Real Time with Bill Maher: Beyoncé’s Formation (HBO)

Published on February 13, 2016

Bill Maher and his guests – Michael “Killer Mike” Render, Ana Navarro, Josh Green and Margaret Cho – discuss the political uproar that followed her Super Bowl halftime show and “Formation” music video.

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  • Ian Stone 4 years ago


  • PlanetStorm 4 years ago

    Except for Bruno Mars, the halftime show was totally forgettable. I have no
    idea if there was a political agenda being presented. If there was, it
    completely went over my head. Any controversy seems very much contrived.

  • Selma 4 years ago

    White people fear black pride.

  • MakemTwitch 4 years ago

    Right Bill,keep playing the “good” white guy.How about we have the KKK
    perform for us next time,you cool with that?Hood’s and all.

  • Logan Rogers 4 years ago

    Saying “white people this” or “black people that” is what makes racism
    exist still.

  • Sporeman2678 4 years ago

    I don’t know who Beyoncé is

  • Afro Anime 4 years ago

    racism will always exist just watch Fox News

  • CanadianGuy eH 4 years ago

    As much as I’m not as crazy as my conservative & bleeding heart Libs are,
    The formation, their outfits do strangely seem familiar with the Black

    And there is a reason why White Americans are in fear of dying out, it is
    because on a global scale, White people, generally European & European
    decedents are becoming a minority.

  • Skelerax 4 years ago

    Hear that everyone, we’re all just confused, the black panthers are all
    about sunshine, rainbows, puppies and helping. Thank goodness the black man
    affectionately dubbed “killer” was here to explain to us dumb whities, I
    guess “black power” just means “hello friend” right?

  • King Cripple 4 years ago

    Why can’t we just be “America” or “Americans?”

  • Bill in LA 4 years ago

    if a white performer called for white power at a show like that the
    reaction would be different…

  • Colin Sawka 4 years ago

    Regressives Fawn Over Beyonce’s Black Power Anthem by Atheism is

  • Pedohammad 4 years ago

    Who is ‘Killer Mike’ trying to convince, himself? Black Separatism is just
    that… racist black people.

  • Zac B. Studios - TM 4 years ago

    “White people, it’s not always about you.” You’re right. But every fucking
    time we wanna move onto something else, these Regressive fuckwads have to
    keep blaming us for everything short of the common cold.

  • SRMR93 4 years ago

    Why doesn’t Beyonce embrace her roots and grow her hair out naturally,
    instead of mimicking the white women with her straight blonde hair?

  • leftenant_turk 4 years ago

    Will Beyonce make a song titled “Stop committing crime” ?

  • ilr 4 years ago

    wait, didn’t Janet Jackson used to dress like that ALL THE TIME and no one
    gave a fuck?
    Good job Fox news…. make the Right look just as oversensative as the
    Regressives already are!

  • Orange County Antifascist 4 years ago

    Love how Killer Mike uses air quotes around Socialist when describing the
    Black Panthers when they were literally thousands of times more socialist
    than he or his bourgeois shill candidate Bernie Sanders could ever dream of
    being. They were a legitimate revolutionary Marxist group that stood for
    the liberation of all oppressed peoples of the world. It’s surprising that
    these middle of the road, capitalist, liberal commentators embrace their
    image so flagrantly when they were literally against the forms of
    oppression they are okay with appeasing as long as they get a politician in
    a meaningless office with slightly less abhorrent views than the other

  • Mickeh B 4 years ago

    “stop shooting us” ???? lol stop shooting each other.

  • AholeAtheist 4 years ago

    Black Power! #whitepanther

  • Fa1pa1 4 years ago

    No one should have pride nor shame in who they are. White, Black, Gay,
    Straight. These are all factors you can’t control, so reasonable members of
    society ignore those factors and judge people on who they are, not what
    they are. If you want to kill racism and bigotry you have to understand

  • Kingslayer 4 years ago

    From what I read about the BP, they weren’t a great group. Exclusive and
    extreme is what’s generally written. Is this inaccurate?

