Nicaragua @ 4:05,……Americans need to get a fucking clue, get out more,
    live in a different country for awhile…then you’ll know just how good
    America really is……& don’t have to dodge flying bullets on a daily
    basis, nor wonder if yourself, or your neighbor, is going to be dragged out
    of your house & shot in the middle of the day by armed militia….thinking
    your “the enemy”. War criminal?, you haven’t a clue what a true war
    criminal is…

  • a_wandering_silhouette 4 years ago

    according to wiki, 4425 US soldiers died in iraq, so i think this qualifies
    as “another 9/11” under bush

  • Peter Parker 4 years ago

    What about all the Iraq citizens that died, woman and children, killed for
    no reason, war criminal indeed.

  • dandiehl1948 4 years ago

    so this cunt was in Nicaragua during the civil war and now she is a
    Republican – is she so fucking stupid that she is unaware that Reagan
    started and funded the civil war in Nicaragua

  • The Minor Prophet 4 years ago

    Still waiting for Liberals to condemn Obama for killing thousands of kids
    and adults with drone strikes…

  • GAAwudu 4 years ago

    The latino woman is a moron.

  • Dixon Cider 4 years ago

    Comedians don’t ordinarily have the credibility to remark on delicate
    topics like this. They can do so but shouldn’t be offended when people are
    dismissive. I’m a Maher fan but what the lady said was true. Russell Brand
    is an example of someone who is always wrong but never in doubt. It’s not a
    fashionable opinion but entertainers aren’t typically very seasoned
    political observers and only don that hat to appear relevant.

  • Kevin DeVilling 4 years ago

    YAAAAAAGH! This woman was from Nicauraga when they were sending their
    troops to the Army of the Americas to learn how to torture, inflict terror,
    oppress the citizens in the modern American Style of Tryanny against an
    Ally’s own people.
    Poppy Bush, Rummy the Dummy Rumsfeld, Dick, (too easy), Cheny, Wolfowitz,
    et al planned and executed a war of Terror against the majority of Central
    America, that murdered, mutilated, imprisoned and “disappeared” thousands
    of innocent Campesinos, whose only crime was to expect a little justice
    from their Government and their Church.
    The Bush nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, and as for nuts, well, South
    Carolina WAS the State that fired the first cannons in the Civil War.
    Sometimes, when I’m angry at some stupid peckerwood,drooling Skoal and
    talking out of his utterly ignorant ass, I wonder, “WHY, is there still a
    South Carolina?”

  • randomer1432 4 years ago

    3:42 this is some real progressive dialect at work here.

    “you offended me by what you said to someone else”
    “well I’m offended aswell!”

    maybe you should both stop crying offence like its something to be proud

  • skynet000001 4 years ago

    One point im Surprised they didn’t correct her , but what does 9/11 have to
    do with invading Iraq? People always use 9/11 to justify bad decisions like
    going after WMD’s in Iraq. They did the same thing in American Sniper.

  • Lowell Ford 4 years ago

    Republicans are just retarded…that’s all I can figure.

  • WellOfWisdom 4 years ago

    In what way is Bush a war criminal and Obama not? I agree that there’s a
    case to be made for Bush’s being a war criminal (on the basis of all the
    torture that went on) but I also think that the people flailing their arms
    about his warcrimes should have been adamant about intervening in Iraq and
    Rwanda during the genocides that took place there. The invasion of Iraq
    involved a colossal amount of strategic mistakes but I think it should have
    taken place way before it did.

    I’m a Scandinavian leftist so you know my biases.

  • Andrew Bryant 4 years ago

    This is just a liberal queer circle jerk

  • Shubham Bhushan 4 years ago

    Wow Ana Navarro satisfies every criteria of ill informed white bitch

  • TheHehe1223 4 years ago

    George W. Bush lied about WMDs to start a war where millions died, He’s a
    fucking war criminal. Iraq was much better when Saddam Hussein was in
    power. Anyone who doesn’t think the Iraq War was a mistake should not be
    allowed to vote.

  • Aajay Gauthier 4 years ago

    Ana Navarro is so stupid the Sandinistas are not communist there Democratic
    Socialists. they had popular support all the violence was done by rich
    people upset they didn’t get to shit on everybody else. she should say I
    fled Nicaragua when my Family had to pay its fair share after supporting
    terrorists funded by the US.

  • Noah Pacious 4 years ago

    Sending young men to fight & kill innocent natives, de-stabilizing the
    region AGAIN, destroying our economy, & using this “War” to distract people
    from their own countrys’ issues… this is probably one of the worst men in
    modern history… Bush IS a war criminal.

