Real Time with Bill Maher: Asra Nomani Interview (HBO)

Published on November 13, 2015

Bill Maher interviews Asra Nomani, activist and author of “Standing Alone in Mecca: An Amerian Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of Islam,” in this clip from November 13, 2015.

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  • Antonio Cabrera 4 years ago

    Wow the live chat on overtime was way way way way way more commenting!

  • Jaime Uh 4 years ago


  • Nic Goodburn 4 years ago

    Bills a smart guy

  • highlander2107 4 years ago

    Syrians attacked France now we want to bring Syrians here?? thousands??

  • LetsBeClear 4 years ago

    This woman is so graceful and strong. I love her calm unpushy truthiness
    and femininity.

  • Jill Springer Forrest (JillontheLake) 4 years ago

    My question, why is she still religious at all? It seems even the raw
    tenets of Islam is against her raw beliefs. Just drop the religion

  • Moth Queen 4 years ago

    We need more people like Asra speaking out about the extremism in Islam.

    BTW, her cheekbones are turning me on.

  • BombasticLove87 4 years ago


  • Alan Hughes 4 years ago

    Moderate Muslims are allowed to be free in the United States and we should
    support them and not throw them under the bus with the orthodox/terrorist
    Muslims. Bill constantly contradicts himself on this. Every so often he
    will throw out a “nobody is saying ALL Muslims are evil” but then he will
    go on continuing to say Muslims are evil.

  • RebelThoughts82 4 years ago

    All religions need to be done away with. They are holding humanity back.

  • Alex M 4 years ago

    He won me over!

  • Tyler Stevens 4 years ago

    One big reason liberals might not be so willing to attack Islam is they see
    it as a direct attack on a religion, and to consent to that is lay open (in
    their own mind) the possibility of their own religion being attacked.

  • Glenn D 4 years ago

    lol muslim feminist is an oxymoron

  • Hijabi Infidel 4 years ago

    Beautiful woman with such a gracious soul

  • Jason Keefer 4 years ago

    Bill Maher picked the perfect guest considering what happened today, this
    is the conversation we need to be having.

  • mathiasmorqubus 4 years ago

    Sometimes you have to speak the truth so loud that it hurts people’s ears.

  • Homero Mendoza 4 years ago

    wow amazing woman you can tell shes holding the emotions back. #prayforparis

  • Frank Lithiumz 4 years ago

    Definitely one of my favourite interviews ever.

  • Jordan Wendt 4 years ago

    All terrorists are Muslim.

  • EH CBunny 4 years ago

    I wish they would study all groups because in Central America the Catholic
    church is influencing government. Their influence is no different than
    Sharia law.
    Women cannot complain to the police when they’re being abused
    Women cannot buy birth control without the permission of their husbands,
    and their husbands become guardians of the assets.
    The Catholic church blames women for the HIV outbreak because they’re
    either whores or non compliant to their husbands.

  • Shayne Kropf 4 years ago

    I cringe every time I see #PrayForParis. My thoughts are with the victims
    of such horrible acts of violence and barbarism. But hasn’t praying and
    believing in a god got enough people killed already?

  • Robert Creighton 4 years ago

    kill Muslims and Islamic apologists. a jihadi wants to kill you a
    moderate wants the jihadi to kill you

  • KlipKultur5 4 years ago

    The guys who run IS are not at all religious. That was witnessed and
    reported. Bill should know that.

  • Ilana Orea 4 years ago

    Thank you for being the voices of liberals who want to fight back against
    specifically theocracy and oppression. I think this issue is so confusing
    because liberals/progressives are fighting both conservative Christians and
    conservative Muslims, who ironically enough agree on the anti-progressive
    part, but just happen to disagree on who is on the exact right path (it’s
    Jesus! No it’s Allah!). I personally happen to be in the minority, an
    extremely religious progressive. It’s a bummer that social justice warriors
    has become a negative term to describe the PC police. Because in a weird
    way, I think people like Bill and Asra are the true SJW. Maybe we come up
    with a new term for progressives who want to stand up for the oppressed,
    “the moderate Muslims who are in jail”, the Yazidi women kept as slaves.
    Liberals who want to take a stand against radicals and conservatives who
    are using fear and hate and murder and terror to stop the spread of love
    and joy and peace – Progressive Warriors.

