Rashida Jones Teaches Stephen How To Be A Feminist

Published on May 28, 2016

The “Angie Tribeca” star schools Stephen on the ins and outs of what it means to be a feminist.

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  • iwashere2011able 4 years ago


  • itsdoug714 4 years ago

    How to be a Feminists 101. All for women’s personal body choice. Unless
    they’re hot….then it’s “fat shaming”

  • Brian Stones 4 years ago

    Men are pigs, and women are equal to men.

  • Mean Cactus 4 years ago

    Ann, you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish.

  • msgundam2 4 years ago

    This sucked.

  • David Kenway 4 years ago

    To bad feminism was hijacked and now its filled by crazy bitches

  • msgundam2 4 years ago

    Go protest a man shelter or a male suicide prevention group.

  • drsquash2003 4 years ago

    fuck feminists. literally ;D

  • Jeremy Work 4 years ago

    At the end he’s just taking the piss out of her stupid ideas. Go Colbert!

  • Sonic the Sonic 4 years ago

    I feel like I still don’t know how to be a feminist.

  • BrineDude Gaming | Culture Buff 4 years ago

    She said she doesn’t get the stigma behind feminism, and in the SAME
    INTERVIEW, she says there’s nothing hard about being a man! LADY ARE YOU

  • Flalx Rorbien 4 years ago

    or you can just learn to accept all things nature put out there and
    question your own prejudice, hate or genitalian envy if it exists, fight it
    consciously then subconscious hate disappears.
    You don’t have to label yourself just to be accepted by certain people.
    “u feminist, i like you.
    u not feminist? then u sexist.”
    it just fuses more hate. Don’t furiously pull a string.

  • Aj Hampton 4 years ago

    *Reads title* Oh boy, avoiding the comments

  • Trollaukinn 4 years ago

    How to be a Feminist: Suspend cognitive reasoning, and hold sexist
    double-standards against men and attractive women with minds of their own.
    Bonus: Dyed blue or red hair, problem glasses, and “healthy at any size.”

  • Musicmonk84 4 years ago

    Call me crazy, but all of those questions seem to imply positive things
    about the person you’re asking.

  • Sc4r4byte 4 years ago

    In the comments: every bad lesson learned from #yesAllWomen and #yesAllMen

  • tvboy223 4 years ago

    Its so hard being a woman, said the Harvard educated actress.

  • Darth Chocolate 4 years ago

    That was a strange interview ..

  • HiMyNameIsDannny 4 years ago

    Wow she went from Parks to this? Ugh.

  • bri_guy802 4 years ago

    This comments section will be wonderful. Let me grab some popcorn

  • dooml0r 4 years ago

    “Feminist” in title. MRA’s triggered. Brace for impact.

  • QajarCoffee 4 years ago

    Instead of teaching Stephen how to be a “feminist” maybe she should have
    taught him about the word “nepotism” and how she wouldn’t be where she is
    today if she were not the child of Quincy Jones.

  • Curious Zee 4 years ago

    Feminism ISN’T a pity party about who is the most oppressed! It was an
    extension of Marxism which showed how our society has been built on
    conflict between groups of people exploited for their labour that creates
    wealth for the few ruling members of society or the ‘ruling class’.

    Feminism showed how working class women were being doubly exploited for
    their labour at not only having to work a job (yes even in the 19th century
    and before many MARRIED women had to work) but also maintain a home

    Feminism that is highlighted in many you tube videos and the media is a
    fetish-ised version that is all about individual issues (first world
    problems and even out-right lies) and not about addressing how EVERYONE is
    oppressed, NOT just women!

  • In Jose We Trust 4 years ago

    Every time she says the word “sensitive” it’s almost like nails on a
    chalkboard. Everyone is so “sensitive” about others’ opinions it makes me

  • AMONAVIS! 4 years ago

    I’m a feminist but I really don’t see anything wrong w/ asking someone who
    they are wearing or what products they use. They just don’t usually ask
    guys that because they always dress the same and have bad skin… I do get
    why it’s stupid when they are asked that at a red carpet or at an event
    with a specific theme/topic.

  • B reu 4 years ago

    3rd wave feminism is worse than cancer

  • Vivek Shiuram 4 years ago

    The reason why the word “Feminism” has negative connotations in some
    circles is that despite the definition of the word most people who identify
    as a feminist are BATSHIT!!!!!!

  • RevucumberTechUSA 4 years ago

    Ew. This is just proof of toxic femininity.

  • I am Goldwin 4 years ago

    Hello feminists debunkers, I am looking forward to your videos.

  • Richard Lane 4 years ago

    man stephen knows how to walk that line, to the point where she cant even

  • RevucumberTechUSA 4 years ago

    3:55 you are a white, female, actress in America … You have NO problems.

  • Asiro 4 years ago

    she looks ugly

  • Mewyabby 4 years ago

    Just having a discussion with someone who isn’t concise about feminism is

    Thank you for trying Rashida and Stephen.