  • Jonathan Mueller 4 years ago

    Let me start here by saying, I despise Dubya and all that he stood for.
    BUUUUUT, to be fair, we have had a host of Presidents that distorted or
    lied to get us into wars. We need to be fair about this. Before WW2
    Roosevelt know that Japan was planning the attack on Hawaii or was getting
    aggressive, LBJ made up the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Bush senior made up
    flimsy excuses to invade Panama,,,,so on and so on!!!!

  • Introvertium96 4 years ago

    Ana Navarro shouldn’t have been on this. She definitely is out of her

  • Jules Love 4 years ago

    I swear Democrats are delusional. Go back and look at how many Democrats
    voted to go to war, including Hillary Clinton. That makes her a war
    criminal too, and everybody. Lets not forget Hillary leaving Americans to
    die in Benghazi too. Geez liberals and their double standards. Bunch of

  • Hermit the Hustler 4 years ago

    “GO HOME!”? Barf, you racist fuck!

  • LokIArioch 4 years ago

    She sure is blinking a whole lot. Wonder what that means in a body language

  • Bob Jones 4 years ago

    1) Bush is not a “war criminal” just because he went to war, especially
    since it was in response to an attack and many, if not most, American’s did
    support it. Whether you think the war was a mistake or not, the act of
    going to war itself does not make you a war criminal. You can hate his guts
    for the war if you want but to call him a war criminal for it is beyond

    2) This is not WWII or Vietnam where young men were drafted and forced to
    go to war. All the US soldiers in the Middle East joined the military by
    choice and, from what I hear, most of them want to be there. Doesn’t make
    them less deserving of respect though, they’re still risking their lives.
    even if The Middle East wars are no nearly as dangerous WWII or Vietnam was.

    3) From what I’ve heard about why the government did not respond the 9/11
    memos: they get memos about crazy stuff like that all time, if they had to
    take every single one of them seriously, it would be chaos. At the time, it
    was unthinkable that an attack would occur so they didn’t take it that
    seriously. Ironically, after the attack, they arguably took it too
    seriously with the Patriot Act.

  • Kevin Russell 4 years ago

    The black guy is WRONG. The guys in Iraq and Afghanistan are VOLUNTEERS.

  • hutch 4 years ago

    If Vladimir Putin fabricated intelligence in order to justify invading a
    country (than never attacked his) and then bombed the crap out of it,
    killing tens of thousands of civilians and resulting in the death of 4,000
    and injury of 30,000 of his own soldiers, we would call him a war criminal.
    Why does George W. Bush get a pass?

  • picklesandcheese25 4 years ago

    lol what the hell is a Hispanic doing defending George Bush?

  • bachaka61 4 years ago

    Bush was too dumb to be a war criminal. The real war criminals were the
    lobbyists who pushed for this war, killing thousands of Americans and
    Iraqis just so that these lobbyists could fufill their agenda.

  • VladiMatt 4 years ago

    It’s great that Maher tries to get contrasting viewpoints on his show like
    this, but Jesus tittyfucking Christ why give that uppity cunt Ana air time?
    Are there truly no levelheaded Conservatives out there he could’ve had on
    the show?

  • rollotwomassey 4 years ago

    Good god these people are halfwits. Bush II was the best president since
    Reagan. Looking at the field of candidates before us on both sides, we
    should have him run AGAIN just to restore sanity in this country.

  • john2477 4 years ago

    George W’s approval ratings at 90%? It just goes to show how successful the
    efforts to rehabilitate his image have been. It does NOT mean he did a good
    job while he was in office!

  • Kevin Allen 4 years ago

    Killer Mike is full of shit by nodding his head when Ana said Hillary
    Clinton. Even if you are a Bernie supporter, you’ll be dumb as hell to
    think Hillary is anywhere near comparable to The Bush Dynasty!

  • jonhson buchanan 4 years ago

    DONALD TRUMP 2016!

  • Barry Amis 4 years ago

    Don’t blame the President He’s a figure head that lacks ultimate power.

  • Colby M. 4 years ago

    This is in response to Ana Navarro’s quote, “war criminals are Nazis”

    Now, my memory may be off, as I want alive in the 1930’s, 40’s or 50’s, but
    I swear the Nazis were the ones DENYING being war criminals.