  • WarriorOfWriters 4 years ago

    I know so many liberal Muslims and I just wish they’d raise their hands.
    They must feel a sense of shame or a lack of duty to show themselves. There
    are sane wonderful secular muslims out there.

  • wingsuiter101 4 years ago

    People like this is why I used to consider myself to be a liberal..sadly
    this is in short supply, everyone is either a pansy or an entitled brat

  • germandrummer13 4 years ago

    How could you be a feminist liberal muslim? Sorry, that just makes no
    fucking sense. If you’re going to be smart, don’t be a muslim.

  • BulletTruth1989 4 years ago

    I don’t understand Bill Maher.
    He wants the middle east to fight it out among them selves.
    He also wants “the west” liberals to get more involved.


  • Daniel Martinez 4 years ago

    Boys should be protected against circuncision just like girls.

  • Bloody heart15 4 years ago

    If she’s a Muslim why isn’t she wearing the thing that covers her head?
    Aren’t all Muslim women supposed to wear them whenever they go outside?
    Legit question

  • Jeremiah R. 4 years ago

    I’ve never before been so in agreement with Maher, Islamic beliefs have no
    place in Western society. Period.

  • Ramblin' Wreck 4 years ago

    Since when is having an orgasm a human “right?” That’s something you need
    to discuss with your sex partner, not try to codify as some sort of
    guaranteed “right.” The government doesn’t need to be involved with that
    crap. Typical feminist with this bullshit as if someone dare to not please
    her so she could then go to authorities with, “He didn’t give me an orgasm!
    Arrest him! It’s my RIGHT!”

  • Bahaa Alomairi 4 years ago

    I love that Maher is a liberal on Islam ,I just wish if he was as liberal
    on the apartheid state of Israel ….

  • Natalie Gray 4 years ago

    The regressive left makes me sick, like seriously ill. Swallowers of
    platitudes and retchers of reactionary bullshit. *”Terrorism doesn’t have a
    religion”*? 99% of terrorist plots are carried out by Islamists. So what,
    all of this has been done to us by the wrong Muslims? Please… Pick a
    number, get in line, and kiss my ass.

  • Benjamin sch 4 years ago

    nicholas kristoff is a loser.

  • Jackie James 4 years ago

    as a Muslim liberal terrorist attacks break my heart and any extreme
    theology has no place in this century have we not learned from history?

  • KidMillions 4 years ago

    The president of France doesn’t even identify the terrorists as ISIS or
    Islamic State, he uses the word “Daesh” not to offend Muslims.

  • Spottedfeather 4 years ago

    How can she be a muslim and not support ISIS ? ISIS is merely doing what
    their worthless pile of toilet paper tells them to do ; kill each and every
    man, woman, and child in the world that’s not muslim and cut off their
    heads and chop off their fingers and tongues.

  • sam james 4 years ago

    This is about the only time I’ve agreed with anything Bill Maher has said.
    Who knows, next he might actually agree that action needs to be taken to
    end the carnage of ISIS! It’s a factor we’ve been waiting for Obama to take
    up….but it appears France, Great Britain, and Germany will lead the U.S.
    in that leadership role.

  • Bob Jones 4 years ago

    Thank you BIll Maher, if it weren’t for the much more reasonable liberals
    like you and Sam Harris, I would had given up on the label of “liberal” and
    called myself a moderate long ago.

