Rand Paul Talks About Trump, Libertarians And NOT Pot

Published on January 7, 2016

Senator Rand Paul took a break from the campaign trail to talk haircuts, Trump and Christie, and pot… nope, he’s not talking about that.

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  • Anthony Davis 3 years ago

    Great interview, although I’m not sure why he is afraid to talk about pot.
    It’s a winning issue for him among the general electorate.

  • LazarheaD 3 years ago

    Republicans! Go with this guy!

  • Griffin Voorhees 3 years ago

    I’m voting for Rand in the PA primary, sadly I don’t think he will win this
    year, but Reagan ran three or four times before getting elected if I am not
    mistaken. I have faith that Rand will one day be president, and he will
    shake up the establishment if its the last thing he does. But for now I
    hope he keeps up the good work in the senate. He is a good man, not many of
    them left in American politics. He was cut from a different cloth.

  • Keatrith Amakiir 3 years ago

    Yeah Paul all those “rules on business” are really wrecking it…Things
    like the minimum wage, safety standards and workers compensation are
    killing the economy, if only people were OK being treated like slaves……

  • Stephen Morris 3 years ago

    I mean I don’t agree with his politics, but he seams like a solid guy!

  • Bakorafanboy13 3 years ago

    I have respected Rand for his doctoral work and, while I am not a
    libertarian, I would accept him much much more than any of the other

  • Bibek Gautam 3 years ago

    I like how, in the outro, Colbert’s two eyes have very different set of

  • Travis Norseman 3 years ago

    really weird interviewing by Colbert. not really funny. not really
    informative or interesting and strangely rude and snarky. big thumbs down.

  • Gemma Pettersen 3 years ago

    Don’t think he would get my vote but I really like the guy as a person and
    he’s probably the only Republican candidate I have respect for. (Full
    disclosure, I haven’t seen that much of him)

  • Joe Portz 3 years ago

    Rand Paul is the best choice for 2016. If you’re a republican, you will see
    truly conservative decisions that will put more money in your pocket and
    keep the government out of your life. If you’re a democrat, you will have
    your liberties to do whatever it is you so desire so long as it doesn’t
    directly affect your neighbor, but I’m sorry, no free stuff from him ?

  • Grant Rodgers 3 years ago

    This dude is full of shit, his dad should be ashamed. A republican idiot
    like the rest of them, he’s NO LIBERTARIAN

  • Heather McDougall 3 years ago

    Really wish Rand Paul could have had more time to talk. Interviewing a
    presidential candidate has two purposes: to make them more personal and
    likable and to let them talk about what they stand for. Neither really had
    time to shine through in this interview. Please have him back!

  • bewtube 3 years ago

    Trump/Paul 2016:)

  • Sean Strader 3 years ago

    “Leave you alone whether your business or private life” Yeah let’s just
    have no regulations whatsoever on the private sector so they can do
    literally whatever they want. Brilliant. This guy might be the most sane of
    the republican candidates, but he still thinks that we should essentially
    have no rules in place to protect regular people from the greed,
    corruption, and oppression of corporations and the private sector as a
    whole. And let’s not forget how he was a major backer of the shutdown in
    2013 when jobs were lost and people lost millions. He’s a despicable human
    being just like all of the republicans running.

  • Dave D 3 years ago

    Ideally, I would want Rand Paul Vs Bernie Sanders

  • Aaron Gonzales 3 years ago

    Everyone saying they wish Rand was the frontrunner…Make him the
    frontrunner #StandWithRand #RandPaulforPresident

  • Aaron Gonzales 3 years ago

    when it comes down to it this election should be Paul vs Sanders… imho

  • chiki briki 3 years ago

    I love you, Rand!! You deserve the presidency.

  • H0okemh0rns 3 years ago

    Nice guy, it’s a shame that he is piled up with all the other looneys,
    which in turn forces him to reduce his message to the same level of
    stupidity sometimes.

  • Lila Edwards 3 years ago


  • Valkyrie Editing 3 years ago

    Honestly, if any of the Republicans actually made it to the White House, I
    think I’d be okay with this chap. Doesn’t want to engage in war, no
    boastful bloated rhetoric.