    But, that was so long ago, we forgot what happened then. Hmm…

  • angrytacos 4 years ago

    that one lady is so dumb, and clouded by her conservative ideals that she
    can’t see how stupid most of the shit she spews it, is she serious when she
    says obama couldve stopped a massacre he knew nothing about, while bush
    didn’t stop a terrorist attack he knew everything about, go back to CNN
    dumb bitch, I’m the real world you don’t fit in

  • manguy2000 4 years ago

    Wow this crowd is pathetic. How dare this woman speak her mind and say
    things I don’t like. Let’s tar and feather her.

    You really think you are brave because you can all gang up on her.

    Jesus. Chill the fuck out everyone. You don’t like what she says…who
    cares. Move on.

    It’s like a bunch of children in a playground. I’ve seen wild animals with
    more class

  • I M Ofage (TrolledWithLogic) 4 years ago

    That’s not what makes President Shit-For-Brains a war criminal. Illegally
    invading a country that didn’t attack America, the torture, the wholesale
    slaughter of civilians, and violating due process make him a war criminal.

  • Lucius Vorenus 4 years ago

    Only liberals can call someone on the other side a bitch, war criminal or
    scream “go home” and not have the least bit remorse about.

    Obama is called a Muslim and a Communist but never are any cuss word’s
    used. Liberals have really touched new lows

  • MyChico333 4 years ago

    Hitler had “leadership abilities”

  • A100Aic 4 years ago

    Enough with the sexist comments. Yeh bush was wrong. He is a war criminal
    but there are plenty men who support him too..

  • bbodinefan11 4 years ago

    Poor baby Bill Maher and the ugliest Asian woman I ever saw Margeret Cho.
    Adolf Hitler was a war criminal. Not George W Bush. Such babies.

  • Marshmallow920 3 years ago

    Don’t try to protect troops who voluntarily want to serve to protect our
    rights and liberties, they protect you, not the other way around). A war
    isn’t automatically “bad”, its whether the cause is just or not.

    That war was justified. The UN resolution itself is enough legality as a
    justification for the war. Saddam was a bad guy equally bad as isis, on a
    humanitarian level there is a real reason to get rid of him. The problem
    with US foreign policy is that it doesn’t finish the job it intends to
    complete, because it flip flops 180 every 8 years.

    International law means nothing unless it is backed up by the will to
    enforce it. Saddam Hussein defied international law repeatedly: He used WMD
    against his own people; he invaded his neighbors (Kuwait) ; he sponsored
    terrorism. Even the UN approved of one stage of the Iraq invasion as Iraq
    (Saddam) invaded Kuwait, thus violating there sovereignty as a state thus
    Iraq loses its sovereignty. And saddam did all that because he had no fear
    of facing the consequences. International law, flawed though it is, is a
    necessary and stabilizing institution–and needs enforcement, even
    (especially) when global institutions are too corrupt to enforce it.

    Resolution 260 III (A) or The Genocide Conventions, which were drafted by
    the UN in Dec of 1948.

    “Article 1: The contracting parties confirm that genocide, whether
    committed in time of peace or time of war, is a crime under international
    law which they undertake to prevent and to punish“

    This document was formulated as a response to the atrocities of the
    Holocaust. To which the American president proudly proclaimed along with
    the UN “Never again!” in reference to the holocaust. Indeed, because of the
    context of the document (which was used in both the Rwandan trials and
    Yugoslav trials) the findings were clear: the parties involved have a
    defaulting responsibility to stop those crimes at all costs. This is a
    priori, and clearly non-negotiable.

    The Geneva Conventions never actually mention a “genocide” within it’s
    text, however in it my audience can find the following line:

    “Article 50: Grave breaches to which the preceding Article relates shall be
    those involving any of the following acts, if committed against persons or
    property protected by the Convention: wilful killing, torture or inhuman
    treatment, including biological experiments, wilfully causing great
    suffering or serious injury to body or health, and extensive destruction
    and appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and
    carried out unlawfully and wantonly.”

    No state is ever allowed to commit excessive harm to civilians via military
    means; while not the exact same as Genocide, a Genocide would certainly
    fall into it’s qualification. The US was upholding International law, and
    that even though they may not have went to the UN to justify the invasion,
    the document was designed to enable a “backdoor” to UN approval in order to
    attack when dire situations (I.E Genocide) called for them.

    In fact, the UN and International Law required the US to enter even on
    principlled grounds, reffering to parties committing acts of genocide as
    “Enemies of Mankind” or “Hostis humani generis”. This principal was used in
    several high profile cases, mainly Eichmann, Nuremburg, Yugoslavia, and
    Rwanda, the Principal of Universal Jurisdiction may be used to justify
    invasion due to this hatred for humanity. There is no doubt, the invasion
    was justified on legal means.