  • 007VitaminD 4 years ago

    She doesnt look Muslim. Just saying. Just another one playing the Victim
    card without understanding the religion. A bunch of evil ppl did something
    to her, so now she gets emotional and hates the entire religion. Everything
    she is against is a cultural ‘rule’, not an Islamic one. Interesting eh?

  • stephen stewart 4 years ago

    Hey lets lock up all the germans I guess they supported hitler for a
    LOooooooong time right? (I am a atheist I cant even think of a real God but
    lets not condemn and alienate 1,5 billion people)

  • Derrick K (tensacross) 4 years ago

    “i am absolutely sure that ISIS thinks everything they do – every horrific
    crime, every atrocity – is an act of justice.”
    -Bill Maher

    the same should be said about america.

  • vick3d 4 years ago

    Fuck this cunt bitch. Just leave the damn religion don’t do all these
    mental acrobatics to justify or ‘reform’ bullshit.

  • Jessicia VVV 4 years ago

    What a disgusting gender-traitor, self-hating, Islamophobic racist

  • Chilltownify 4 years ago

    Muslim feminist? my head just exploded…

  • Ray Lee 4 years ago

    Bill, I like you, I like this interview, but you really gotta stop
    interrupting your guests. You get to talk on your show all the time, you
    gotta let them talk too (especially ones who are talking a lot of sense;
    not like you’re not talking sense too, but you get to say what you want to
    say all the time on your show). The lady was cut off a little too much
    throughout this interview as she was developing her thoughts aloud. No
    disrespect, but it’d be nice to hear them out.

  • Truth_hurts 4 years ago

    Liberal hypocrisy is nothing new. During the Cold WAr liberals ‘tolerated’
    the crimes committed by murderous communists just like today they find
    themselves in bed with Islamic extremists. Maher brings up liberals
    opposition to Apartheid but they also supported the Marxist tyrant Robert
    Mugabe right next door while his regime committed genocide in Matabeleland
    . So again nothing new here.

  • Adam Kelly 4 years ago

    Secular values shall prevail!!

  • Orenji Otoku 4 years ago

    Bill Mahr, such a pathetic hypocrit. Says he’s against religion, but honors
    a muslim who lies about what Islam truly is. What a blowhard.

  • CrazyWedz 4 years ago

    Cool woman.

  • Luke Griffiths 4 years ago

    We need about 1.6 billion of her.

  • 2ndtoJohn 4 years ago

    Can we all stop criticizing her for not leaving Islam? I mean, I’m not
    particularly a fan of any religion but I’m much more interested in your
    actions and how your faith manifests itself in real life. So if Azra can
    convince other Muslims to be more compassionate, inclusive and open-minded
    then who cares? I want a more peaceful earth, even if that means religion
    will continue to stick around.

  • Sugi Khan 4 years ago

    was this after paris or before it?

  • Mark Richard Beaulieu 4 years ago

    Good interview. Bill, better to call them Daesh – Isis is too proud a word
    for them.

  • DarthCipient 4 years ago

    I noticed that after a year of calling Bill Maher a bigot, SALON have
    posted an article today that basically says “hmm, maybe he has a point”

  • esparkely 4 years ago

    The crime is executed by the rapist against the victim

  • harpersneil 4 years ago

    Opening line “She is a Muslim feminist…” …. WTF?!?!?! This should be

  • profilergail 4 years ago

    What a lovely woman. I wish all islamics were like her. There would be no

  • Umman Khawaja 4 years ago

    Sharia Law is oppressive, misogynist, bigoted extremist institution that
    should be outlawed at all “Islamic” nations. We need our leaders to stand
    up to the Saudis and criticize their Wahabbi support instead of cowering to
    I thank you, Asra Nomani, for speaking out for all liberal, pluralistic
    Muslims who believe in tolerance and compassion.
    As a Pakistani American liberal, I support your activism. Let’s get rid of
    the scourge that is extremist Islam.