  • civusamericanus 3 years ago

    It’s too bad Colbert ended it on “Pot”, if he would have given Rand Paul 2
    more minutes, they could have talked about Rands bi-partisan legislation
    “The Redeem Act”. This bill could impact the lives of millions of
    Incarcerated non-violent drug offenders by giving them a second chance and
    has the ability to Overhaul the Criminal Justice System. Democratic Senator
    Cory Booker and Rand Paul have exposed the disproportionate Incarceration
    of young black and brown men, compared to the equal use of drugs by whites.

    I know Stephen Colbert’s show is comedy, but he has the ability to
    influence millions. And when someone has a “Remedy” to fix an unfair civil
    rights issue that has had a devastating racial outcome, that has destroyed
    millions of lives, let’s not make light of it and simply make a joke about
    “Pot”. Again I understand, this is not a political show, but it can have a
    positive or negative effect on society, and Stephen’s intellect should have
    went a little deeper than playing a “Dope”.

  • Cajek2 3 years ago

    The secondary title for Paul’s book is, “moving beyond partisan

  • Daniel Beaman 3 years ago

    If the US had to have a republican president, I really wouldn’t mind if it
    was Rand Paul

  • Brendan Davison 3 years ago

    He cooperates with Bernie all the time. Less than he used to (they are on
    different committees now)

  • verybigname 3 years ago

    Rand Paul’s low poll number shows how bad the Republican party has become.
    Instead of a reasonable guy, they have scumbags like Cruz and Trump as
    front runners…

  • Rand Paul 2016 3 years ago

    Sometimes you need a presidential candidate with sane ideas! It was a fun

  • Anand Shridhar 3 years ago

    He and Kasich are the only two who are vaguely logical even if their
    policies may not align all the time

  • Jacky Dragon 3 years ago

    go RAND Paul! #standwithrand #RandRally #RandPaul #PresidentPaul

  • Ryan Smith 3 years ago

    More free market self-delusion.

  • John Creasy 3 years ago

    Rand or nobody next year.

  • thegr8rambino 3 years ago

    he is the best republican running right now, we need him in the white house
    he is america’s last and only hope, screw bernie and trump and anyone else,
    this guy is the real deal

  • Branko Jackman 3 years ago

    I swore the senator was going to pull out some pot at the end.

  • 1952Bebe 3 years ago

    Rand has my vote: 94% adherence to the Constitution, a tax plan that gets
    us out of debt, plan that leaves more money in people’s paychecks, wants
    prison reform because the current system unjustly imprisons more
    minorities, etc.

  • DecendantKnights OfMalta 3 years ago

    joke music for his intro, christ!!!!

  • Brady Snyder 3 years ago

    I may not agree with most of Paul’s policies, but he definitely does seem
    like a likeable guy.

  • Steve27775 3 years ago

    Hey Republicans, this is what a real politician looks like. Someone who
    actually knows what he’s talking about and has political experience. Trump
    and the others are like petty children in comparison. “You’re dumb.” “No,
    you are. Wah.”

  • Grant Koenig 3 years ago

    I see a lot of people on here saying how Rand Paul has no chance… that’s
    not true. Imagine if all of you voted for him because you believed he had a
    chance… you know how much of a difference that would make? Rand Paul is
    “low” in the polls because Fox News likes to exclude him from the polls and
    old white men vote on Fox News. He has a massive grass roots campaign, and
    I’m pretty sure you’ll all be surprised come the Iowa caucus. #RandPaul

  • TheGPrime85 3 years ago

    Why did the interview end as soon as it got interesting/serious?

  • Aaron Reining 3 years ago

    I love Rand Paul, I’m currently running for office in Holmes County, Ohio;
    100% inspired by Rand and Ron Paul.

  • ExuberantOne 3 years ago

    this guy would get walked on almost anywhere. he’s far to passive. and if
    you know a no fly zone is very serious. united states is a no fly zone. who
    wants russian planes floating around here?

  • Reason Able 3 years ago

    Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders can never win because Big Interests will
    either control the politicians or Big Interests (like Trump) will run for

  • LittleGreyBag 3 years ago

    I like Stephen but this interview just ended in an abrupt way.

  • ZippoS 3 years ago

    Wow, an intelligent, reasonable, rational Republican. What a refreshing
    change. It’s a shame someone like him won’t be on the ballot.

  • KlipKultur5 3 years ago

    Rand Paul has bad Cosmo Ktamer hair.