  • Nestor Gonzalez 4 years ago

    Being racist is one thing, discrimination is another deal all together. I
    think people automatically associate Racist tendencies with Outright
    Discrimination. I bet there were plenty of racist whites who supported
    Equal rights on the basis of being morally right under the law, but
    wouldn’t be inviting a black neighbor over for dinner. Systematic
    Discrimination is a huge problem that still exist in America. We can change
    that, but to change peoples minds by force, would be immoral within itself.

  • hattorihanzo 4 years ago

    the black panther party represents the rise and fall of marxism in the
    states really. it’s damn shame, no other group was able to withhold that
    ideology in the country. a country doesn’t necessarily need to be a
    socialist, marxist state, but it’s healthy with a true marxist movement for
    the people’s sake. to push governments and whatnot

  • plpant 4 years ago

    so black proud is great but white proud is racism?

  • Ryan Hunter 4 years ago

    It was The Super Bowl during fucking black history month… news flash,
    there’s a lot of black people who watch and play football. If there was
    ever an appropriate time and place for Beyoncé’s performance, it was at The
    Super Bowl, during black history month, in the year 2016.

  • The Moral Crusader 4 years ago

    Bill Maher and rich white liberals should move out of their lilly white
    gated community and move into majority black neighborhoods if they’re so
    down with the cause of black supremacy and “fuck da white man”. I’m sure
    they’ll be treated very nicely.

  • FearlessAgainstStupidity 4 years ago

    Cops killing black people is not a problem. Black people need to stop
    killing each other. Thats a song I want to see. And stop committing the
    most crime in America. You left Africa but you are still behaving like
    tribal warlords.

  • fook yu 4 years ago

    Next superbowl they should get Iggy Azalea to dance with women in KKK
    outfits lmao

  • Saintly Oswald 4 years ago

    Killer Mike is super smart and articulate.

  • BigBadJuju 4 years ago

    Black pride? How about this: “white pride!”. Is it racist yet? How about
    now: “white power!”. Am I racist now?

  • ezekielthemack 4 years ago

    It’s about time Beyonce used a platform to uplift her people. About fucking

  • Olmex OD 4 years ago

    Black panthers have never tied a white person to a pickup truck and dragged
    them to death. BP have never lynched a white person. BP have never hung a
    white person and castrated them and pickled the body parts. BP have never
    burnt crosses on white people’s lawns. There were white and Asian members
    of BP, unlike the KKK. The comparison is stupid and totally false. Nothing
    blacks have done in America comes close to the terrorism whites put on them
    for over 400 yrs. Racist whites hated MLK and blew his brains out, and that
    is what led to the formation of BPs.

    Then Gay Edgar Hoover waged war on the BPs and killed most of the leaders
    and destroyed the movement. Then the CIA brings in drugs from Colombia and
    recruits black informants who were heading to jail, to sell them in the
    black community. With MLK dead, BPs destroyed, NOI destroyed, there was a
    vacuum in institutions that engaged black men positively. When you add
    drugs and a lack of jobs to the pot, you get present day Chicago.

    Basically, the white elites did to the black community in America, what
    they did to Iraqis… which led to ISIS. For us it led to Crips, Bloods,
    GDs, etc.

  • gerard bain 4 years ago

    Conservative American caucasians are threatened by any public display of
    black pride. They prefer to have self deprecating liars tell people of
    recent african ancestry that everything that happens to them is because of
    their “corrosive culture” and the best way to get ahead is to try to act as
    white as possible.

  • Miranda Twumasi 4 years ago

    We just wanna be equal with everyone else, I don’t get the problem with
    that. And to ignore the fact that racism and the effects of colonialism are
    still rife is ubsurd. To ignore the killings of unarmed young men is

  • Miranda Twumasi 4 years ago

    I’m not sympathetic to the struggles of people of colour simply because I
    am one. I am sympathetic against any injustice because I am a human being.
    Justike I am with the struggles of gays, women anybody

  • Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage 4 years ago

    Wow, there are many angry white people in the comment section below,
    throwing around the “n” word and shit.