  • Sakina S 4 years ago

    I understand that she’s educated, but I don’t think she sought out the
    validity or the context of the various things she’s said. For example, the
    Islam I know and have read about, reveres a woman’s sexual pleasure as much
    as a man’s. And the inheritance formula of women receiving less than her
    brother when her father dies is based on the responsibility Islam places on
    her husband providing financial security for his own wife; that doesn’t say
    women can’t work (Khatidja the prophet’s wife did and was much much
    wealthier), nor does it say they can’t be independent. The issue is when
    you mix in patriarchal culture in the mix.

  • atothez 4 years ago

    Model Pakistani woman. Proud of her.

  • wobort8963 4 years ago

    lets just lull everyone into a sense of security that most Muslims are
    peaceful, thereby disarming them, THEN BLOW THEM UP YEAH

  • Ahmad Hadder 4 years ago

    Ex muslim atheist here,

    There is no such a thing as a moderate liberal muslim, you are either a
    muslim or not, you either accept muhammad’s teachings as a prophet or you
    don’t, if Muhammad was alive today he would order this woman murdered.

    Killing apostates, Stoning, Jihad, gay hatred, and all the rest are core
    teachings of Islam, Muhammad practiced them, if a ” moderate muslim”
    doesn’t believe in them he is not a real muslim!

  • Kikruneino Sachu 4 years ago

    Respect to Asra and Bill, at last some liberals who have guts to speak the
    truth , the full truth without fear of offending ignorant people.

  • Susan Jaye 4 years ago

    WoW! Can’t wait to check out her book!

  • LoreG 4 years ago

    This woman is the fifth essence of grace, culture and strength !

  • Chilangolpz 4 years ago

    Bill is a Israel’s Bitch.

  • Mark Marsh 4 years ago

    Gee Bill….. Here’s a simple fact you seem unable to comprehend.
    ……”Demonizing” is ENDLESSLY complaining about the radical genocidal
    lunatics of ANOTHER ideology without EVER complaining about or even
    MENTIONING the radical genocidal lunatics of YOUR OWN Ideology…. (you
    slimy Racist Zionist PIG.)

  • Ricky Bad Black 4 years ago

    Playing Muslim doesn’t count in my book, I don’t hate the Koran, the Koran
    hates me.

  • Alex Ryan 4 years ago

    Asra Nomani is an amazing role model for Muslims! I really hope she gets
    “mainstream” so she can help it’s reformation. Would like to see her again

  • Wil Whit 4 years ago

    Love this interview..

  • KB KB 4 years ago

    To ask for Islam to be progressive, you have to stop spreading seeds of bad
    ideas in people’s head and help them look at the bigger picture. Focusing
    on certain aspects that are still happening in some part of the Muslim
    world because of cultural and traditional values (such as genital
    mitigation) that we all don’t agree with, and using that as an example to
    theorize why Islam is not progressive in 21st century, especially when it
    comes to women rights. is a bit hypocritical. Can give a statistic to
    support that? The Muslim community need to wake up, we need to wake up.
    Free speech is a right for all of us, but I beg you to do a segment on the
    goodness of Islam? It can’t be all bad as always portrayed in the show.

  • TodayIsDead 4 years ago

    Fuck Islam, and fuck feminism :).

  • Jose W 4 years ago

    Quite refreshing to hear well spoken, brave, intelligent and articulate
    people discussing this emotive issue.

  • Shelly Gilboa 4 years ago

    Be strong !!! We need more women like u in this world I’m not a Moslem
    women but I believe that they need a voice like urs! As a Jewish women I
    pray for all women in the world ?

  • Robert Lenn 4 years ago

    I almost feel bad… but. It almost sounds like she is saying we ALL NEED
    to believe in A GOD/if not one singular god. I disagree then. That will
    solve problems short term, but obviously not totally. The same problems
    will always exist. Belief in a god hasn’t changed that.

  • Dennis Lewis 4 years ago

    A marvellous woman!

  • Randall Goguen 4 years ago

    Bill Maher. The Atheist Zionist.