  • Umi's Field Day 3 years ago

    If I had a gun to my head and *had* to vote Republican then I would vote
    for him. I have serious concerns about many of his policies, but I think
    overall he’s more balanced and would respect the states that differ with
    him on certain ideologies.

  • andrew kim 3 years ago

    that intro music was a joke haha

  • shaikh yerbouti 3 years ago

    You want a monologue? Dude. You’re at 2%. You don’t get a monologue when
    you’re at 2. 

  • iirybackii 3 years ago

    His poll numbers would be so much higher if the polls weren’t skewed to
    begin with. I mean what person under the age of 50 even has a land line
    telephone? Yet that is how all of these national polls are conducted, by
    calling land lines. If they could contact people by mobile, a much more
    accurate poll would begin to emerge and you would find Rand would be
    polling much, much higher.

  • TheSnorkeler 3 years ago

    I’m a Rand Paul fan. But if you look at voting records and commitment to
    the Constitution, you’ll find that Cruz is a very similar candidate. Many
    people can’t tolerate Ted Cruz because of his personality (Rand is very
    soft-spoken and warm, so he doesn’t have that problem), but I think it’s
    important to remember that this is not a popularity contest. We should be
    focusing on policy and policy only.

    If you like Rand Paul, don’t count out Ted Cruz. He has a punch-able face,
    but he’s brilliant and knows what he’s doing.

  • Kalvin N 3 years ago

    Why is it that everyone who sucks at running for president has a book
    they’re selling? It’s like they just want people to donate to their ad
    campaign and they know they won’t win

  • David Hoffman 3 years ago

    Only time I’ll ever watch this kolbert clown is when he has someone
    respectable on.

  • Jonah Meyer 3 years ago

    Looks like Stephen’s been burnin’ the devil’s lettuce!

  • VoyagerAbove 3 years ago

    Rand Paul, like his father, is a very reasonable human being. He’s a very
    rational republican. And because of that, he has no chance of winning.

    Republicans are too primitive and bloodthirsty to vote for him, and
    democrats are too stupidly obstinate and idealistic to even consider voting
    for a republican.

  • James Marshall 3 years ago

    Supporting Universal healthcare seems like the most conservative thing one
    can do. Saving millions of Americans money on healthcare is a common sense
    conservative idea. We already pay the most taxes in healthcare, we might as
    well use that tax money to fund universal healthcare and save hardworking
    Americans some money.

  • MegaZeroX7 3 years ago

    People are praising this guy in the comments, but he literally said during
    a white house hearing that Public Healthcare is LITERALLY slavery.
    Seriously, search “Rand Paul Healthcare Slavery” on YouTube. This guy is
    still a conservative wacko.

  • Goalie171 3 years ago

    Rand Paul is the only choice in 2016! If he doesn’t win the nomination I’ll
    write him in. #StandWithRand #GetAWarrantFatty

  • xTheOxx 3 years ago

    Rand’s description of libertarianism was a very catchy way to describe
    “every man for himself and if you’re poor, you’re f****d!”

  • enjolraslechimiste 3 years ago

    I find it disgusting that a guy named “Killer Mike” deserves more
    substantive discussion time than a U.S. Senator, medical doctor, and
    presidential candidate. I may despise R. Paul for his anti-vaccine views,
    but he deserves a chance to speak more than some angry rapper.

  • Michael Hadzicki 3 years ago


  • GtaHorrorFan 3 years ago

    Rand is cool, but sadly there are so many idiots in this country that are
    willing to vote Trump or Hillary because of her vag.

  • Brett Cook 3 years ago

    Rand Paul isn’t funny and he comes off as awkward when he tries to be

  • jon1939 3 years ago

    This is the best of what a interview can be. Had great demonstration of
    humor, serious international/domestic policy and how he is different and
    informed. Colbert was an excellent lead and working with Paul! Bring him

  • MexicanThreads 3 years ago

    The only good guy for small business owners is Rand Paul.

  • randomflashbacks 3 years ago

    Restraint is the perfect word in terms of what we want in a president. He
    hit the nail on the head there. People like Trump and Christie have no
    restraint whatsoever when it comes to foreign policy. They’ll get us into
    another world war within a few months if either is elected president.

  • Hinikuna 3 years ago

    Easily the best Republican out there today. Would love to see him against
    Bernie Sanders in the election, there would not be that high a risk of a
    bad outcome.