    Calm the fuck down, edge-lords. Just because a white guy is concerned about
    racism doesn’t mean he’s a “white-guilt SJW libtard cuck”. Jesus
    tittyfucking Christ.

  • Brian Maleska 4 years ago

    lol if you all really want to talk about white this and black that,

    stop playing our sport.
    we invented it all the fucking way up to tribal europeans and you
    appropriated our culture.

    oh wait? does that only apply to rap music and dreadlocks…?

    White fragility = seeing boldface double standards and getting criticized
    for wanting to be treated equally in *post racial society*. Which we are
    currently in (gasp).

  • A Johnson 4 years ago

    The difference between what black people protest against and what white
    people protest against is just funny.

  • German Neocon 4 years ago

    Keep shooting black violent criminals. Blacks are the most criminal race in
    the US.

  • Crimsonphilosophy 4 years ago

    black panthers were for all down trodden people??? Rrrrriggghhhhhttt….

  • Im black, even though the guy in the profile picture is white. 4 years ago

    Black Power is throwing up a fist. White Pride is throwing up concentration

  • ann landers 4 years ago

    What did he say about the “old Michael Jackson nose”? Seriously? You
    fucking retarded ugly fool. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan and I am sick
    to death of “jokes” about Michael’s face. That includes you too Bill. But
    really “Killer Mike”? You are ugly as sin. You sound totally illiterate.
    Your name is a joke. YOU my friend would not be good enough to stand in a
    room with Michael Jackson. Michael had several nose jobs (not 100 like the
    media and fools say) and a cleft put in his chin. He had a nose job for the
    same reason everybody has a nose job. He hated his nose. He didn’t hate his
    race. He hated his nose. If you were made fun of during your childhood
    about something and then you grew up and had a LOT OF MONEY you would do
    something about it. He did. He also suffered from a disorder where when he
    looked in the mirror he didn’t see what everybody else saw — which was a
    very beautiful face. You should have compassion for that.

    When you Killer Mike have the same beauty, talent and heart that Michael
    Jackson possessed then come here and debate with me. In the meantime SHUT

  • ShantyIrishman 4 years ago

    Why is Beyonce upset over cops killing criminals, but not black criminals
    killing innocent people?

  • Somali Atheist 4 years ago

    I have a couple questions for pro-Blacks and Progressives : Can whites have
    white pride? Can they display their white pride on national TV?

  • Redem10 4 years ago

    Being geeky I though she was dressed as Black Canary

  • Kevin j 4 years ago

    it’s funny white people love to call black people entitled but create a
    shit storm over something that has nothing to do with them.

  • Johnny Lamaa 4 years ago

    “Stop shooting us”…oh boo hoo. Why don’t YOU (young black men, in this
    case) stop shooting the COPS? Nah, that would make too much sense.

  • la dee da 4 years ago

    It’s official: minorities are pathetic.

  • Elite Hypocrites 4 years ago

    Beyone is ashamed of being black… She appropriates white culture with her
    hair and is playing black people like a fiddle.

  • La Love 4 years ago

    White people hate seeing black pride, I mean we never formed hate groups to
    lynch you because we’re not evil like you. Stop judging us by your KKK. We
    don’t firebomb white churches…

  • Kenne5antione 4 years ago


  • Premier Billing Inc 4 years ago

    I dont like Beyonce’s music, I dont like her as a “musician”, I think her
    lyrics are disgusting, childish, narcissistic, uninteresting, shallow and
    colorless despite the fact that she has a great singing voice, BUT, I above
    all that I think she has the right to do as she pleases given her
    opportunities. If you do not like it, the remote control has an on/off
    button that comes in handy. Same thing applies to all the other “musicians”
    like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Drake, etc.

  • Theodore Surette 4 years ago

    for a guy that used to have a show “politically incorrect” bill sure has
    become quite the pc butt licker lately. Jeez Bill can you go back to not
    hiding from pissing people off..liberal wimp.

  • nelson anguiano 4 years ago

    are white people retarded?

  • super freak 4 years ago

    Blacks make up 13% of the population yet commit 52% of all murders and they
    have the fucking gall to bitch about being profiled? How about you stop
    committing crime instead of bitching about the “white boogeyman” and take
    PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your lives? How about you stop acting like
    puerile little children and grow up?

