Ray Liotta Has Never Fully Watched The Sopranos

Published on September 29, 2021

Ray Liotta talks about his new film The Many Saints of Newark, working with David Chase and his 2003 SNL sketch with Rachel Dratch.

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  • Jeff Panetta 1 year ago

    As a die hard Sopranos fan, I hope this movie is not a disappointment like El Camino was.

  • nilpoint 1 year ago

    he looks completely different.

  • Sheila Anne 1 year ago

    Why was he walking all bent over like an old man?

  • CaptainCustard 1 year ago

    That was a long walk for Ray.

  • Greg Bors 1 year ago

    He needs to watch the Sopranos, watch the Sopranos

  • Bubba FourTwenty 1 year ago

    I hope Ray is doing okay. That is a pretty rough looking walk there. Maybe it’s age? He looks rough in general. Not knocking him at all. I love his acting and have for many years.

  • First Name Last Name 1 year ago

    well, can’t blame him. I couldn’t slog through that show either.

  • Abhi S94 1 year ago

    _As far back as I can remember,_
    _i always wanted to be a gangster._
    *- Henry Hill,1990*

    Cop- don’t move a muscle!
    Tommy- go shower with the guys 😂🤣
    *- Tommy Vercetti,2002*

  • Chris Cairns 1 year ago

    More like ‘Aged Alotta’ AMIRITE??

  • ThE DuCk 1 year ago

    Ray’s still HOT !!

  • AL 1 year ago

    Ray ain’t looking to good these days

  • jemz montero 1 year ago

    my tommy vercetti 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Brie’s Thoughts 1 year ago

    I adore Ray Liotta. One of his best acting roles was on the tv show “ER”. You gotta check it out, great role, had me crying so much.

  • Ombra 711 1 year ago

    Plastic surgery clearly. Aging is a scary thing more so when your face is changing. And maybe a bad knee judging from the walk. I know that feel.😔

  • Towed Array 1 year ago

    He sounds almost exactly like Artie Lange. In fact if I didn’t know better… I’d have thought this was Artie himself.


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