Rand Paul – Embracing Honest Capitalism in “The Case Against Socialism” | The Daily Show



  • Thomas Deas 3 years ago

    Why are we sending money to Saudi Arabia? Would be My next question?

  • Gustavo Acosta 3 years ago

    Venezuela has alot of caputalism.

  • Slim Klampton 3 years ago

    a republican can never give anyone a straight answer about anything

  • D1NJA G 3 years ago

    Way to push tough questions

  • jaime delgado 3 years ago

    Remember when Rand Paul got into a fight with his 60 year old neighbor who left him with 6 broken ribs and a bruised lung? I remember

  • Daisy Chains 3 years ago

    Rovaja is a predominantly Kurdish region in Northern Sysria — but the people there didn’t try to build a Kurdish ethnostate. Instead, they chose to organize in a democratic Libertarian Socialism with incredibly progessive legal protections and representation quotas for women and ethnic minorities. Their “charter of the social contract” is literally the most progressive constitution that currently exists. They are still fighting to against ISIS expanding into Syria and are also incredibly successful in rebuilding infrastructure, including 100% green energy.
    Rovaja is currently a de facto autonomous region since ISIS’ advancements have seperated it from the main Syrian territory, and the people had to defend their homes on their own. Despite getting no help or resources from the Syrian government the Rovajan people have no plans to secede from the Syrian state. In fact, they consider Rovaja to be a trans-national society, *not* a state.

    The Turkish people are extremely unhappy with their authoritarian government, so their leaders have expanded the persecution of the Kurdish minority within Turkey, essentially blaming them for everything that went wrong economically and politically with Turkey. The Turkish government is now launching an unprovoked attack on Rovaja (which, again, is predominantly Kurdish but NOT a “Kurdish state”), hoping that the non-Kurdish majority would get behind the government when there’s a war against an outside “enemy”.

    Rand Paul: “I don’t know who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are.”
    Also Rand Paul: “Every time we’ve tried socialism it seems that time and time again, it end in authoritarianism, it ends in genocide and famine”

    I mean, yeah, he’s technically right. Whenever a country tries Socialism there’s a significant chance that the US government / secret services will murder the people, destroy their land and their crops, impose “sanctions” to stop major countries from trading with them and install a FBI and CIA backed authoritarian dictator who is willing to hand over the country’s resources in exchange for weapons that they then use against civilians who don’t support said puppet government.

    It’s almost as if the people *behind* all the bad guys are our government. One *could* think that our ruling-class is actively undermining democracy — but that can’t be, right? I mean, why would the majority of US citiziens vote people into office who’d undermine civil rights, deport US citiziens and… oh, wait. We didn’t.
    The candidate who won the popular vote was picked by the wealthy elite in the “Democratic” Party leadership and the other one won due to the way the leadership of both parties had decided to draw the map — and ofc, by doing the same thing the Turkish government is doing now… but mostly by taking advantage of an inherently undemocratic system.

    Solidarity with Rovaja!

  • Lasharela 3 years ago

    How about Denmark Sweden for example not Stalin and mao and hitler your trump is worst than hitler

  • Allen Rodgers 3 years ago


  • zamochit1989 3 years ago

    The 4 Scandinavian countries do not practise socialism. What they practise is a high degree of government social welfare e.g. very heavily subsidized healthcare which is supported by a high rate of income taxes.

    What Mao did was to let the government dictate what goods and how many of them to produce in the economy.

    Scandinavia did no such thing. Get your facts right.

  • Lasharela 3 years ago

    Thank you Trevor about kings and rulers we have today even though this fake dude just tried to fkin lie

  • Red Baran 3 years ago

    This guy is such a lier. Why would you even have him on your show. Lost a lot of respect for you.

  • antoine delarue 3 years ago

    i thnk noah didnt ask the right question about venezuala got americain ambargo tel me what you can do else?

  • Bernardo Nunez 3 years ago

    Why didn’t they bring up the fact that our government destroyed Venezuela’s economy? Cuban embargo?

  • Lisa Dixon 3 years ago

    I don’t often feel this way but I feel like he cut Paul off a lot at the beginning and some of what he was saying was important. :/

  • vicky miles 3 years ago

    What a fucking MORON. We have free healthcare, education and our government takes care of us and we have plenty of capitalism going and thats what Bernie wants for you all. YOU can make money and have healthcare. With his dumb ass logic you shouldn’t have social security and have private fire departments. Life is good in Finland and I wish you’d have the same life. Only Bernie can give you that!

  • SCIENCE SAVES 3 years ago

    Rand Paul spews our bullshit on the reg. He’s not a good politician, he’s not a good person. He’s a liar and a manipulator.

  • sanjuansteve 3 years ago

    STOP giving microphones to say and defend Anything deplorables, their words are worthless!

  • rose mary 3 years ago

    Im interested with their arguments, good job, Trevor!

  • TWSTF 8 3 years ago

    I don’t agree that we are somehow suddenly, “criminalizing elections.”

    That’s called a, “what about…?!” excuse.


    The Democrats have been supporting impeachment and a Special Prosecutor because this particular President is a CRIMINAL.

    YES! People are Biased against Trump, because those people are biased against people who break the Law!

    If your best political lifeline is, “well, what about Biden!?” lol when you’re asked a question about the conduct of Trump, you’re LOSING.

  • antoine delarue 3 years ago

    socialist is not comunism,franch is socialist country a lot of country in europ they are not capotalisme they are socialist.


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