  • SMPRawRap 4 years ago

    Killer Mike dropping that knowledge once again, all these lame ass white
    people that got MAAAAAD at that performance can eat a dick, racist ass
    muthafuckas lmao

  • James Bond 4 years ago

    “Stop shooting us… that’s our job.”

  • Albo Solidarietas 4 years ago

    wouldn’t expect any other opinion coming from a media jew…

  • TRJ X 4 years ago

    (cough)spike lee influence (cough) chi-raq ,bye

  • Joe Brown 4 years ago

    black people it’s not always about YOU. goes both ways.

  • Mike Jones 4 years ago

    If white people are under attack then black people have already had their
    homes demolishes, women raped and children shot…

  • Stephen Smith 4 years ago

    Typical black people playing victim. “Stop shooting us”. No morons, cops
    these days will unfortunately shoot anyone if they fell they’re in danger.
    Why don’t you black folks stop killing each other, why are there no rallies
    and marches for that kind of shit? No, lets just march for another false

  • Rex Davis 4 years ago


  • Mizzy Wizzy 4 years ago

    Fear the NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY understand the OLD.

  • Jonny Bossman 4 years ago

    as a foreigner i don’t get the big deal, all she did was sing and dance?
    move on

  • Titan Coral 4 years ago

    500 years after and still Americans see people as “blacks & whites” ….

  • John Nycto 4 years ago

    Don’t be so brave on YouTube defending the “white rights”. Go to downtown
    Flint and do it there!

  • Miroslav Georgiev 4 years ago

    Fuck “Arab” culture, fuck “Asian” culture, fuck “Black” culture, fuck
    “Hispanic/Latino” culture, fuck “White” culture — we should all strive for
    one culture: HUMAN culture.

    Thank you and good night.

  • NeedMoreCoffee 4 years ago

    I don’t understand why other white people are so offended by things like
    #BlackLivesMatter – why is that so upsetting to you? I get it, why don’t
    you get it? Turning every fight for black empowerment into “that’s
    anti-everyone-else” is ridiculous… it’s like if I say you need bread for
    a cheese sandwich, you say “ARE YOU SAYING I DON’T NEED CHEESE???”. Calm
    yourselves. The statement “Black Lives Matter” does NOT in any way mean the
    same thing as “White Lives Don’t Matter” or “White People Don’t Have
    Problems”!! It means that black lives matter! What on earth is so offensive
    about that!!! Starting to become ashamed to be white which the outpouring
    of WHITE STUPID on the internet at the moment.

  • Divad Rrek 4 years ago

    WHITE PEOPLE will be bitchin about THIS until they turn BLACK from tanning.

  • P Balix 4 years ago

    according to white people.. it is racist to be against racist cops. WTF???

  • Bill Johnson 4 years ago

    so if a dumb white bitch made a song about how she loved being white,
    having a white nose, and loved her whites kids white hair, black people
    wouldn’t say its racist? bullshit

  • 06109633 4 years ago

    The reason white people are so scared is because they are scared of losing
    power, they don’t admit it but that’s it. AND.. they think if they lose
    power minorities will treat them like they treat minorities. That’s why
    they are so paranoid.

  • A Imraah 4 years ago

    I quit watching the Super Bowl a few years ago, when AMC started doing
    all-day Walking Dead marathons every Super Bowl Sunday. I have nothing
    against football, but nothing beats The Walking Dead, as far as I’m

  • heroinhero69 4 years ago

    nicaraguan lady is awful. she’s whatever an uncle tom is for latino’s.
    trying to overcompensate and being a right wing dirtbag.

  • Luna Bennet 4 years ago

    What’s up with these conservative atheists? It’s embarrassing ….

  • john stewart 4 years ago

    Why is it when we as black people say we’re pro black it automatically
    appears to white people that we’re anti white, If Jews said they were pro
    Jewish it will not scare white people, if Italians say they’re pro Italian
    doesn’t scare white people, If Japanese people say they’re pro Japanese it
    doesn’t scare white people, so why when black people do it, it scares white
    people so much, maybe because white people know how bad they’ve treated
    black people in this country that we are looking to pay them back, but
    we’re not so stop being afraid of us when we celebrate ourselves.

