Real Time with Bill Maher: Billy Crystal Remembers Robin Williams (HBO)

Published on May 8, 2015

Billy Crystal recalls a phone conversation he had with Robin Williams during Ronald Reagan’s funeral.

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  • Randy Donegan 5 years ago

    BILLY C!

  • typhoon 5 years ago

    Mr. Crystal….plz write a book of all those great phone calls, stories and other items you and Mr. Robin Williams planed to….it would be greatly appreciated from both your fans and Mr. Williams…thank you for your reminiscences.

    typhoon out

  • cbatgm 5 years ago

    Pure genius.  That’s up there with Frankie Boyle’s bit about Margaret Thatcher and her state-funded funeral.

  • OGRastamon 5 years ago

    I was worried when Crystal showed up because I thought he was just there to plug his new show but it turns out he wanted to tell some long anecdotes about ex-presidents and dead comedians. What a (comic?) relief.

  • Lee GaryB 5 years ago

    Even when he’s gone, Robin still can make us laugh… he just has to do it via Billy now

  • tomitstube 5 years ago

    so if they were talking about one day using these conversations… then they started recording them?   when i first heard of robin’s suicide, the first thing i said to myself was, “shit, we’re going to miss this one.”  a little like george carlin and richard pryor, the world is better with them in it.

  • dinoballz 5 years ago

    I laughed harder at this than the last few years of Real Time.

  • Andrew Emerson 5 years ago

    Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. 

  • theultimatexperience 5 years ago

    I remember Billy Crystal.

  • SharDaly 5 years ago

    Such a funny story.

  • BatSTUD 4 years ago

    Fuck people for clapping when “Ronald Reagan” says it’s hotter than he thought it would be. Fucking Liberals.

  • MatthewLedZepfan 4 years ago

    Bill Maher really needs to cross his legs

  • Dorothy Carrigan 3 years ago

    I miss Robin so much! So sad he felt he had to leave this word all alone…..

  • joe cole 3 years ago

    What a phony Billy Crystal is.  Yes Billy, the US was much better off with double digit inflation. Of course Billy being a liberal did nothing to help Robin. He was probably to busy to help an old friend.

  • W P 3 years ago

    *And, THANK YOU BILLY…You Honored Your Dearest Friend SO BEAUTIFULLY…*

  • Daniel Freij 2 years ago


  • Eric Masters 2 years ago

    I’m in tears right now ! Rest Mr Williams !

  • leslie clanton 2 years ago

    Best story teller ever!!! Make you feel like you are there! ?

  • JLaskles 2 years ago

    Was better on the doco but still gold! What a wonderful friendship, so many great stories. Miss you Robin!

  • Alex 109 1 year ago

    I love Robin Williams dead poets society and great movie in spiring


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