    Do we not owe it to the people of Iraq, a moral responsibility even, that
    if we came in (through an invasion) to make life better, provide freedom to
    an oppressed, group (which is a moral intention); Do we not owe it to them
    to leave it BETTER than we found it. Do we not have a responsibility to
    clean up our own mess? I think so, what makes us so arrogant that we could
    put such an evil man in power, that we turn around and say “Sorry Iraq, no
    longer our problem!”?

  • MBS 1 3 years ago

    Well for the clueless bitch from Nicaragua, Jeb Bush lost BAAAADLY in SC
    and dropped out of the race, thanks to his criminal brother. Now what you
    idiot cunt???? Remember who funded the contras in Nicaragua?? Yes the
    Republicans and Ronald Reagan. I do not believe this idiot should have been
    part of this panel.

  • Robert Walker 3 years ago

    How can she stand to be so ignorant.

  • Jack Hawkins 3 years ago

    Ana Navarro doesn’t realise that Margaret isn’t incorrect in calling him a
    war criminal… By the legal definition of the term, that’s exactly what he

  • Robert Fisher 3 years ago

    I don’t know who’s dumber, someone voting for Donald Trump, or someone
    voting for a third term of Bush….

  • Michael Hendrick 3 years ago

    ”my brother kept us safe”….about Bush…nobody mentions the OTHER
    brother who was in charge of security for the world trade center
    buildings…Marvin Bush….his other bro did not keep us safe, then…war
    criminal? prescott bush helped hitler financially and gw bush is linked to
    the kennedy coup d’etat…

  • NightmareRga 3 years ago

    Lady you go to live in Iraq for a year after the bush invasion and tell us
    that they are using the term loosely

  • master1987b 3 years ago

    A comment about G. W. Bush being a war criminal and yet no one even
    mentions the devastating effect the war had on Iraq and Iraqis .. Man we
    lost hundred of thousands of civilian lives and continue to do so just
    because some nutcase decided to bring “democracy” to my doorstep .. Next
    time you discuss the war in Iraq please do have some decency in mentioning
    those suffered on the other side not just your veterans, after all it was
    not a solely American matter ..

  • Oh Hale YEAH! 3 years ago

    @2:00 are they safer in Iraq than Chiraq?

  • noIdontwanna changemynamehodor 3 years ago

    I don’t think bush was a war criminal, I think he was a puppet and Cheney
    was the mastermind (the war criminal).

  • jkcyriac23 3 years ago

    Wait so she fled a war to come to America and now supports the Republican
    Party that doesn’t want Syrian refugees to come into America because of a
    war…. The hypocrisy.

  • DiscoveredNotCreated 3 years ago

    I’m not a Bush fan or anything but Margaret Cho is dumb bitch. You used the
    term incorrectly, so just suck it up and shut up. *boo hoo I got my
    comedian feeling hurt* Hiding behind Bill? Really bitch? Ugh.

  • James D. Wheeler 3 years ago

    bush cheney rumsfeld rice They all are war criminals!

  • Paul2901 3 years ago

    Ana Navarro is such a disingenuous fool. She compares 9/11 to San
    Bernadino? WTF! Do all Republicans have their cignitive function removed at
    birth? Such an embarrassment for America.

  • Simon Olander 3 years ago

    5:01 biggest shit eating grin

  • E Lewis 3 years ago

    Starting a war based on falsified evidence whilst potentially having both a
    familial and business angle to why you started the war? I think that is a
    war crime, and that doesn’t even need to go into how the Iraq war was

  • Marko Markuezovic 3 years ago

    Hes not just a war criminal, hes a lying war criminal responsible for the
    murder of a million innocent Iraqis who had nothing to do with 911. That’s
    not even mentioning the thousands of troops who were killed and maimed over
    the same fucking lies. So this bitch is full of shit. Oh and she fled
    Nicaragua when she was a 7 yr old child. Im sure she didn’t know the
    politics of it all when her family fled. Shes so fucking annoying and
    arrogant. She needs to be sodomized without lube. Nice and dry so it might
    even tear. So dry that it will make her pussy scream.

  • Rob Roy 3 years ago

    any intelligent vet that doesn’t hate G. busH is batShit crazy!!!!

  • Zaya 3 years ago

    At 4:51 a guy from the audience yelled “go home”. I love that guy.

  • James Travers 3 years ago

    I never expect much from Ana Navarro.. And she never disappoints.


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