  • Midnight Nightmares 4 years ago

    I won’t pretend to know much about the Sharia Law. However, it can’t be
    much worse than the OT in the Bible right? I honestly don’t care for
    religion but if you claim the Sharia Law is oppressive, the same can be
    said about the Bible (we can easily find things about women being second
    class in the OT), and yet we tolerate the Bible and not the Sharia Law. I
    think this is more about the people practicing the religion more so than
    the religion itself.

  • Rob Thomas 4 years ago

    She was born in India..not an unusual thing. But why did she go to
    Pakistan? Who does that?

  • wilburjr 4 years ago

    At last, a muslim that Makes Sense! I love this woman, and her thoughts.
    Please take a peek at my spoken-word video at wilburjr, thanks.

  • Aegys TierOne 4 years ago

    “the right of a woman to orgasm”

    sounds like she never got any….

  • murtisoft 4 years ago

    She chose a man who would leave her pregnant. I am not trying to blame the
    victim here, but how is she completely innocent?

    If you leave your wallet in the park and it gets stolen, you are also
    responsible, as well as the thief that took it, right?

    As a muslim she should have waited until mariage for intercourse. I guess
    she is not religious at all, but doesnt know it yet… There are so many
    people who are really not religious, but just take it for granted that
    there is a sky daddy.

  • Nate M. 4 years ago

    Asra used to write for People Magazine and when my neighbors were murdered
    back in 2007 she came to town to write a story about it. My family had a
    nice time visiting with her in our living room.

  • Philp Yung 4 years ago

    She is a treasure.

    You see now why the muslim men want to treat them like property.

  • Leonardo Furtado 4 years ago

    What a great woman! So much wisdom, and willingess to discuss the truth! We
    should give voice to people of this nature, who THINK before Talk, and have
    the courage to stand up and speak their mind!

  • Jan Richards 4 years ago

    Bravo for Asra Nomani !!!

  • IANinALTONA 4 years ago

    A truly beautiful woman – both inside and out.

  • Joe Brizanski 4 years ago

    I got a serious case of the creeps when Asra described that Islamic-style,
    human blood sacrifice. Of course, there is no such thing as Satan, but
    Salman Rushdie was right to sling the adjective at Islam.

  • psychotropic7 4 years ago

    Am I wrong for wanting to see more of that interview?

  • Bros Bro 4 years ago

    This week he said stoning victims of rape is something Muslims generally
    agree with. What are your thoughts on that? Is there anywhere in the world
    or in the teachings of Islam where there is evidence to support his claim?

  • Mint Berry 4 years ago

    Why would anyone call Maher a bigot and islamphobe after this interview? Is
    he being defensive?

  • Jack Vand 4 years ago

    I’m laughing my ass off. Bill Maher engaged in gross bigotry. You should
    take his key to the steam room and revoke his glory hole privileges.

  • UncleMike43 4 years ago

    Profiles in Courage; You’re watching two, right here !!

  • Cman 4 years ago

    People keep in mind there are different schools of Islamic thought,
    Wahhabism (Saudi Arabia) is the school of thought that is so anti liberal,
    breeds terrorists and what bill maher and asra nomani are mainly critizing.
    So be careful with your word choice when critiquing and throwing all of
    Islam under the bus, because that’s just going to create more divide. Keep
    in mind, the wahabi sect is a minority, but has been exported from Saudi
    Arabia to madrassas all over the world, but still a minority in the Islam

  • NYC125street 3 years ago

    Okay…I am sooo confused. When this lady came out she was introduced as a
    Muslim. I just listened up to 3:45. So far everything that she has done
    (short dress and crossing her legs just a few inches away from this guy)
    and said (fornication & pregnant with the NON-MARRIED guy walking out) is
    all the CHRISTIAN stuff.

  • Wendy F 3 years ago

    I love both of these people!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • ankatea 3 years ago

    This is such an amazing interview.


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