  • Charlie Brown 4 years ago

    Racism is still alive and stronger than ever, don’t believe me, scroll down
    and read 99% of any YouTube comments.

  • iceguy93 4 years ago

    There were even Asian black Panthers. Yeeeeah, but no white black panthers.
    Full retard at 10/10

  • Jennifer Dixon 4 years ago

    I’m still don’t know why people think she has talent?
    Plastic surgery, blond hair and shaking her ass all over the world. And you
    guy’s call her a mother?

  • Nicolas Martin 4 years ago

    Cheap shot at Perry Como. When the network instructed him not to touch his
    guest, Lena Horne, he made a point of defying the network. Lena Horne’s
    daughter has praised him for that. You can see Como’s warmth toward Black
    guests in YouTube videos. Maher hasn’t a clue.

  • xela joy 4 years ago

    Power to the People! ?✊

  • Robert Walker 4 years ago

    I’m sick of these talking heads.

  • offwiththefairies77 4 years ago

    He just admitted people sell their souls/sell their people out to the

  • Vion Innamorata 4 years ago

    A bunch of uppity white police officers who claim to be so thick-skinned
    got butthurt over a dance routine… yep, I’d be better off relying on my
    pet dog to rescue me from danger than seeking help from these uniformed

  • James Smith 4 years ago

    If you’re not racist what differentiate between white and black people? The
    excuses given for black pride are very similar to knows I’ve heard from
    white racists. …The difference is people see through that line of crap.
    Ah and Maher the white liberal who acts like he’s not white some neutral

  • Julian Bluefeather 4 years ago

    Beyoncé is saying that she is proud of her heritage. And if you’re Italian
    then you can be proud of that. or Polish. or Danish. “White” is different
    because it is such a large spectrum of diiferent cultures, and it is the
    MAJORITY. It’s like saying I’m proud to be like everyone except for a few
    people. If you’re white then your family has always celebrated belonging to
    a certain ethnicity of immigrints. Nobody was ever about “White Pride”
    except for the KKK, and even then, they hated Catholics, Jews, Immigrints,

  • Jag B 4 years ago

    BERNIE 2016

  • Pat Doyle 4 years ago

    The problem was that Beyonce’s outfit looked as if she were carrying two
    bandoliers of ammunition over her shoulders, and everyone knows that guns
    rights are there to protect white people only. We all know that white
    people shuld be allowed to go anywhere with a loaded AR-15, but a black man
    holding a BB gun is unacceptable and he should be killed – not to mention
    black 12 year old kids with “Air-soft” toy guns.

  • thequakesoldier 4 years ago

    Black pride is important. White pride, though? DIE NAZI SCUM!

  • HotelCode 4 years ago

    Real Time with Bill Maher is America’s one and only oasis

  • johnnyatab 4 years ago

    I am offended more by how awful the actual song is when it comes to song
    structure and lack of melody — not unlike most of Beyonce’s catalogue.

  • Stake Out Shorty 4 years ago

    This is way to funny ??I post one comment speaking the truth ,and I got
    about 10 white guys trying to defend the white race. white people hate to
    heard the truth. lol

  • R Greg 4 years ago

    Black Pride only comes from taking things from whites. Otherwise they would
    clean up their own neighborhoods instead of taking over white ones and
    destroying them. White people feel pissed at blacks because of one thing.
    WE DON”T WANT TO LIVE LIKE YOU. We are forced to or it’s racist. We don’t
    want to support you but we have to or it’s racist.

  • ComicConcept 4 years ago

    These morons make me angry to be white.

  • Hashbrownz 4 years ago

    Screw you bill… Not every American watches the super bowl ?

  • Shannon Stratton 4 years ago

    That Latin bitch is a ass licker, I’m glad that white dude shut that bitch
    up, that Asian woman cool. That Latin female look like she will sale her on
    Latin people out smh…


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