  • insomniacfolder 4 years ago

    Two clips from this interview posted together today by the Late Show. One
    has the word ‘feminist’ in the title.
    Video without the word ‘feminist’ in title: 297 views; 29 likes, 4 dislikes.
    Video with the word ‘feminist’ in title: 1,416 views, 85 likes, 92 dislikes

  • Julian Lloyd 4 years ago

    Brace yourselves….

  • RevucumberTechUSA 4 years ago

    5:26, no it’s because you’re funny. Stop giving into this bitch’s misandry.

  • Theo Hamilton (linky00) 4 years ago

    Yeah, I’m not reading the comments.

  • Bruce 4 years ago

    oh that’s simple. just hate everything that a man does.

  • ed4pints 4 years ago

    that fact that feminism is associated with man hating shows something about
    the corrupted modern feminism. it’s not what it used to be. BTW I’m not
    saying that it’s all feminist but it’s the loud shoutie ones that are the
    problem. that type of feminism or feminazi shits on the sacrifice of the
    women that fought for equality like in England the girl who threw her self
    in front of the Kings horse in protest.
    I don’t no about aki

  • arberlijj 4 years ago

    What an amazing dress

  • Harikrishnan R 4 years ago

    colbert: it’s impossible for a python to bite a woman’s penis
    feminist: that’s not true
    feminist logic

  • Aiko Yumi 4 years ago

    T R I G G E R E D

  • Rockownz5150 4 years ago

    Feminism is obsolete.

  • FinnGamingChannel 4 years ago

    Feminist cunts think women have it so hard and men have it easy how fucking
    dare they, moronic bitches

  • Simurdown 4 years ago

    Isn’t saying that all men have an easy life and all women have a hard life
    kind of sexist? I don’t appreciate being generalized like that. Each gender
    faces it’s own unique issues and they should be addressed, but you can’t
    sit back and tell me I need to empathize with the troubles women face while
    denying that I face any at all. If “privileged” men don’t understand the
    issues women face how can she be so bold as to say she knows men don’t face
    any issues because of gender? Basically, how can she say women know how men
    lives are but men don’t know how women lives are, that is a serious
    prejudice problem. She should do what I do and flip the conversation to the
    opposite to see if she would enjoy it if a man said what she said but about
    women. -Sincerely, A True Feminist

  • 14thCaptain 4 years ago

    Yup getting asked who are you wearing is extremely sexist except for
    -Actresses are routinely given gowns for free or even paid by the designer
    in the hope their name and gown are featured in red carpet interviews
    -Men are often asked the same question, especially if the tux/suit is
    something out of the ordinary
    -The majority of the people asking the questions are either females or
    someone asking specifically for a red carpet fashion panel show

  • Pizzaman333 4 years ago

    Let’s see which side wins! Likes or dislikes (or men vs feminists).

  • KingSureShot 4 years ago

    Everything everyone says can be sexist or racist if liberal sensitive pot
    smoking pea brains are around.

  • Jon S 4 years ago

    Riveting, I enjoyed this interview.

  • Zachary Brady 4 years ago

    Uh oh, a women talking about feminism. Get ready for the flood of MRA

  • raf A 4 years ago

    I’d hit it.

  • 102111 4 years ago

    Lmao this interview is hilarious. I love Rashida Jones :D

  • Piekartz 4 years ago

    Don’t these questions prove that some woman have it easier? they get called
    empowered for having a job. when men have jobs, it’s nothing special.
    men are required to provide for the family. if a female gets a job, then it
    is a “brave choice”.

  • Oscar Montes 4 years ago

    she beautiful but I hate feminist!!!

  • Tigermond1 4 years ago

    I know some people are going to hate me for saying this, but what Stephen
    said at the end is actually quite transphobic, which is why she, quickly
    responded with “That’s not true”.

  • UtraVast 4 years ago

    Same old retoric.

  • Madeleine Allen 4 years ago

    Rashida has the right to her own opinion, and she is a damn good actress,
    but i am a feminist and i disagreed with what she said to some extent.
    She should have made it clear that she was only talking about women and men
    in acting, not women and men in general.
    Beyond the acting world, there are numerous reasons why a man’s life can be
    harder than a woman’s, especially in developed countries. (the army draft,
    certain expectations of being a provider and protector, etc)
    But within acting, men consistently have a much better deal than women.
    They are paid substantially more and are not represented all weirdly by the
    I believe that she was talking about only the entertainment industry when
    she said that men did not have a hard time but she did not make that clear
    so she basically sounded insensitive and uninformed.

  • Jacklin Octave 4 years ago

    In the eyes of God, we are all equal…And there’s no need for women to
    fight for women’s rights if they are true believers. Colossians 3:18 and
    Ephesians 5: 22-24 explained

  • David King 4 years ago

    Colbert you faggot.


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