  • supercool1125 3 years ago

    i’d vote for Rand Paul over Hillary.

  • Jetblacksmash 3 years ago

    this man would fix the country

  • Jacob Lee Johnson 3 years ago

    Between the Republicans and the Democrats, there are only two honorable
    candidates – Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul. If they were to be the nominees,
    either result would put a decent person in the White House.

  • Lena Redhead 3 years ago

    Never thought this guy would be funny

  • Fuji Fiasco 3 years ago

    I would vote for Rand if I was a Republican

  • R1ProductionHouse 3 years ago

    TRUMP 2016!!

  • agriperma 3 years ago

    Many people making comments about how they wish Rand Paul was doing better
    in the poles.

    F*ck the poles. we have a long way to go till election time, and candidates
    like Trump will keep putting his foot in his mouth. its only a matter of
    time, that even some of the hard core Trump supporters wake up and smell
    the BS.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, you cannot fool everyone
    all the time.

  • Cory G 3 years ago

    he is the frontrunner don’t let the media and polls fool you.

  • Peter Korman 3 years ago

    I don’t really care for the man, but I appreciate that he. usually seems
    open to a civilized, respectful debate or conversation.

  • Žiga i 3 years ago

    Rand Paul seems to be back. When he announced he looked just like on of the
    establishment candidates. Now it seems that he is back to being more of a
    libertarian. I hope it sticks.

  • Charlie McDonnell 3 years ago

    I hate to be a cynic but this interview seems a little more scripted than
    previous ones. Rand does laugh often at Stephens one-liners and those
    one-liners don’t have the trademark colbert sniggling smirk at the end. The
    pot joke at the end was brilliant but neither of them joked and giggled
    like they normally do, especially Stephen!

  • JP11994 3 years ago

    This is the same guy that voted against the 911 first responders bill. When
    Jon Stewart went to talk to him in his office he did not have any time for
    him. Im sorry this guy is not worthy of being a politician let alone a good
    human being.

  • Lucas Hawley 3 years ago

    Rand you killed it!!! You’re the true future of the party!

  • JoeMyGosh 3 years ago


  • Forst Efter 3 years ago

    putting your arbitrary NSA in its place is why i´m interested in this guy.

  • ademoiselle 3 years ago

    If Rand Paul wants to protect private liberties, why does he also support
    taking away a woman’s right to choosel? I wish Stephen had asked:/

  • Paul White 3 years ago

    Why didn’t he want to talk about pot?

  • storminmormin14 3 years ago

    MY HOME BOY!!! Rep the liberty!

  • Balsac Teabaghar 3 years ago

    too bad this guy got overshadowed by trump I have liked him from the start
    hell I liked ron paul too

  • Mars_vzx 3 years ago

    I don’t agree with Rand on a lot of things, but he is the most qualified
    republican running.

  • storminmormin14 3 years ago

    “Let’s avoid talking about trump”… “Oh ok so we’re going to do this? The
    guy is a maniac.”

  • Sam King 3 years ago

    How can anyone who’s actually paying attention not want this guy as our
    President? I guess I answered my own question, sadly.

  • MassiveScore 3 years ago

    The only Republican I would vote for. Sadly, the reason I would vote for
    him is the same reason republicans don’t like him. He’s reasonable and
    willing to work with both sides to get things done.

  • david bradley 3 years ago

    I despise the GOP but both the Doctor Pauls do at least appear to be honest

  • Troy Bell 3 years ago

    Thank you Mr. Colbert for giving this great man some air time. If I had CBS
    I would start watching you because of this.

  • Christopher Simmons 3 years ago

    Rand has the best chance of winning the election against Bernie or Hillary.
    If the GOP doesn’t realize that it’s the end for them.

  • Powerofthadolla 3 years ago

    so many fallout memes my sides are in orbit

  • Jeff Neumann 3 years ago

    Rand Paul isn’t bad. for a republcian. what you guys saw here was basically
    the only things he is right on. he’s kinda sold out to some republican
    dogmatic policies since he started running.

  • Vern Emcee 3 years ago

    Would you look at that, might just be the first republican that *DOESN’T*
    give me the urge to punch him in the face.

  • Wolf Battle Music 3 years ago

    Rand Paul for president.

  • Mr Coolfreak 3 years ago

    He’s the best Republican candidate


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